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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
    I had written 8 months ago on audiobudget.com, before the ZS6 were announced:
    "...OUTLOOK: we are already anxiously awaiting the release of the KZ ZS7 in September [2017]. They will sport 11 drivers each side and cost $57. This time, the design will be "borrowed" from Shure. They will sound so spectacular that Igor will have to make up a 6th star to do them justice. And as we start receiving our mail orders from China after long delays, KZ release their ZS9 just in time for Christmas (17 drivers per side; $87).

    Not too far off.
  2. CoiL
    Price can`t go so high for KZ due to other very respected brands/products with proper QC and RMA offering very high SQ just tad under 100$ (Atm iBasso & TFZ & Tin are great example) and KZ has nothing to stand up with those, not even close. I do not belive they will make such big leap and ppl start buying their "flagship" so much as they would like - that price segment is full of very good offerings with lot of extras in package.
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  3. riffrafff
    Yes, their QC department really needs to up their game if these new models are not going to be just a flash in the pan.
  4. paulindss
    I am not sure, Kz brand is already HUGE by that time. Here in brazil for example, kz's are becoming well know by youtube reviews and such things, that people are selling them by the hundreds and overpriced in local websites, and the fame is spreading mouth to mouth. Much of these people aren't exacly people that would go to a forum of headphones to know such brands as TFZ. So, if kz wanted to build up his price, well, i think that people would buy. As, another market is being reached by the brand. However, i don't believe i nothing close to 80$, it's too much. I think that most probably they will build up the price of its flagship for something like 60$ at launch. Wich is reasonable for a 5 driver, 4 ba iem in kz price policy. Assuming that they sound good.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  5. Otto Motor
    KZ jumped from $5-12 earphones to $30-55 earphones (initial pricing). I speculate they will continue this climb, at least for their top models. Their new lineup looks very ambitious. There are presently no 10 driver earphones below $100 to my knowledge.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  6. oyobass
    I follow several Brazilian musicians and audio engineers on Instagram. An amazing guitarist by the name of Juliana Vieria has been talking up the M7-Pro a few times lately. Almost makes me want to try them. Almost.
  7. riffrafff
    If KZ wants to play with the big boys, they'll need distributors. Waiting 3-8 (+) weeks for delivery from China doesn't fly at these levels.
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  8. WalterTorino
    If KZ will keep making very good product with low price, nobody will care about these 3-8 weeks i guess. At least waiting is worth it for me.
    Btw, I know at least two or three people in my city who's selling (not only) KZ products with very little percent above a price. If I don't want to wait I go to this guys and buy headphones in one day.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
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  9. oyobass
    In the US if you don't want to wait too long, Amazon carries most recent KZ headphones. You'll pay a (much) higher price than Gearbest or Ali Express, but you'll get your headphones (much) sooner.

    I can deal with the wait. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas many times a year...:ksc75smile:
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  10. DocHoliday
  11. WalterTorino
    Yep, right words :) For sure, sometimes waiting is the best part of a purchase process :)
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  12. fluteloop
    polycarb/alloy hybrid was my main hope. i like alloy nozzle strength... or as edbassmaster would say, Strempf.
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  13. fluteloop
    it's funny when you wait 8 weeks and the thing you waited for is just horrible in every way, I always laugh.
  14. oyobass
    Like getting an ugly (really ugly) sweater for Christmas, lol.
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  15. WalterTorino
    Thankfully, Russia is close to China and usually 2 weeks is a max time i have to wait
    But you're right, if at the end you realize that you've bought some piece of s**t - it hurts and nothing's left but laugh :)
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