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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eaglearrow
    Hey bud, the KC06A are amazing. Don't lose heart. Play around with the tips. The stock filtered tips were no good for me. What actually worked for me was The stock, 'M size filtered tip, minus the filter' (i removed the filter from the tip). Sounded the best. The bass reaches super low and the mids are almost close to perfection to my liking.YMMV. Treble may get a little siblant at times but nothing in treble cannon category. Even today, they are one among the top few IEMS i reach out for.
  2. hakuzen
    dunno.. but a moderator posted, reminding us to avoid mentions to the banned seller shops and products, and then i found my posts about trn cable were deleted. so i guess yes.

    about the ES3 QC issues, and their workarounds, found my frequency response measurements, where you can notice the influence of glued venting holes and nozzle foams:
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  3. DocHoliday
    Thanks for this hakuzen.Those readings in your first chart show such a wide variance, which is concerning. Clear evidence of why two different people hear two different things. Unacceptable QC!

    For those of us who are older than god: ES3 blue vs purple.png

    The joys of finger-painting.....
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
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  4. nadezhda 6004
    Do you mean size M for "crystal clear sound" or for "bass-driven sound"? But there are no filters there. I think you mean the one which is the only with a mesh/filter. Right?
    Are they (Ostry) really better than Sony MH1, Bose AE2 and Senfer F02?
    Which of the four is bassier?
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  5. eaglearrow
    We get 3 pairs of Eartips (S,M,L) with mesh and 3 pairs(S,M,L a bit too soft) without mesh.

    Yes, I meant Size M which actually had a mesh/filter in them initially. But it sounded perfect when i pushed/removed the mesh/filter out of them.

    P_20180218_104449.jpg P_20180218_105108.jpg

    Though the MH1C sound good, Ostry's are on a different league compared to them.
    Bose AE2(yes i regret buying these) and F02 is a joke compared to how these sound. No comparison, trust me. If u have been using a Zs6/Zs5, keep them aside for a while since your ears might have been adjusted to those extreme treble. When i initially used the Zs6 for 3 days and then went to my other Iem collection, i was really scared since i couldn't hear much treble even from my titan 1 which i loved so much before. For a moment, i thought that i had lost my hearing in the high freq range, lol. Took me about 2 days to get the actual feel of my titans back. Went back to Zs6 and that's when i realized how Siblant and Trebley the Zs6 were. Been staying away from the ZS6 for a while.. :dt880smile:
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  6. VinceHill24
    I absolutely agree with you. Brain burn-in is so much more real. Listening to some single dynamic lately like Ostry KC09, now i hardly reach out to zs6 anymore coz few attempts i found out that i couldn't stand the sibilant and treble. But of course i believe if i give them more time after a few listen, i'll get used to it again and the ostry will become dark again. Human's brain is so nice to play with lol. Anyway, ostry seems to be very underrated here, not sure why. Maybe price or design is not appealing i guess
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  7. themindfreak
    I second the treble brain burn in as well as I am too a victim of such incidents from KZ earphones to my own iem collection XD
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  8. jeromeaparis
    Hi, I did test yersteday a fresh ES3 with stock mic cable. My feelings:
    Bass are big and round
    Voices are recessed (level and details)
    Highs are sibilant, and it is disturbing
    My fresh ES3 is not well tuned
    So now let try a long burn in...
    I can compare with my:

    # ZST (burn in 80h, stock no mic cable)
    Bass: very good level, some details,
    Voices slightly recessed but more level and details than ES3
    High: Very good, details, no sibilance (after long burn in)
    the ZST is well tuned, warm large spatial soundstage, good instruments separation.
    # ZSR (burn in 10h, KZ silver cable)
    Bass: Powerfull, defined, goes deep and deeper with same energy, not excessive & pushes hard when needed
    Voices: Good details, slightly recessed in some cases
    Highs: Excellent, usualy not sibilant
    The ZSR is like a super ZST
    # ZS6 fresh out off the box (red, with ZS3 no-mic stock cable)
    Bass: near ZSR but a bit different
    Voices: Clear, detailed, not recessed, better than all others
    Highs: Excellent, details, no sibilance, nearly as ZSR, lower level (Do I have a ZS6-ll ?)
    The ZS6 is like a super ZSR...
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
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  9. Pruikki

    So KZ ZS6 the new one the Red v2 is good? should i now consider it? i may.

    ill wait few weeks and order it then, if its as u say, Then i might want to try the new improved ZS6 :D
    Thank you for the detailed explanation. seems like the new red Zs6 thats is little more expensive is better it seems.

    i do like the ZSR, its the first iem that made me go " WOW" i started to listen to music again and making Vaporwave (on YT) because of it :D

  10. jeromeaparis
    I think that if you do not need more clear & detailed voices, you may stay with the ZSR.
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  11. orlando2989
    Where did you buy your KZ zs6?
  12. nadezhda 6004
    All of the tips from the box are without meshes. The box was sealed. Do you think I got a fake product? I have only one tip with a mesh.
  13. eaglearrow
    Never heard of fake Ostry's. Highly unlikely. May be they changed the accessories qty??
  14. nadezhda 6004
    I have 6 pairs of tips. 3 pairs for crystal sound and 3 pairs for Bass sound.
  15. jeromeaparis
    Baught it at Gearbest
    Had it at a lower price, cause they sometimes make a quick promo for just 20pcs.

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