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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Willber
    Hi, welcome to the forum. The ZS3 nozzles are supposed to be 5mm, but I have just measured mine and they appear to be a bit smaller, about 4.5mm. This post might help you choose:


    Edit: I see @Slater posted while I was writing mine. I would go with what he says.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  2. Slater
    Yeah, sorry about that. I had a brain fart and mistyped. Been studying all day and my brain is fried.

    The ZS3 IS 5mm. The ZS5/ZS6 is a hair under 6mm.

    I have corrected the previous post. Sorry for the confusion!
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  3. Leo-rume
    Ok.. Thanks... Glad its 4mm. Been sweating it out trying to find 5mm triple flange tips too. One more thing please. I would like a recommendation on the best eartip to get for the ZS3. By "best" I mean one that does not reduce the original bass in anyway and I don't mind if it inevitably boosts it... Also dont mind if it slightly dims the treble. I currently have foam, triple, double as well as kz starline tips on my cart. Any form of guidance would be very useful. Thanks
  4. Leo-rume
    Lol.. Just seeing this... Back to sweating it out then... Awaiting your recommendation
  5. Willber
    Did you see the link I posted in my earlier reply to you?
  6. Leo-rume
    Ohh thanks. I just did.. Based on that and some light research, I think the kz starline tips would suit my taste better.. Still going to get the others as well though, just to satisfy my curiosity..
    Although, the starline tips are 4mm inner diameter. I'm hoping with a little stretching I can get them to fit the ZS3's nozzles
  7. Willber
    They should fit fine. If you have any problems, try moistening the nozzle with a licked finger and warm the tips in your hand to soften them.
  8. Slater
    Yes, Starlines will fit - they will easily stretch to fit the ZS3.

    Different tips work differently for some people vs others. The best recommendation is to "tip roll" to find the tip that fits you the best and has the best sound.

    I personally love Starline tips, and use them on numerous IEMs. I recommend that you at least try them on the ZS3.

    But tips are so cheap (and a selection usually comes with most IEMs you buy), you can afford to buy a wide variety for just a few dollars. And silicone tips pretty much last forever (unlike foam tips, that are fragile and require regular replacement). I keep all of my tips in a box, so I can pull them all out and test out a variety on each IEM.
  9. DocHoliday

    The tri-braid upgrade cable made them a little brighter than the stock cables. I was literally surprised at the difference. They're warm and smooth with the stock cable, but with the tri-braids the mid-bass just seemed to drop and the upper midrange and lower treble moved forward. I've been used to the warmer presentation. Not sure if I like the brighter sound with the upgrades. I'll have to play with them for a few days.

    Didn't expect this.

    Anyone else have the ES3, tri-braided upgrade cable, stock cable and a DAP with less than 1.0 impedance?

    If so, test while using a splitter and please use the track in the spoiler drop down to report your findings (if your DAP is android based you can access YouTube).


    Fiio X3(i)
    Output impedance - 0.3 Ω(32Ω)
    Output power - 540 mW (16 Ω/THD+N<1%)

    KZ ES3
    Impedance - 18 Ω (though it's been reported to have 10 Ω)
    Frequency Response 7hz - 40khz
    Sensitivity - 106db


    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  10. Surrealsky
    Seems like forever since i last posted here. Kinda back into the game and have gotten a pair of the zs6. So far its living to the hype.
  11. Puggie
    Just jumped on the KZ bandwagon last week with a set of ZS6 and the bluetooth cable. I went with the 6s thinking if they sound terrible the housings should be good for some DIY fun.

    So plugged them in fresh out of the box and had a listen. they sounded terrible, proper rip your ears off top end. So I plugged them into my iPod, charged it and left them playing in a drawer at work over the weekend. Came back to them (1900mAh battery so still playing) a couple of days later and they sound SO much more balanced.

    So now i think they are pretty good. and my Sonion drivers I'm planning a DIY build with need some new housings!

    The Bluetooth module seem reliable and convenient, but the audio quality really suffers at both ends of the spectrum.

    After a couple of weeks I'm going to try and measure their response and see if they can be tweeked to tame the occasionally lairy top end. Some tracks I get quite bad sibilant artefacts, I think its bad recordings being accented by a frequency response issue and hope that it can be addressed with a suitable damper or tube on one or both of the BAs. For the money though they are pretty damn impressive, very comfy too.
  12. barocka

    What color is your Zs6? When did you get it?
  13. bsoplinger
  14. CoiL
    Not sure I would like V10 due to not very positive impressions. But You have both V10 and ZSR? I would like to see side-by-side pic to compare their shape.
    If TRN or ZSR price drops under 10$ somehow, then I will buy them for shells propably. Actually, if V10 shell is "same" as IT03 and better than ZSR, then
    I would like to have it in clear shell and paint it from inside with sparlking-green and install wooden faceplates... would look really cool imho.

    And then there is still subjective taste and hearing, source gear, amping etc. ....ZS5v1 highs to me are not metallic or sibilant in any way (and I`m very sensitive to highs btw). Hollow midrange could be again subjective taste to what we like to hear and how our brain/ears perceive it. Why I like more "hollow" distant mids and imaging of vocals - because I reached my own audio bliss with open-back headphones and matching gear to it, also like to listen lot with full-range speakers and enjoy live concerts - my brain/ears are more adjusted to this type of "lively" sound and I really enjoy it. And funny thing is - I don`t miss a bit from midrange, details etc., at least I don`t feel or hear so. One may say that I don`t hear all mids "glory" due to "recessed" mids... but I really don`t think or hear so. It`s subjective all the way.
    Atm, I`m aiming towards IT01 as it seems to be something I would enjoy based on many reviews and sound descriptions.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
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  15. Surrealsky
    Red and got it for well over a week now.

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