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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
    I agree with the mids. Bass is pretty good. Highs are a bit overpowering at first, but using these for a few weeks the highs are tame now. No metallics. Nothing nearly as much as ZS6...those things are high pitched meteor nukes to your ears. Both I got used to both qucikly. I enjoy ZS6, ZS5, IT03.
  2. DocHoliday

    Thank you for your candor and diligence. It is much appreciated!

    More evidence that just because an IEM costs $$$$+/- doesn't mean it sounds orders of magnitude better.

    A little better here. .....a little better there......well,

    Suppose someone compares the IT03 to the ZSR.
    Suppose KZ releases an IEM like the ZSR but with the ZST dynamic driver instead of the ES3 dynamic driver which would result in the IEM having a more neutral bass response.
    Suppose someone compares that to the IT03.

    Suppose.....suppose. ....suppose. ....
    It's never ending.

    When I pour over impressions and reviews such as this one and B9's review of the Simgot EN700 Pro and even the Brainwavz B400, I have no desire to venture into the upper echelon of IEMs. The Campfire Audio Polaris is $900, the Brainwavz B400 is $190 and the Simgot EN700 Bass Pro is $150. The B400 for sheer resolution and the EN700 Bass Pro for sheer musicality.

    Hmmmm.....CA Polaris@$900


    Brainwavz B400@$190 + the Simgot EN700 Bass Pro@$150=$340.

    Hmmm. ...decisions. ....decisions......

    cleaner bass, softer bass, more punchy bass, warmer mids, leaner mids, forward mids, recessed mids, smoother mids, brighter mids, extended treble, smoother treble, upper treble bias, lower treble bias, narrow soundstage, average soundstage, above average soundstage, wide soundstage, deeper soundstage, oval soundstage, spherical soundstage.......shall I go on about resolution......and on about imaging......and on and on.......?

    The truth is that there is no end in sight. There is no endgame IEM. KZ has proven this on a micro level.

    Love/hate for the ED9 tuning
    Love/hate for the ZS5(i) tuning
    Love/hate for the ZS6(i) tuning
    and on it goes. .....

    You can spend ridiculous sums of money on IEMs .......but....the thing is.....you don't need to.
    For the most part, find out what YOU like, do a little research, expand your sampling and save your wallet.

    My words and thoughts.
    No one else's.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  3. Podster
    Great post Doc, probably why I'll never buy an iem more expensive than my FLC8S of couse I also have my ASG Rockets and IMR R1's. Can't imagine spending any more on any iem as these all meet my SS requirements, the rest would just be keeping up with the Jones's!

    To your list of B400 and Simgot EN700 you could add the entire KZ range going all the way back to the MRing and ANV and still be less than the Polaris.

    Like a short guy buying a big jacked up pickup truck someone needing to have (as well as thinking he has the best of the best) in the best DAP AK offers with a pair of Noble Encores) is obviously compensating for something as well as showing off that wealth:rolling_eyes: I learned my lesson with home audio and if you spend all your time and more importantly your money to reach the holy grail one misses the mark IMO but remeber this is just my opinion and you know what they say about those:smile:

    Would have given you some AB on the Red ZS6 vs. the bass Pewters but I can only do it after I have the them set up identical (tips & cables). Only fair way since I don't have any formal testing gear plus I'll want to hear them on my iPhone6 as well as a couple dedicated DAPs.
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  4. DocHoliday
    One of the few on a very short list of IEMs for me to acquire.

    Yeah, I collect KZ's because it's fun and the education is a nice bonus, but that's pretty much where it ends for me. If I were to spend inordinate amounts of income trying to find that holy grail of sound, then I'd likely end up poor and frustrated. "Confirmation Bias" and "New Toy Syndrome" skew much of what we read, which is why I seek out as many reviews on an IEM as possible to find the "common thread".

    Way back in October when I first received the ZS6(i) I remember a reviewer (whom I respect) lamenting the fact that his new ZS6 at $49 was perhaps equivalent to or more engaging than his $400 Noble Trident and he was questioning the current pricing structure in the IEM marketplace. I realize that this is anecdotal evidence and there is a list of variables a mile long, but it does give one pause for concern.
    Just sayin'....

    Astell & Kern DAPs at $3500 [as opposed to great sub-$1k DAPs (Opus#2, Fiio X7ii, Sony NW ZX300, etc)] for in-ear monitors is MOSTLY an exercise in futility IMHO. Doesn't mean I'm right,...just one guys opinion. I gravitate more towards Brooko's sentiments when it comes to a good DAP and coloration.

    Definitely take your time on the IronMans vs the SilverSurfers (LOL). If the hobby becomes a chore then it ceases to be fun. Enjoy them first. Have fun with them first and foremost. The pros and cons will eventually surface in the process. They always do.

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  5. fluteloop
    serious (not serious) does anyone think kz will ever offer filters like the ed9 for models that have BA's in the nozzle? and does anyone think KZ will ever have a single BA or Hybrid BA model in the Ed Shell ?
  6. Willber
    I agree with the point about diminishing returns and have always set myself a limit of about $30, but I couldn't resist the chance to get the AAW N1 for $37 instead of $112 (in fact I now have two). They might not be 4x better than cheaper phones but they are certainly a noticeable improvement in both sound and build quality IMO.
  7. fluteloop

    Where you buy diz for such low cashdiz?
  8. Willber
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  9. HaNs SuPeR
    I've got one arriving soon for ZS3s also.
    After I ordered I started wondering about which cables turn Green.

    Are there some rules of thumb for buying cables that don't turn Green ? Specific Brands or Types ?
    Does the Silver Plating prevent cables turning Green from oxidation ?
    Also, is it decent quality silver plating on these cheap cables or more like silver looking paint ?
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  10. paulindss
    Some time ago appeared a image with future launches of KZ. And a hybrid with piston style (format of ED Shells) was on the list.
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  11. Viber
  12. Leo-rume
    I see you own the ZS3... I'm new here and I have a pair on the way (aliexpress).. I want to order some foam tips alongside (Heard they marginally improve bass and as well as isolation) but I'm unsure of the size of the tips to order. On aliexpress I see t100, t200 and t400 tips apparently meant for 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm hole sizes.. So I was wondering if you knew the hole size for the ZS3's... Thanks
  13. HaNs SuPeR
    from a previous post: " Can anyone tell me what is the diameter of the speaker stem of the ZS3? I'm trying to get a set of aftermarket tips for the ZS3.
    5mm, but keep in mind there is no lip to hold tips on."
    Use the search for ZS3 tips, bunch of posts on them
  14. Leo-rume
    Alright.. Thanks. Will do that...
  15. Slater
    Foam tips reduce bass, not increase it.

    If you still want to try them on the ZS3, the ZS3 has a 5.0mm* nozzle size.

    And the other person was correct - it has no lip.

    * I mistyped the original size. The post has been corrected. Sorry for the confusion.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018

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