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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HiFiChris Contributor
    Looks like the people who solder the cables and IEMs don't really give an eff about the correct polarity. Looks like one can be happy if the drivers in their multi-driver IEMs are correctly soldered to the crossover.

    No reported fried amplification stages because of shorts caused by incorrectly soldered upgrade cables yet? :sweat_smile:
  2. Mr. Rattlehead
    So the second and last of my KZ ZS3's also gone bad on me. Same issue again. Right side stopped producing any sound. Gone in exact 58 days (Didn't even use them daily. More like 40+ days). Don't know what's the recourse from this point forward. I'm obviously not sending it back to China to get it repaired. I got it for like 5 or 6 bucks. But yeah it does feel a bit bad. Hope my beloved ZS6 keeps serving me till a reasonable amount of time. Now I can't say about other KZ stuff, but I would strongly suggest everyone here to buy KZ ZS3 from Gearbest with a great deal of caution. There've been dozens of cases involving ZS3 here on HeadFi with the exact same issue. "You get what you pay for" slays once again.
  3. Saoshyant
    I really don't mind it's cable, although I haven't checked if it's .78 or .75 yet for trying another. I haven't tried the ZSR very long so far, but it's enjoyable as well. I really should give the ZSR more of a listen, but I've been kind of addicted to an earbud I got recently which shows some incredible promise for my tastes. I should give TNT more of a try too for that matter.
  4. B9Scrambler
    I didn't have a lot of luck rolling cables unfortunately. Most of them threw it completely out of phase and made them really hollow. Only the cables that came with the Rose Mojito and Masya paired properly. Next time you listen to the ZSR, try the RT-1's stock tips with it. I found they paired quite nicely.
  5. Saoshyant
    Hmm, liked the Mojito cables more, but will try the Rose Pudding cable first as it's meant for over ear. Will have to see where I put the RT-1 tips, but appreciate the suggestion. Currently I'm using Hifiman tips I enjoy a lot. Guess I'll see what I think about RT-1 cable with Pudding too.
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  6. khighly
    Any reports on the new ZS6's having a different sound signature yet? I would like to buy a new pair of ZS6's.
  7. kuko61
    I think, that wires inside the headphones are a soldered properly in my case. I have tried a few test sounds, and in my opinion, the headphones are in the phase after turning the left connector to right position.
  8. DocHoliday
    Double post
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  9. DocHoliday
    There are two reports that the sound signature may be altered. Podster's just came in a few days ago. I'm sure he'll fill us in once he's had a good listen.

    I forget who the second person is, but you should be able to find it 6 or 7 pages back. He mentioned that his new grey ZS6 sounds different.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  10. Strat Rider
    Nice to have some ES3 love.

    I bought an ES3 and a ZST at the same time.

    Fortunately, I am not overly sensitive to highs. (in fact, my ex said I am the most "insensitive person" in the world) .

    To my ears the ES3 has a better overall balance (not sibilent) and atually fits my ear better due to the slightly different shell shape.

    I'm still tip rolling the ZSR to see where it lands.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  11. RyanM
    I find it interesting that you had issues with the RT-1. I find it to be excellent both in soundstage an d imaging departments. I sort of understand the mid bass thoughts, however, I’d describe the sound as thicker and more organic than any more recent KZ offering (for ex.). Resolution is a step up in general, as I suppose it should be at $50 USD or so. I think it’s pretty tremendous. Of course all relative to preferences, and mine veer closer to neutral, than say, bright.
  12. hakuzen
    polarity was ok. the connector was only flipped down, so can't use angled plugs till i open the shell and fix it. but holes were too narrow at the beginning (impossible to plug any cable), so i made a video and got a refund.

    ouch, that would be terrible, and making a video to prove that the IEMs were the responsible of the damage would be impossible.
    hope this never occur, and hope our sources include short-circuit protection (do they? clipping suggests they do have a protection)
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  13. khighly
    Ok so, final thoughts on the IT03 vs ZS5v1.

    IT03 is better than the ZS5v1, however it's not by a huge margin. Both are using original ZST starlines as they provide the best seal with the IT03's and work just as good on the ZS5v1's.
    - IT03 is quite a bit brighter, reminding me of a ZS6 without the piercing highs. There's definitely a noticeable bump that can be overwhelming at times. Luckily like the ZS6's, you adjust fairly quickly.
    - ZS5v1 sounds more flat and neutral than the IT03, but the ZS5v1's have more lows.
    - IT03 has less bass, and less mid bass. I find both of these to have quality lows that I can't really distinguish any real faults in. ZS5v1 is a few dB up from the IT03's in sub & mid bass.
    - IT03 much better isolation! I wish this was something KZ would concentrate on next. It's such a world of difference not being able to hear the bus in the background even at low volumes. ZS5v1's are poor, same with just about every KZ IEM I've tried.
    - Major 'Your Mileage May Vary' warning: KZ has never really disappointed me with FIT of the IEM, but these IT03's aren't that comfortable. ZST era starlines got them fairly comfortable, but the 'sort of custom' didn't really fit my ear. They're getting better over 2 weeks now, but they still can't be listened to well.
    - Soundstage I can't really make a quality opinion here. They're both OK. ZS6 definitely had the advantage.
    - KZ's IEM's come with better cables and accessories (somehow?).
    - Warranty goes to iBasso of course. KZ...who cares, they're only $20 -- buy another.

    IT03's are plenty good. I can't find many faults with them. They're a slightly different sound signature than the ZS5v1's. There seems to be diminishing returns as you go higher in price. If you're only using Chi-Fi IEM's, KZ's, you're probably coming really close to the big guys in 2018. Will I be buying any more expensive IEM's? Probably not, but I am going to hold onto the IT03's if they stop hurting over the next few weeks.
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  14. khighly
    Also, ZS5v1's and many KZ IEM's are better than the 1More Triples. Don't waste your money. Phillips SHE3590 from CVS sounds similar to 1More Triple's.
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  15. vladstef
    I have to say that I am not entirely surprised. There is a ranking + measurements thread by @crinacle that has been very impressive imho. He doesn't have the fear of putting some very expensive IEMs in their places and doesn't look at price what so ever in his personal rankings, he also values correct instrument timbre a lot. He puts IT03 quite low on his ranking which always made me think that many people have been overestimating IT03 in particular. He describes it as 'Excellent bass and clarity. Hollow midrange and somewhat metallic treble.' The funny thing is that this is how I heard ZS5.

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