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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday

    Thanks for the impressions.

    So, if I understand you correctly the ATE has:
    - slightly more bass/sub-bass
    - slightly more space between instruments
    - slightly more soundstage depth.

    The ATR:
    - may have slightly more soundstage width
    - has a more shallow soundstage depth
    - slightly less bass/sub-bass
    - presentation is slightly more in-head

    If I understand you correctly then either the ATE(v) has more treble than the ATE(ii) that I own or the current ATR has less treble than the original.

    My 1yr old ATR has more treble than my ATE(ii).

    I picked up my ATE(ii) back in April 2016 and the ATR the moment they were originally released.

    I always preferred the ATR because it has more treble, though I have been using my ATE(ii) to fill in while I'm waiting for the new ATRs to arrive.

    Thanks for the impressions. I think I might order a set of ATE also.
  2. nadezhda 6004
    Thanks for the clue. They are number in my wish list.
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  3. DocHoliday
    Looking forward to your impressions on those.
    How do they look in the hand?
    Is it the photo or are those darker than they appear in the promotional images?

    Also, those look like the cables that came with my ZS3's way back when they were first released and I've got three pairs of them that I've never used.

    BTW, which better cable (SP) are you referring to?
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  4. Podster
    The one you posted the other day, the ones I told you looked like the ones I have on my Mee PX. Yours I believe had the carbon look barrel at the jack end. They have that shiny foil type wrap on them. I left them at work but I'll post some more shots of them tomorrow.
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  5. CoiL
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  6. DocHoliday

    This is good. Honestly, I didn't think I would ever reorder an ATE because I have two ATE(ii) that I only use while working outdoors. If the ATE(v) can be modified to come close to the ZS5(i) sound signature then I have underestimated it's capabilities.

    From your previous posts I'm guessing the modification includes the ED9 filters (I have three sets), though I'm not sure which one to use (brass or gold).


    I wonder what this ATE(ii) would sound like with the same modifications.

    BTW, I just checked and, apparently, it's been almost two years and my ATEs are as good as new. Way to go KZ.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  7. CoiL
    Not only ED9 filters (nozzles btw), there are more to be done :wink:
    Search thread for more info but main things are ED9 brass nozzles, open-back faceplate and port hole tuning.


    Here are details about ATE FF-mod (Forest Fairy):
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  8. CoiL

    Current 5th gen ATE and latest ATR use EXACTLY SAME DRIVER !!!
    Both have actually ATE 5th gen driver - red plastic shells with tiny "tube" around hole in front of diaphragm, black solder PCB ring, same driver back filter fabrics.

    That`s what I suspected as I didn`t hear so coherent/musical, spacious sound from previous ATR. Unfortunately I can`t compare old ATR to new one anymore because I have removed those drivers for another DIY modification. But old drivers look different for sure.
    Slight differences I "heard" before are probably due to IEM changing and different playtime h.
    But old ATR sounded different from ATE for sure (I`ve compared them on this thread previously).

    KZ - I`m starting to HATE YOU because of all those changes and not notifying ppl !!!
    But thanks for another set of ATE 5th gen drivers - I really like those and for 4$ - why not! ATE costs half more LOL!

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  9. hakuzen
  10. CoiL
    NoooOOOOO!!!.... I just ordered from there yesterday! I don`t need 2 unbalanced high-impedance cables! ;(

    Oh well... guess I have to resolder both and use new ends for both, otherwise they are junk.

    Edit: canceled my order. Hopefully will get refund.

    hakuzen - any other good cheap cable recommendations?
    I already have great MMCX cable from HCK (MPS logo on jack) which seems to have real silver plating as their regular price is around 30$ (got it with discount for about 16$).
    I just need another good one with 2-pin.


    I cut off jack from that white rings "silver plated upgrade" cable that has imbalance and seems that 2-pin ends are soldered ok as my multimeter reads R=0.5 Ohm/ 0.7 Ohm G and L=0.5 Ohm/ 0.7 Ohm G (I extracted multimeter leads resistance of 0.3 Ohm). Still pretty high impedance but at least got rid of imbalance. Will install new 90' angled jack and it will be useable again.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  11. hakuzen
    my apologies.. i was ordering one cable each, because was afraid that shop was selling and old good batch and it could end any time.
    my last order was made on dec 29th, but received a zs3 cable instead of usual zst one. seller resent a "good" one for free on jan 11th, but used an slower shipping method. it has arrived today.
    maybe there are some ali shops selling the old batch. if pics show black rings, there is a chance.

    so imbalance (extra resistance in one side) is due to the jack? crap jack or they are persistent on making the same bad solder, lol..
  12. hakuzen
    great if you were able to cancel the order!

    the next one in terms of conductivity and no imbalance is the classic 6 cords with metal plug. zero coat, so greenization is fast, and bulkier than others.
    some people was showing >$10 cables in this thread recently. i bet nicehck is listing similar cables than your mmcx but with 2 pins (hope they are not 0.78mm though).

    about the old cable with black rings.. someone posted (feedback) a pic on dec 11th which shows black rings. but can't see the rings color in other pics posted after that:

    this has been sold only 5 times, and pics and feedback shows black rings:

    and there are others.. but always a risk.
  13. Podster
    So it's really kind of a love/hate relationship then:wink:

    @DocHoliday , I can't really say if these Gray's are darker than advertised but to me they are true to the Pewter color advertised. These are my 666'ers with the various SP cables, Blk/Bronze, Pewter/Silver and of course the old Red Iron Man specials:grinning: I can tell you this the new bass enhanced Gray model does require more juice to drive than the originals.

    The 666'ers.JPG

    At this point I almost feel obligated to try and find a Green pair:thinking:

    If I had an inkling of skillz I'd like to try this little ditty, price is right for sure!

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  14. DocHoliday
    Uuuuhhhhr. ..let's try again...
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  15. DocHoliday
    Love the "IronMan" moniker for those reds.

    Yeah these photos show them as a bit darker than I pictured them. As long as they have that satin sheen and even more refined sound, then I'm all in and maybe for more than one.

    HiFiChris had a notion a few pages back about KZ's choices and your comment about more juice may confirm his suspicions.

    Did a little research for you. Did someone say green?


    .....and you know those have to be the ZS6(i)!

    What say you when comparing the "IronMan" to the Pewter on these tracks? No rush.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018

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