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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. maxxevv
    As @Slater has mentioned, they do break in and soften up. If they are uncomfortable out of the box, stuff them into your jeans (that you wear daily) pockets for a few days.

    My ZS5v2 and ZS6 starlines were plenty stiff out of the box. But loosened up after some use.
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  2. C2thew
    This is happeneing with my kz zs3 with the microphone. Basically the volume decreases randomly. It also decreases when I press the pause button on the,microphone cable every time the button is pressed. There seems to be pcb issue. I documented this about 6 pages back. Other people on these forums dobt experience this because they bought the aftermarket cables
  3. Jay Magaling
    I bought a set of black Starlines from ebay. They're the black ones. It's not hard, at least to me and I didn't feel any discomfort while wearing them. My gf also uses it on her ZS3 and haven't heard any complaints about it.
    The stock black Starlines though that came with my ZS5 V1 causes itch the first time I wore them.
  4. Slater
    I've noticed that sometimes tips have a bit of mold release compound still on them. It's kind of hard to see, as it's like a clear film. I've found this causes irritation.

    I now clean my new silicone tips with rubbing or denatured alcohol and a lint free cloth (like micro fiber). I haven't had any irritation problems with tips since doing this.

    Obviously this isn't for foam tips; only silicone.
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  5. NeonHD
    People of the KZ thread I need your help!!!

    So long story short, I f*cked up the BA drivers on my ZS6 by accidentally pressing on them too hard when modding. Now there is hardly any treble coming out of the right earpiece. Assuming that I broke a wire inside, how do I open the shell? There are three star-like screws on it but I can't find a screwdriver piece that exactly matches it. I got one that is shaped the same but it's too big :slight_frown:. Anyone know if there's a name for this particular screw and its size?

    Also if I ever get the shell opened, is the repair process as simple as finding a broken wire and reattaching it using solder?
  6. CoiL
    Yeah, there is much inside room for different drivers BUT I have small ears and like deep insertion, so, not so good. ZS3 fits like a glove and I will be using those shells for modding :wink:
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  7. chrispl0x
    The Zs6 uses torx screws. I went to go buy a torx screwdriver today that came with torx bits to see if I could open my pair up. I think the ZS6s use size T5 or T4 torx screws; my screwdriver came with a T6, but it was barely too big.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  8. AKMW44
    Hi, which cable is good.Ive seen loads around 6 quid but stumped for choice
  9. AKMW44
    Thank you for a great reply, il put an order in now.
  10. WalterTorino
    I have this small kit including torx from t4 to t7. t4 or t5 (don't remember exactly) fits well.
    I recommend you to by something similar to my kit - quite often it's very useful especially when you need to open headphones, smartphones or something like that.
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  11. HungryPanda
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  12. AKMW44
    Hi , can I use 0.78 mm size pins on kzzs6 and 0.75mm .Will it damage the connections. Thanks
  13. Abe Fallorina
    does anyone know how to extract the 0.75 mm male connector from the wires? or where can I buy these 0.75 mm kz connectors?

    I want to make my own cable for kz zs6
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    I only have one, and it's a silver (-plated or -coloured, I don't really care) one. It was offered as a bundle with the ZS5 (back when there was only the v1 with hollower midrange but without that nasty upper treble spike), sold by a store whose name I forgot since it was quite complicated (no "real" name but many numbers and letters). I guess they're all about equally great when it comes to appearing valuable and being super flexible. The only thing you should check when you get it is if the phase is correct and if the sides are correct as well - the people who solder the jacks to these separately offered cables don't really seem to care about the polarity and sides, so you may have to switch sides or invert one of them.
  15. TheGame21x
    Yes you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. Prolonged use will widen the connector bores and will make the .75mm connectors fit loosely. If that's not a concern and you plan on switching to .78mm cables permanently then it shouldn't be too much of an issue though.

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