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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. MyPants
    Ya know the thing with Kraftwerk is you HAVE to listen to them through a contextual filter and understand that they were totally pioneering the genre, wiring their own synths and whatnot. Otherwise they sound kindof simple and repetitive compared to even slightly more modern electronic music. I DO love The Man Machine though...
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  2. Podster
    Graduated in '75 myself Panda, this is one of my favorite live albums to this day:wink: You folks that love electronic music should que this up:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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  3. maxxevv
    Tried. Using 3M Micropore with 1mm strip all the way till 4mm strips.

    2mm~2.5mm will reduce the sibilance, but only just, doesn't completely solve the issue. Any wider than 3mm and all the bass gets wooly and muddy....

    Similar results with Starlines or Foams, foams being a small shade better but overall it doesn't completely eliminate the sibilance even if one is willing to live with the muddied bass. But point to note that for some people, it may be reduced to a point that's 'livable' and not longer bothersome, though it doesn't completely go away.

    For reference, I was listening to Adele's "Hello" on FLAC, played back on my G6 Quad DAC in "External Device" mode, volume 20.

    But it was less effective on another vocal track I listened to. Sibilance was still pretty easy to pick out on that.

    To clarify, in normal listening, sibilance doesn't bother me at all on the ZS6 but I can pick it out if I choose to. In this modification experiment, I chose to pick out the nuances that's at the core of this mod.
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  4. mrmoto050
    Now we are talking, have everything they ever released (TD) and then some.
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  5. Podster
    However much I appreciate this level of testing and detail I could never go to these lengths personally Maxx, if I spent this much time trying to squeeze that final ounce out of my tracks I'd never have time to listen to my music. I saw you comment on normal listening and decided that is the camp I live in! Not to mention I have a high tolerance level for sizzle so none of the KZ line pierce my drums. I can' even keep up with @MyPants on the contextual filter thingy:rolling_eyes: I went through a lot of this same stuff with home audio years ago and just decided to listen to my music and not get to deep anymore, call me lazy but I'm pretty happy with all my music the majority of the time and that is good odds IMO:beerchug:

    So better get my KZ back on:)

    Good Company.JPG
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  6. Slater
    If you guys like Kraftwerk, you should check out the album "A Bass Tribute to Kraftwerk" by the band Basskraft.

    Despite having Kraftwerk's entire catalogue, I was blown away when a friend introduced me to Basskraft a few years ago.

    It's pretty much a 1:1 reproduction of Kraftwerk tracks, except with deep basshead levels of sub-bass percussion lines added in (I have some cans that don't even go low enough to hear all of it LOL). I mean, they were one of the pioneers of EDM, but honestly their stuff always left me wanting a little 'more' if you know what I mean. Well, Basskraft adds in what was missing, to make the perfect Kraftwerk experience - basically what Kraftwerk would have sounded like had they been a little more modern. It's like plain peanut butter sandwiches are good, but it sure does go better with jam (or honey or bananas). Kraftwerk's remix versions did some of this, but Basskraft just takes it to another level.

    On a side note, I was at Moogfest in 2014, and Kraftwerk were the headliners 2 nights in a row (and so many other good acts performed for 3 days straight including acts that rarely play the States [or at all] such as Pet Shop Boys, Giorgio Moroder, CHIC, and many others). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moogfest#2014

    Anyways, Kraftwerk was an honor to see in concert, and they are all very cool and personable guys.
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  7. Podster
    It would be extremely hard for me to put my TD (Also my initials but I don't let that cloud my judgment or go to my head) in order of preference, love Poland, of course Logos, Force Maj, Rubycon, Stratos, Ricochet, yada yada yada, guys a broken record:open_mouth:LOL

    So here's another builder who's wares really sound great with TD, unfortunately the "Whole Story" ala Paul Harvey is yet to be told but soon I hope! I would have my Icarus III and R1's in this shot but they are in my balanced bag:wink:

    UK Armors.JPG
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  8. Pruikki
    Off topic`? but
    I just got my KZ ZSR green, i logged in to share initial impressions.

    Holy Sh!t WOW, plugged in my axon 7, and i was instanty hearing the difference!
    what do i mean, i mean that they respond really well to DAC Amp it has. i hear really clearly the difference, with dac on/Off.
    Stock tips provided used: the big ones.

    finally i got IEMs that are good pair with Axon 7.


    i compare the ZSR to KZ below,
    KZ ATE, no difference that i can pick up.
    ZS3, little brighter and louder, is good but no big difference.Still worth having it on.
    ES3, now i see little difference,brighter, more clear, more "studio hifi" feel. Dac does it good but not Wow effect, but still something.

    now...ZSR....Dac on off and i hear Big difference, like WOW kind of a difference, its big enough to go "Wow!"

    Ergonomics: Not good. well they fit,but it is every min that you gotta re adjust em.
    I ES3 is better in this area. But the sound makes up for it!

    - What id do differently? i would maybe do some modding to make the highs less apparent, to make it darker sounding.

    TL;DR They sound good,and id make em lil more less sibilant, move BAs more back,not so close to ears. Worth the 15€ Yes.
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  9. razorpakk
    Am I the only one who would like an upgraded ATR with removable cable and better build?
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  10. trumpethead
    +1 on the Kraftwerk
  11. Podster
    THX @trumpethead , got to thinking about it and I'd be remiss if I did not mention Mike Oldfield as well:beerchug: He's another genius behind the keyboards:thumbsup:YMMV:thinking:
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  12. MyPants

    I think I phrased that in a confusing way. A "contextual filter" is not a piece of equipment or software. I'm just talking about keeping the music in context in your mind and not judging it in parity with modern music so-as to fully appreciate it's value. I definitely agree with you that one can easily get so caught up in gear and technical/clinical listening that you forget to ENJOY your tunes, so I tend to do both at different times.

    I will definitely be checking out Basskraft, thank you for the recommendation. Also, -insert Wayne's World "we're not worthy" scene-
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  13. Podster
    Indeed @MyPants , one of the main reasons I don't even attempt reviews much less technical is because first off I don't have the tools to do it right so I defer to "Brooko" on that one and secondly at my age if I try to go back and fourth I'd be afraid I'd forget what the original even was:open_mouth: Video is even worse, I remember the colorization push/era and for me most are so unnatural to the original black and white which believe it or not I still prefer. Wife was laughing at me watching McHale's Navy this morning and my 16 year old goes dad that picture is horrible:scream: Can't wait till they get old and remember what their "Old Skool" was:beerchug:

    @razorpakk , always wanted the AT series to have removable cable myself Sir:wink: They sure deserved one:thumbsup:

    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  14. SomeTechNoob
    The only KZ I regret buying is the ATR lol

    Bad fit, lacks clarity across the whole spectrum, terrible rubbery cable that doesn't stay behind your ear, and a boring sound signature.

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  15. DocHoliday

    Well, Pod......there's much to discuss here.

    Yeah, once I discovered that KZ revised the ZS6 I opted to postpone my purchase for a few weeks until the inventory of ZS6(i) is depleted. Like you, I have two ZS6(i)'s so I'm set there. I want the Pewter ZS6 to be a ZS6(ii) so I can compare the two versions.

    And I will formally make the request here so KZ will catch the hint.

    Dear Knowledge Zenith,
    PLEASE, PAY HOMAGE TO YOUR FANS WHO HAVE AN ENTIRE THREAD DEDICATED TO YOUR PRODUCTS AND PLEASE GIVE US A SPECIAL EDITION ZS6 IN WHITE (with brass or copper screws and brass or copper mesh that sits behind the vents). PLEASE INCLUDE AN UPGRADED CABLE IN THE PACKAGE AND MOST OF ALL PACKAGE IT THE WAY YOU ORIGINALLY PACKAGED THE ED9, ED10 AND ATE. THIS WILL SEND US THE MESSAGE THAT YOU APPRECIATE US AS MUCH AS WE APPRECIATE YOU AND WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO BRING HIGHER QUALITY AUDIO TO THE MASSES. You could even have two colors available for the ZS6-SE (the second of course issued in midnight blue with brass screws and mesh). Truth be told, many of us will buy both colors just to add to our collection, but many will buy them just for being beautiful. Do a limited run, like the ED11 and then let nature run it's course. It's the perfect swan song for a legend of an IEM in it's original guise.

    You're one of the very few who actually obtained the ED11. KZ had so many models on the market at the time (EDSE, EDR1, EDR2, ED3 'PERFECTION', ED4, ED9, ED10, HDS1 & ZS1) and more being released (ED3 'Acme', ATE-S, HDS2 & HDS3). As a result the ED11 kind of got lost in the shuffle. I don't think many were produced when you consider how many ED10's were sold.

    The various reviews that I've poured over seem to indicate that the Noble'X' is what I would describe as a thoroughly refined version of the ATE sound signature due to it's somewhat inverted "V" shape (slightly rolled highs, punchy mid-bass, slightly rolled sub-bass with an expansive soundstage). I say thoroughly refined because it sounds as if Noble accomplished this sound signature by using two BAs as opposed to a single DD. This also explains why there is such a diversity of opinions on it.
    People that don't care for it prefer more micro-detail and more low end grunt.
    People who love it enjoy the non-fatiguing mid-centric presentation.
    Only you can comment on this because
    1) I don't own them
    2) you do own them and you own the ATE.

    For me it's all conjecture.

    My comments on the IT03 can pretty much be applied here as well when it comes to accessories (cables and eartips).

    Kraftwerk's T.E.E. was the first electronic song I can remember hearing and of course it was the basis for one of hip hop's earliest recordings put on wax (Planet Rock). Since you've mentioned the Disco Diva herself I thought I'd send you back in a time machine.

    Yeah, those are what we lovingly refer to as beer goggles. By the way, I know you never hear this enough but "Thank You for your service, Pod"!

    Kraftwerk set the stage for New Order, Icehouse & Soft Cell's one hit wonder, Tainted Love.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the ZS6(ii) sound signature and it's cable.
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