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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Jay Magaling
    They were $12 for a limited time. Then the regular price is 30
  2. Jay Magaling
    New ZSR Review from TechmanZ:

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  3. bsoplinger
    If I was going to go to that sort of trouble and because I can print my own decals (with white color) I'd just get the translucent green ZSR and print up decals for those once I remove that awful left right writing on them. And if I was going to that much trouble, well it'd be too much trouble to go through :thinking: if that makes any sense :astonished:
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  4. bsoplinger
    I don't know if I missed it on the other pictures of the ZSR or just that this video shows off the nozzle better than the pictures did but why did KZ continue with their design fopa (IMHO) of not putting much in the way of a lip on the nozzle to keep ear tips attached. The lip on the KZ5 was small and non-existent on the ZS6 and these don't seem much better.
  5. Slater
    Here's something interesting I noticed in the video. Check out the size difference between each pin socket in the 2-pin female connector. It actually looks like there's 2 different sizes of pins - the one on the left side is significantly smaller than the one on the right (or at least the left one isn't spread out nearly as open as the right side).

    Anyways, just an observation...

    KZ 2-pin jack.png
  6. smy1
    Should i just go ahead and order the zsr? Or will there be another big sale?
  7. khighly
    Just got the 1More Triple Fi's. Initial Impressions: They sound very much like the ZS5v1, however they have a more pronounced low/mid end and are very bassy (almost too much). Harder to drive. Mids/Highs sound roughly the same. I'll reply more after I've given these a few days.

    Edit: Lost one side of my ZS6's while attached to the Bluetooth Cable (F$%K Bluetooth). Went back to the ZS5v1's and forgot what I was missing. ZS6 is ok and you get used to it, but the ZS5v1 is just better.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
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  8. Willber
    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your KZs.
    Put a lock on your wallet!
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  9. Wiljen
    No, the Zsr does have the same treble spike but, to my ear, it is between 4 and 6 db below that of the Zs6. I think the BA used has that spike in pretty much all the Zs series but the Zsr crossover may be mitigating it just a bit. Treble still shows a bit of extra energy but not to the degree of the Zs5v1 or Zs6.
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  10. Wiljen
    4 different sources, and 3 different cables later as well as foams in addition to the tips they come with and the Zsr is still a predominant V and still has recessed mids. I'll stick by my initial description. It has the bass of the Zs3 and maybe a bit more with the treble of the Zs6 toned down by about 4db. Spike is still there, just not as large as Zs5v1 or Zs6.

    They have great slam and @vidar 's comment regarding the dynamic being a subwoofer is exactly on the mark. Lots of sub-bass, big mid-bass (with a fair amount of bass bleed into the mids) and big treble. Mids are definitely in the backseat on this one
  11. Cruelhand Luke
    Last picture of all my Christmas toys I got for myself.
    Upper left corner is the KZ ES3. I really love these, they sound good with everything and are very comfortable. (The tips are from some JBLs that came with my ZTE Axon) Upper right is the KZ ZST Pro. They sound very similar to the ES3 but with a little less emphasis on the bass... I'm giving them to my neighbor John. I've blabbed so much about the technology of these things that he is curious about BA drivers and such. I'm excited to get him into the hobby.
    Lower right KZ ZS3: DOA. Boo! There is a bad batch out there people! I've heard of at least 10 other people that got defective units. Lower left KZ ZS5 A technological marvel, especially considering they were about $12.00 ...I have New Bee foams on them (right ear is a large and installed backwards, the left is a medium. I have odd ears)
    and I put a little bit of foam in the nozzle to dampen the treble...with the mods and burn in I am really starting to enjoy them. I had trouble with them at first...the treble was overly harsh, sharp,bright etc...I could only enjoy listening in small doses...I actually liked the ES3 better than an unmodded ZS5, right now I am really enjoying the ZS5.
    It really is the best time in history to be a music lover.

    1-IMG_20180118_152856_983 (1).jpg
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
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  12. paulindss
    That guy's impressions on sound and comparisions only makes me confuse. Not as brighter as Zs5 but brighter than zst ?

    That's why i don't risk myself describing and comparing sound to anyone.
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  13. Slater
    Let me consult my magical future-telling crystal ball for the answers to that question LOL


    Ooooo, ahhhhhhh, woooooooo...spooky!

    j/k with you buddy - the stuff is always on sale. Gearbest just had the ATE on flash sale, years after it was initially released. They also have the ZST on sale all of the time, and that came out 2015-2016. So I think it's safe to say that the ZSR will be on sale off and on for a long while.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
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  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    Yup. Noticed that as well (http://kopfhoerer-lounge.blogspot.com/2017/06/knowledge-zenith-kz-zs5-review.html - it's unfortunately in German (albeit with a Google Translate widget below the navigation bar), but scrolling down to the 1More comparison (that I even only wrote because I immediately noticed how similar the ZS5 v1 sounds after some brief listening), you can see a measurement graph overlay of the ZS5 v1 and 1More E1001). :beerchug:

    PS: Please never call the 1More E1001 triple-driver IEMs Triple.Fi. Like never ever again, pretty please.
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  15. Aevum

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