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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. ivo001
    Not familiar with this problem, but have you checked if you put the cables in in the right orientation? And did you do a phase test?
  2. Wiljen
    Trade the cable for a TRS without a mic and see if it all works right.
  3. LeWidget
    Hi Guys,

    Was about order some Xiaomi Piston (fresh version) from Gearbest when Is saw the advert for the KZ ZSR Hybrid


    They seem fancy lookin', and cheap, are they any good? This thread seems to have a lot of posts regarding the 'KZ' earphones, but being a novice audiophile, I mostly have no idea of the language spoken here :p
  4. NeonHD
    So some minor complaints with the ZS6 (sorry I can't help it):
    • I think the sound signature just doesn't match with what I'm listening to, which is mainly EDM. Highs sound too sharp and upfront cause usually most EDM tracks emphasize treble for the drums and perc. However when listening to some mainstream pop music like from Bruno Mars, they sound absolutely wonderful with no harsh tonalities.
    • The in-ear fit really isn't that comfortable for prolonged use, or for sleeping in bed with.
    • And also the fit really doesn't isolate background noise well. It actually isolates very poorly, but I barely notice if I turn up the volume and also because its soundstage is just so big
    • The bass is plentiful, however I wish it was just a little bit louder as I'm sort of a basshead.
    Overall I don't regret buying it, but I think I'd prefer the ZS5v1 more if was still available.

    P.S. This is my 100th post :grin:
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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  5. LordZero
    Thank you :)

    How the zs6 compare to the RHA Ma750i? Mine ma750 broke after almost 4years :frowning2:
  6. stryed
    Very firm fit! The tubing is made in such a way that there's little flexibility.
    I managed to get that NiceHCK CP240x2 (M1 & M2) for 10eu. Gave the M1 away to someone who seems to like it.

    I think larger bores are the best for SQ. Mandarins look great but besides ebay I'm not sure where to get them.
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  7. svil3
    Well, well, well, let me guess, they broke where the cable turs into the other material?
    Mine broke there like a year ago, the inner conductor is still conected but I put them to rest since it'll be just a matter of time to broke it without the outer layer.

    I've the zs6s and certantly I dont miss the ma750s, they have quite different sound signatures actually but since i havent listened them for a while I don't excatly remember if one is clearly superior than the other.
    I think I'm going to do an A/B testing tonight and answer you tomorrow.
  8. LordZero
    I don't know :/ I will look better, but the right driver went really quiet with 0 bass.

    I liked them, but sometimes I wanted them to have a little more bass.

    Thanks, if you could compare them a little, would be great.
  9. ivo001
    How did you get that price? 11.11 deal?
    Not sure if to pick CP220 M1/M2 or CP240 S/M
  10. stryed
    Not 11.11 as it was about 3 weeks ago.

    As a double flange, I find the twinbaldes CP220 pretty long already. I don't think twinblades are really worth the price as the idea that it will twist inside your ear is pretty normal for a tri or bi flange with deep insertion (I will have to try them tomorrow as it's been CP100 day).

    The best tips I've ever had was a soft triflange that came with a brainwavz. I have yet to find anything as good. I might go hunt for some cheap tri/bi flanges on aliexpress.

    The CP100 is something that can solve a problem that I had with single flange fit. Less soundstage perhaps compared to my experience with CP220 M2. Got a nice seal but I'm wondering if sibilance isn't worse than with the KZ stocks which have a wider bore. Will go back to the twinblades tomorrow...

    For the time being, I stand by my position that wider bores reduce treble peaks on the KZ5. Spinfits (single & double flanged) seem to make it more V shaped, imo. Still great tips but perhaps not the best pairing.

    I'm convinced that people who had problems with treble were using small bores...I'm going back to KZ stocks as they are slightly wider. My wide bores don't fit well it unfortunately. TERRIBLE DECISION BY KZ TO NOT INCLUDE LIPS!:rage:
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  11. govie
    I got my KZ ZS6 delivered in the mail today, gearbest took only 10 days this time! My eartips are comming by plane also and the benji j5 has allready arrived in my country. I compared the ZS6 to the Philips SHS3300 today with some house/dance for starters and the ZS6 has definatly more low bass and sounds more wide (is that called soundstage? I think so not sure tho). I can actually hear a bass for that matter but luckely not overly present, so they do not feel like a bad purchase at all, because they sound better then a simple philips headphone (premium mainstraim brand in the netherlands). I also like the look & feel of the IEMs, feels like high quality casing but also a bit heavy (which does not have to be a bad thing). In 2 days I will go on a trailrun and see how well they stick in my ears when i am running with the standard tips and the c-foam ones I ordered.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  12. erikbaboden
    I just bought the SZ5 and, when connected to my macbook, I can hear a constant hiss. It doesn't change if I turn up or down the volume, but it's loud enough to be heard when I play something. There's some hiss even when connected to the iPhone, but it's way less perceivable. Is that normal or are my SZ5 defective?
  13. Podster
    And you did not tell me! I'm crushed:cry:

    I mean they would make my Carbon's and Colorful's get lonely in their cases:open_mouth:

    Tri-Braid KZ's.JPG

    It's like when I just had to have these DT5's for the Chinese writing on them:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    KZ DT5.JPG
  14. ivo001
    10 days to NL? Im waiting on packages from 28 november that has been stuck in poland for almkst a month :xf_eek:

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