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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LordZero
    Does the 2pin connector angle makes difference in comfort? For example I ordered the BT cable for the ZS6(straight) and would like to use them with the ZSR too(Angled). Does it cause them to fall? discomfort, etc?
  2. yay101
    Not by much, it could just be me thinking about it but im guessing the 2 port holes in the casing are the culprit.

    Comfort is a massive question mark at this stage. They have this weird hook shape to the body that feels somewhat sharp at first. Within seconds my brain seems to forget about it however so i wont complain too much. They come with an angled cable but i don't see straight or angled making a large difference as long as they are the thinner pinned ones.
  3. Viber
    ZSR are so interesting to listen to. They kept me from going to bed last night. I usually get a bit bored with In-Ears because they either lack treble or bass and the mids are stuffed into one block of sound. I feel as if the ZSR are interesting because the separation is definitely there between one instrument to another you don't feel as if something is missing in the mix.

    As their nozzle is longer than the ZS5/6, it's interesting to do tip rolling with them too:
    -faux t400 from ali\ebay are not that good for them imo. they're falling from my ears with those on.
    -stock tips are nice although some ppl will consider the zsr a bit too treble oriented with them.
    -Trimmed,cheap foamies (no inner ring) from ebay are a good option for ppl who are treble sensitive.
    -So far i find Small sized silicone tips like the ones that come with Awei earphones and maybe old KZs are the best in terms of seal, warmish sound.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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  4. ivo001
    Do the CP220 M2 really sit tight on the nozzle? According to the the pictures on the dunu AE page they have a bore of 4.4mm. And the CP100 M I have bought should have 3.8mm bore according to them, and I managed to get those on the KZ ZS5 as well.

    The CP240 looks a bit better with 4mm bore, but the bottom flange is a bit wider.
    I noticed the CP220 tend to cost $10-11 for just a single pair, quite expensive and double the price of the CP100. I did notice that NiceHCK sells a box with 1 pair of CP220 M1 + 1 pair of CP220 M2 for $16 together.

    I'm also considering the MandarinES Symbio eartips, which go for $15 per 3 pair.
    Not sure if I would need the N (3.8mm bore) or W (4.5mm) version though.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  5. Wiljen
    The saga continues - sometime last night a package was left on the porch. Found it this morning covered in ice. Letting it thaw and dry out and will open it later today once it warms up a bit. To their credit, DHL did deliver.
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  6. ivo001
    I have bought tips before from this seller

    You can leave a message for the size and color in the comment section while placing your order. I bought T300 grey for my ZS5, and they got on really easy. They did not come of yet when unplugging, but I can imagine that T200 will also fit and they should be a bit tighter. My eartips get damaged though in the zipper case because the connector from bluetooth cable digs into the foam.
  7. B9Scrambler
  8. skajohyros
    Bravo DHL, 3am delivery.
  9. bsoplinger
    Wazzat? :confused:
  10. B9Scrambler
    Limited Edition ZST. Was mentioned briefly a while back...Dec I think. Sounds the same as the regular ZST. Looks cooler though (imo).
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  11. Darthplagueis
    I'll jump ship to kz camp when they'd release that 10 driver sweet-ling. Call me an idiot, but I desperately want to own a 10 driver iem without breaking the silence bank.

    And that is while I know greater number of drivers inside don't necessarily guarantee good sound.

    I use a dual driver Tennmak PROs as daily driver while not touching much the triple driver Xiaomi mi pro HD.

    But I still want this to come true
  12. KipNix
    They look like twin guitars from Cheap Trick. hahaha I like 'em.
  13. Makahl
    Something weird happening on my mobile setup... I thought my phone couldn't handle the ZST because the volume was way below of any comfort levels. Although today I've noticed if I insert only 2 rings (stereo) it gets the full sound and it's very LOUD but If I connect the mic pin (3rd ring) it sounds lifeless. Has anyone else gotten a similar problem?

    I got LG QB3 and Blitlzwolf BW-ES1 which has TRRS connector and mic too but they're working flawlessly just ZST has this problem, somehow very weird...
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  14. nkramer
    for me, there really is no difference in comfort between the two connectors. (using ZST with both types) connectors barely touch my ear.

    one thing to note though is the straight connector will work with just about everything, the angled will probably have to be trimmed to work with ones that came with a straight connector.
  15. Jay Magaling
    It's a quote from Blackbeard from the anime One Piece

    "People's dreams never end"

    And that's why that color option is called "Dream"

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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