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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    I suggested getting foamies in T200 (4.0mm) or T300 (4.5mm) size. Posted links in a previous post in this thread about them. They have smaller nozzle diameters than the typical T400 / T500 (4.9mm size) and the tighter fit keeps them on the nozzle instead of my ears. I lost both tips every time I used them on the ZS6 which has no lip on the end of the nozzle and 1 about half the time on the ZS5 which at least has a nominal lip. Going to the smaller diameter ones fixed the problem.
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  2. TLDRonin
    can you link them? Can't find it in your post history :frowning2:
  3. bsoplinger
    This is the first time I've not quoted but instead posted a link. The couple of posts after have links to different quantities from the same seller.


    About a half dozen posts or so later I mention making a combined foam and silicone with Slater commenting a few later with that link.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
  4. chi-fi mel
    I listened to all my KZ earphones today. (except the ZS3 which I hate) The one that sounds best is the ES3 with Spiral Dots, no shortage of bass. I have the ZS6 and had to seal up one BA on each ear to solve the treble issue, and it sounds good now. I have ZS5 v1, and my much modded ED9 with custom eartips and sealed vents. They sound good for music, but I prefer them for other audio. The ED2 is a real solid performer with Spiral Dots and it's quite a bargain. I love the ZSE which is a cool design and a comfortable fit. ZSE is well built, a total steal and I like the sound. Big mistake if you're a KZ fan and don't have these. I doubt I'll ever use over the ears as my daily drivers, especially with foam tips because it takes too long to untangle them, insert them and adjust the memory wire. I never use any KZ tips, not the Starlines, foams or Whirlwinds; I always get bad results with them. I see a lot of posts by fans of the ZS3. I sure hope they took the foam out of the nozzles unless they are fans of muddy sound.
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  5. yay101
    ZSR in hand. Now to the testing!
  6. hydroid
    Congrats bro.,how long did it take before finally receiving them? Will appreciate initial impressions, thanks :)
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  7. yay101
    Cant speak for anyone else but i paid for faster shipping to Australia and it seems to have taken about 2-3 days from dispatch. I thought i was sent the wrong cable as getting the cable into the iems took way more force than my previous KZ's, so be careful when you get yours!

    So far i haven't found anything it does super wrong, its brighter than the ZS5 mk1 (my previous most up to date KZ purchase) but from the user descriptions significantly less bright than the ZS6/ 5 mk2 "treble cannons". Bass is good too, ill switch it up to some guitar and see how the mids go. The soundstage is slightly wider than the ZS5 details and separation are about as good.
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  8. hydroid
    Thanks for the heads up regarding the cable and your super fast impressions which all suits my preferences I guess.,. Cheers :)
  9. charlescc2
    Edit: After reading back a bit I think I got some answers on the ZSRs and will probably just monitor the thread for further info!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2018
  10. skajohyros
    Don't worry about your English, it's fine. You won't see me trying to post on a Russian forum.
  11. skajohyros
    How's the soundstage as I love the stage of the zs5.
  12. skajohyros
    Really? Bigger stage than zs5.
  13. Viber
    It's kinda hard to compare, maybe the ZS5 is a bit better in that regard.
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  14. WalterTorino
    Yep, this headphones are one of those things that you should use for some time to get real pleasure from :)
    In fact this is the first time when the headphones I did not like at first but then I really fell in love with them. Usually, I either immediately like or not.
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  15. SONGsanmanwah
    Ah... the hype...

    Ordered one yesterday but, trusting my old ebay sharp shooting skill back in the day, found myself back playing around with the refresh button at that sweet time. Didn't see the discount but somehow ended up paying for another pair thinking the previous one went wrong. I must not be the only one x(. Anyway an old friend is up for some surprise gift.

    Now let the wait begins...
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