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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mellowship
    I really don't remember where I got those tips from. I suspect they are the large tips from the Rock Zyrcons (which I don't really like).

    Thank you for your suggestion, but I already tried to remove the mesh and run open nozzles before. It opened up the sound but after a while I started missing some punch in the subbass and I glued the mesh back on. Never tried the stainless steel ones though. Something like this? http://tiny.cc/4b1vpy
  2. HungryPanda
    Today I'm sporting the BGVP DX3........
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  3. Mallo
    Just received my zs3 and zst, pretty impressed about sound quality! Zst are definetly more detailed and less boomy, can be my first choice for IEM. Zs3 are more stable in my ears and with huge isolation. I will try also foam tips on both and maybe slater mod on zs3. Waiting for es3 :L3000:
  4. Strat Rider
    I received my ZST, ES3, ZS6 from GB, and currently breaking them in. I don't typically believe in "burn in" as such, but I did have an issue with the ZST.

    The left side apparently, for lack of a better term, was stuck. The BA was supplying all the sound.

    I put them into burn in mode on my tablet just to try, at the price, ot going to return them.

    After about 8 hours, i remembered they were still in burn-in mode. Plugged them into my Note 5 and cmoy amp, and the sound was matched to the right side.

    I switched to mono for a listen to various tracks, and all was good.
  5. CoiL
    Unfortunately that seems to be direction and atm I have to +1 this. For consumer market they make still very good IEMs but for "audiophiles" things seem to turn other way and some competitors starting to step on heels of KZ price vs. perf point.
  6. oyobass
    It's a fun-grade. Like sampling different coffees or wines to compare and contrast the different flavors...
    It's a fun-grade. Like sampling different coffees or wines to compare and contrast the different flavors...
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  7. nkramer

    ...and a hell of a lot cheaper than if you'd get a sampling of the "entry-level" of a bunch of the big names to sample their "house sound".....

    after you get to a certain point in sound quality, the benefits of the next step up in sound quality usually increases the price greatly ($100 - 10x ?) for a negligible difference in sound quality.
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  8. Superluc
    I don't think so. Messing with ZS6 BA's, with impedance or mods, don't affect mids on them.

    If one of the two BA's on ZSR is tuned for mids, the sound will sure be different.
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  9. Slater
    Yes, those are the ones. They come in a number of different sizes, and are very handy for modding IEMs (or for even when the stock screen gets lost, damaged, or clogged with ear gunk).

    You are right though - the nylon screens (such as the red ones KZ uses) - DO generally increase the sub-bass. But it is usually at the expense of clarity, better mids, and better treble. The nylon also usually adds a veil to the sound, and the bass it does add can often be tubby and/or bloated.

    It is because of this that I think nozzle screens are a poor way to tune the bass/sub-bass of an IEM because of the negative way it affects the rest of the sound. A MUCH better solution is to use the stainless screens on the nozzle, and instead tune the bass/sub-bass by manipulating the size of the bass vent hole on the IEM shell. You can also fine tune it with different tips (usually with a smaller bore opening such as the KZ Starlines have).

    I also usually save my screens when screen swapping on a new IEM - for example, if I remove the red screens from a new pair of KZs, I'll replace the screens with the stainless version. And where I peeled off the stainless screens from the plastic sheet, I will stick the red nylon ones in it's place. This way, I can reuse the red screens on something else if I need to. The nylon screens are also good for covering up the vent holes I may drill into an IEM shell or headphone cup for tuning (I will place the nylon screen over the hole on the inside to keep dust and dirt out). Many OEMs do this on IEMs and even full size headphones.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
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  10. Keller2
    I have concluded that the ZS6 with foamies and EQ is indeed my jam, after being unhappy with the ZS5v1 and ZS6. ( initially )

    Good thing too because I ordered 4 pair for christmas and only gifted away 1.
    I'm now ready to give KZ money for a better cable ( One with silicone non-rigid memory wire ) and a comfier shell. Or a version with less highs.
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  11. Mellowship
    Thank you so much! Gonna order them steel meshes and be back to you in a few weeks to report on my findings!
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  12. Slater
    BTW those ZS5 v1 are like gold to a lot of HeadFiers - you could sell those within minutes on the classifieds board.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
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  13. stmiller
    Finally picked up my ZS6 ordered from Aliexpress on 11.11 yesterday..

    Initial impressions..

    . The bass slam is quite impressive, doesn't muddy the other freqs at all

    . Tweeter is a bit overdone, making for a 'ssss..' sound on tracks which accentuate that range on the spectrum

    . Love the build quality

    . Using an aftermarket cable, with stock tips

    . Isolates well enough.

    I really think it's more than worth what i paid for it..

    Will burn in & update feedback.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  14. Selenium
    Maybe it's just me but those housings don't look the same. Similar, sure. That's just design evolution though. Like how most phones are black rectangular slabs.
  15. Im2bz2p
    I may be shooting in the dark here, but I'm wondering if there is anyone that owns/has owned KZ ZS3 and also owns/has owned the VSonic GR02 BE (Bass Edition)? Looking for a comparison of sound.

    It's been years since I had mine, but those VSonic GR02 BE's have been my favorite IEMs sub $30. I really enjoy the V-shaped sound and the bass (especially the mid/lower end without being too muddy). They finally have started to crap out on me, so just looking at similar options.

    Thanks in advance,

    ~ Im2bz2p :)

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