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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. thejoker13
    I agree with this 100%. KZ helped me out in this audio adventure, but I've been highly turned off with their recent offerings. I say bring on the budget flagship that's truly a midfi killer! For now though, I'm out and not ordering anything else from them until they raise the stakes.
  2. Spelaeus
    I eagerly await the day that KZ finally gets sick of engineering advice from unqualified youtubers and releases the ZSTroll. Just jam five or six identical BAs in the nozzle. Stagger them behind each other if need be. Be sure to have one or two firing backwards into the housing which of course looks identical to the Marshall Mode.
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  3. maxxevv
    They are just being pragmatic.

    Typically, mass market items correctly priced will outsell "halo" products 100: 1. And by percentage margin, have better margins due to the savings from marketing, and customer service as well as packaging.

    We all want out Ferrari's and Bugatti's for cars but hey ... the most profit car company is Toyota. KZ wants to be Toyota. Their flagship at this point is still the Corona, the Camry hasn't been born yet. Until then, we won't see them spawning a Lexus.
  4. SomeTechNoob
    Got my MEMT X5 today. Sound-wise, the KZ ZS5 v1 is probably my preference, being a bit more balanced across the spectrum. X5 has more bass, while the ZS5 has more mids and treble sparkle. The MEMT X5 are impressive for their size though. The ZS5 is just huge and can look a bit ridiculous to onlookers.

    Still waiting for my ZS5 (presumably v2) from GearBest from the 11/11 sale.
  5. oyobass
    My apologies for getting carried away with the bad puns earlier today. I have a problem with that, just ask my wife,lol.
    Back on topic:
    My ZS6 on duty as monitors for Tuesday night rehearsal, with the large New Bee foams turned backwards to get a decent fit. 20171128_191540.jpg
  6. Cruelhand Luke
    I'll be honest, I was wanting to quibble with your premise until you dropped the Corona.
    That's a mad deep, old school JDM type metaphor and spot on...I'll go you a little bit deeper, the ZS5 is a corona, the ZS6 is a Corona Deluxe. Same car, better brightwork.
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  7. bsoplinger
    Those green ones look really good. I wish I'd grabbed them while they were available.
  8. Cruelhand Luke
    I've seen you mention this reversed foam tip nonsensical stuff before...so I tried it on my right ear, my difficult can't get a good fit ear hole....
    so far so good.
    But not on the other side...so I have one medium sized New Bee red foam in my left ear, and one large sized New Bee red foam backwards in my right.
    I did NOT know it was going to be this complicated when I got into this chinese BA thing...
  9. NeonHD
    I think it's fair to say that the KZ ED8 and ED10 are dead, can't find them anywhere to buy. Damn wish I found out about KZ earlier so I could get that full experience :)
  10. oyobass
    I have mismatched ear openings as well. Makes it kind of hard to settle on just one size/brand of tips for both, eh?
    Edit: On the bright side, you'll get more use out of the New Bee S/M/L pack than the average guy...
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  11. oyobass
  12. HiFiChris Contributor
    Don't know about the ED8, but I think you aren't missing much by not owning the ED10. Imo one of their weaker IEMs.
  13. EISENbricher
    I agree that it's the best KZ I've heard till date (don't have ZS6 so no comments on that one).
    The one I received is V2, has both the BAs placed in the nozzle. Earlier I was annoyed at the sibilance, but after some burn-in and some experiments (Sony hybrids + cotton stuffing) they are sounding much mellower, still keeping sharp, precise and tight sound.
  14. EISENbricher
  15. bsoplinger
    I downloaded this when I first saw it mentioned in this thread. Its a nice idea and seems a decent enough implementation but do they really expect you to not use your phone for 4 days or however long it takes for the cycle? Or since it has both a pause function and can keep track of multiple earphones that you'll plug in and let the program run overnight then pause it for your normal daily use then plug back in at night, etc? Because that'd extend the 4 day cycle to 12 assuming that you're without your phone for 8 hours a night.

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