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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. oyobass
    I haven't tried the Marshall Mode yet, but have you tried Marshall à la Mode?

    It is wonderful, but you have to eat it quickly. Lethal voltages can be present if you let the ice cream melt into the amplifier's tubes or power supply...
  2. nkramer
  3. oyobass
    The famous Marshall à la Mode Mod... sounds pretty cool. A little smoother and sweeter than stock...
  4. groucho69
    I prefer Marshall Eriksen

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  5. bartzky

    Marshal Montgomery commands to stop this bad puns.
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  6. oyobass
    I can't marshal the will to stop.

    Ever try the Depeche Mode?
    I Just Can't Get Enough.
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  7. Saoshyant
    Getting way too off topic. So, I know at least one person is turned off by the ZSR. Is it due to driver configuration?
  8. Mellowship
    To me it's because it seems to add nothing new to the KZ portfolio... Same old same old.
  9. Saoshyant
    I am waiting for impressions first, but just because it's not an increase of drivers doesn't necessarily mean there will be no improvement either.
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  10. Mellowship
    I also don't think more means better. Nonetheless, more sells better... I wish kz just implemented the single DD better.
  11. Wiljen
    I was hoping for a nearly neutral take on the signature not another deep V. I really like a bit of extra punch on the very low end (sub-bass), a bit light in the mid-bass, good solid mids, and a bit of extra energy and sparkle up top so the last few from KZ haven't checked the boxes for me. I keep hoping for a chi-fi with a near reference signature but for now I'll keep listening to things like the AKG n40 when I am just listening for pleasure and not reviewing something.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  12. hakuzen
    yes, it works! easier way to test different loads than playing with resistors.
    it's similar to what i got when using a physical impedance adapter; it was a 75 ohm adapter, so got bigger highs cut. when using foam tips, the total cut left the highs very near to zs5v1 response.
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  13. vladstef
    That's crazy. For me, ZS5v1 was already overly ambitious with highs, to put it very lightly, and this is from a guy who enjoys slightly brighter headphones. This wasn't a deal breaker though, but I suspect that it would've been with ZS6.
    For some reason I suspect that future KZ flagship products will maintain these treble nukes in the nozzles, looks like ZSR probably has them as well.

    I've switched hyping and expectations from smartphones (which are very boring lately) to Chi-fi earphones. KZ failing to bring out proper flagship would be the equivalent to smartphones losing headphone jacks... as if 2016/17 can't get any worse.
  14. hakuzen
    don't be so pessimistic, bro: imagine kz decided to put the 2 BAs in the nozzle, together with a crossover, when doing zs6 (a metallic version of zs5), after watching the reviews about zs5. now imagine kz is not aware of reviews about zs6 and their exaggerated highs. then you can bet ZSR won't have treble nukes; chosen BAs and crossover will be better tuned than zs6 to prevent it.
    anyway, i got some pairs of zs6 (minimal eq and you get fun good resolution phones for cheap).
  15. SomeGuyDude
    Mostly because I really want to see KZ moving upwards, not going back down in the lower cost tier. They have tons of products under $30, why not take a stab up in the $100 area? Make a new flagship, be adventurous.
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