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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Adide
    Yes I did, this past summer.

    I know dude.:metal:
  2. oyobass
    Thanks, I came to this thread a bit after that. Googled ES3 Slater mod and got right to the correct place.
    I'll give this a try after a good burn in period. I bought one because, well it was 8 bucks and supposedly has superior isolation. The looks certainly don't hurt either...
    If I can get them sounding decent, I intend to use them as stage monitors. The ZS6 has great sound quality, but the isolation is a little too little to defend myself against loud drummers and guitar amps. It also leaks sound enough to let the click track we play to in one band be heard by the audience in the front rows.
  3. ivo001
    Lazuli and Alcest
  4. CoiL
    Alcest has one song I really like to use one of my many sound test songs. Don`t remember song name atm.
  5. ivo001
    Why is AE free shipping so much better than Gearbest free shipping? Got 3 out of my 4 AE 11.11 orders, and my 08.11 Gearbest order is still not showing up :/

    Autre Temps?
  6. nxnje
    Can someone (who owns kz zs3) help me with my problem?
    It really hurts my ears but that's not the worst of the problems.
    The real problem is that the right in ead perfectly fits while the left one doesn't, creating me a VACUUM feeling that ruins my sounds, moreover when i turn my head.
    I can't really find a good position for the left in ear while i can push and move freely the right one without problems.
    Can someone tell me how to calm the ear hurting from them and to find my comfortable position? Maybe you tried some solutions that worked.
  7. fuzun
    A question to who has both SHP9500(s) and ZS5v2 or ZS6.

    SHP9500 defines my treble limit. How is the treble of ZS5v2 or ZS6 compared to shp9500?
  8. kokakolia
    If the treble on the SHP 9500 is an 8, then the treble on the ZS5 V2 is a 15. Yeah, the treble on the ZS5 V2 is STOOPID!

    I too have the SHP 9500. I don't mind it too much. But I haven't used them as much since I got my KEF M100.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  9. RvTrav
    I had the same problem and what I found worked for me was to place a spacer on before the tip. This makes the tip sit out a little more and I was able to use a size smaller ear tip. I use small washers I purchased at a hardware store but you can make your own spacers by cutting a thin slice off a tip that you won't be using. I have added some pictures. You can see in the last picture the earphone on the left has a spacer and the one on the right doesn't. Hope this works for you.

    20171124_074945.jpg 20171124_075044.jpg 20171124_075244.jpg
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  10. kokakolia
    That's more metal!

    I'm listening to more lyrical stuff like Rita Mitsuko and Superbus.
  11. young59
    Try different sizes and different tips I was having the same problem I had to set the ZS3 just right or it would just sound wrong.
  12. fuzun
    Hmm but did you use foam tips with ZS5v2?
  13. nxnje

    Could you please tell me the name of those washers or how to find em?
    The zs3 are really hurting my ears atm.. i can't enjoy listening for the moment
  14. kokakolia
    I used the default tips only. Because I find foam tips super annoying. But a foam tip can only do so much! I have been using foam tips on the ATE for similar reasons.
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  15. nkramer
    One word.... foam.
    Same or better isolation, more comfort, less sweat, and when you remove the earpiece it doesn't feel like removing your brain with a toilet plunger through your ear (that was so perfectly mentioned earlier in this thread)

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