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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TheVortex
    It's the official KZ upgrade cable. It's available from many of the sellers on AliExpress.
  2. Holypal
  3. Happy Hacking
  4. Podster
    Nice shot @Happy Hacking , puts mine to shame! As you can see I have zero treble issues with Starlines and I'm too Chicken to remove the annoying ear wire! Of course I have the triple braid coming for mine anyway:wink:

    Bronzed ZS6.JPG
  5. SomeGuyDude
    Thanks everyone! Ordered.
  6. Happy Hacking
    Haha yeah I cut the memory wire and rubber out. They're now soo much easier to put on, and also easier to keep in my pockets now.

    If you're afraid of cutting the wires, may i suggest just making a small snip at the ends of the rubber wrap, then slowly peel them down until you reach the wire. Once you do, hold the wire with one hand, and everything else on the other, and tearing that rubber apart is like a breeze. Snip off the wire at the end if you cant get them out, and peel/cut the rubber whichever works for you.
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  7. Podster
    THX, if I can build up the courage!
  8. maxxevv
    In X'mas livery .... :o2smile: X'mas ZS6.jpg
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  9. orlando2989
    Has anyone tried to insert a SMD resistor in series with the BA inside the ZS6 or ZS5v2?

    it would be interesting a zs6v2
  10. young59
    There is probably a SMD resistor already I opened up my ZS5v2 and there was a Resistor on the DD I think that is how they are achieving the crossover.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
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  11. khighly
    First Impressions of ZS6:

    Sounds like hot garbage. Built very well. Will update at the 7 day mark.
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  12. charlescc2
    For some reason I get a link to the German version of product listings when I click an AliExpress link on here. Anybody have any idea why?

    Also I'm now getting some weird auto correct issue when typing the first word of a new paragraph.

    Is it preferable to get rid of the memory wire? It does annoy me at times, but I'm wondering what the opinions of others are, of whether it is a better experience to not have them. Also I'm assuming that upgrade cable fits cleanly into the ZS6s with no issues? I'm not sure how much I'm liking the silver triple braid not going all the way on properly and don't know if I feel like cutting away the plastic.
  13. xrk971
    After more listening tests between ZS5 V1's vs V2's, I can definitely say that they are totally different earphones. I mean totally different sounding. The main difference as most have noted is that the V2 has a lot of upper end, and for me, too much of a good thing can be bad. It seriously needs EQ, padding, etc. although it has so much etch to it, you can use it to analyze sounds. But be prepared for sibillance. Sibillance usually rears it head for drivers with peaks in the 10kHz to 12kHz range. VS2 is sibilant. V1's sound more muted but closer well balanced.
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  14. Happy Hacking
    I cant say for everyone but personally, the cable is very light and feels much more natural without the memory wire wearing over-ear. Also, looks better.

    It has also saved me so much effort and time constantly adjusting the memory wire every listening session to get it to hook down properly.

    And you dont ever have to worry bending them out of place when keeping them in pockets and then having to bend them back afterwards. I would not buy another cable if it has a memory wire that i cannot remove.

    That being said, plenty of people are rocking on memory wires, so I'm sure theres something good going on for them in it! If you feel like the memory wire is causing you nuisance or hate fiddling and adjusting before every listening session, consider going wireless (no pun intended)! It is really simple to do. I have clumsy fingers and have never modded any IEMs or headphones but the moment i received the cable, i went straight to town on it with just a pair of small full- metal scissors. Easy as pie. Just make sure your scissors are small!

    A trimmer like this will do the job (i did it with something even bigger, but as long as the very ends are slim, you're good to go):
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
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  15. JimJames
    To be honest I don't. I'm looking into my first hifi system so I didn't want to spend much time looking into some cheap iems. I just saw that both have great imaging and clarity but that the RE 400 might re thinner sounding... If you could give me some better info about it I'd appreciate it!

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