Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vegetaleb
  2. TheVortex
    The KZHM code seems to have expired, I used the link that George provided on the other thread.
  3. maxxevv
    I have the ZS5v2 and the ZS6 and I have auditioned the ZS5v1 as well.

    After talking to a few people who have actually tried the ZS5v1 and then from my own comparisons, its usually the case of people who are coming from bass boosted earphones who make such conclusions.

    They love the bass of the ZS5v1 and that the earphones if not sufficiently burned-in tend to have some bass bloat that muffles some of the treble and mid peaks. It gives that sort of " bassy but loads of details with wide soundstage" impression if you come from earphones with predominantly bass boosted signature.
    I came from earphones with a more balanced signature, where details and soundstage are more important than bass. ( as long as there was sufficient not to unbalance a sound, its alright). My first impression of a somewhat fresh ( less than 2 days of on-off listening without any burn-in) ZS5v1 was that the bass was somewhat bloated. And that details sound kind of muffled. That was my impression.
    I have not revisited an audition of the ZS5v1 since, so can't conclude how the sound has evolved with usage.

    Fast forward to the ZS5v2 , which I bought a few months later, I let it burn-in a full 24 hours and it was a different preposition. Bass was tight, with good mids and treble that don't sound muffled by the bass and in some tracks can sound 'peaky'. But foam tips make a big difference overall. Detail retrieval was surprisingly good with good source files and a decent DAC output.

    Its definitely not for some forms of music such as some branches of electronic music as the treble can be too bright for such. But they are very good for general pop music and most forms of Classical music.

    I just got the ZS6 less than 2 days ago. And it does share most of the signature of the ZS5v2. There seem to be some subtle difference in the way sound details resonate and soundstage perception. And they are subtle, only discernible when in a fairly quiet environment or when you're listening to the music loud. There's some extra tingle to delicate details for such things as "extreme corner " string pings and stuff of the sort. Also, there seems to be a better perception of width in the music. I can't quite say that's exactly the difference yet as I haven't done a direct back-to-back A/B between the ZS5v2 and the ZS6 yet. But that seems to be the minute differences I get. Will need to give them some further burn-in to see if things completely settle down after that. But if you're listening to them while on the move, or in a fairly noisy environment, the differences can't really be heard without blasting the volume.
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  4. Cruelhand Luke
    I've been active in the Over Ear chi-fi thread, so naturally when my hoard of IEMs that I got 12-18 months ago all started dying I began looking for replacements...I wanted to get IEMs to kind of match my over ear headphones because, I have the same musical tastes on the go, naturally I need IEMs to meet those needs.
    so I got a:
    ZS5 ($12.99) for the soundstage and treble. This will be my 'audiophile''s for the music I love to sit back and listen to at home with my Philips 9500s. It's my portable that I run through my Fiio's for The Black Keys, Mike Doughty, Spoon....but
    ...I don't think I could listen to it with all my music/all the time though, because I can only take bright 'phones for so long....
    So I got an ES3 ($10.99)... from my reading it has most of the soundstage/clarity of the ZS5, but with more bass? Seems like a 'fun' sound, should work with a lot of my music...these will be for when I am more active and not focused on the music and am listening for longer periods. I have been using my Fidelio L2s for this but, they are kind of too good for that job, they deserve to be amped and paid attention to properly.......
    but, I also love hip hop and it's probably 25% - 30% of my music listening... I need more bass, clearly....I have the Akai Fiddy-X for this...but I live in a beach town and I'm outside all the time and 50X are kinda big and sweaty...
    So I got a ZS3($7.99) ...I will probably do some version of a Slater-mod on these because I do like a higher level of detail, even when listening to Petey Pablo, Mystikal or E-40...but man I love BASS when I am listening to hip hop and I think the ZS3 will fit the bill....
    I also got a selection of foam tips to try ...( I meant to get a bluetooth cable but because I was ordering at 5 am to take advantage of a coupon! I failed to check the box for that cable)
    how do y'all think I did?
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  5. AudioObsession
  6. Cruelhand Luke
    Seems like a decent price....I would like to encourage people to figure out where they are in space and time in relation to Bejing...because these codes are time sensitive based on if you are in...lets say North America? you need to decode when this is actually an active code...I used a ZS5 code, it worked, but it was 'live' at my time 1 am...
    It can be frustrating if you aren't aware that it might be happening ...well, "in the past". I mean, I saw a code posted I tried it and it was expired....and did the time-math equation and it turned out I needed a time machine to get the code to work...according to the post it was shortly in the future, but it had already happened in the past in my universe....
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  7. c4rb0n
    I recently bought my second pair of ZS6s and comparing them to my first pair of ZS6 with almost 2 weeks of usage which i decided to remove the foams from the mod i have posted, i can hear a huge difference in their treble spike, my new pairs highs sounds really harsh and bright, i think the "burn in" really does make a difference on the ZS6, as of now im using Taralabs Cascade Noise Burn in track on my new pair :L3000: or else i have to do the foam mod again :dt880smile:
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  8. HungryPanda
    We have smart phones that have clocks that can add any city so no problem
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  9. AudioObsession
    That sale on the ZS6 doesn't seem to need any codes.. That's just the price that they are listed on sale on GearBest's site.. Better grab them quick, not sure how long they'll last at that cheap.
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  10. Cruelhand Luke
    cool. I have been having a heck of a time trying to just get the $12.99 ZS5...most of these deals you have to jump through silly hoops and it's a frustrating process.
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  11. JayceOoi
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  12. nkramer
    joining the club.... just picked up the KZ ZST from amazon for $14 & change....
    figured, worst case, i'd have a cable & sockets i could cannibalize. definitely not my preferred sound signature, but definitely impressive for the price. highs are really high & lows are really low but seems lacking in the middle.... could be from the emphasis on either end of the spectrum though.....
  13. vegetaleb
    This 11.11 is bs for now, I couldn't find a ZS5 Mic under 21$ on any website (AE, Gearbest, Bangood...)
    This is the 1st time I won't buy at a 11.11
    OMG the ZS3 with Mic that I bought 10.5$ last year is at 14.5$ today in the same shop!
    Dunno who is pricing KZ earphones this year (KZ or sellers) but it's plain stupid
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  14. nkramer
    i checked fasttech as well, they carry a handful of KZ but not the one your looking for
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  15. vegetaleb
    I think I am gonna get a QKZ W1 Pro, it was on my list last year and they are dirty cheap now under 6$
    Do they all come with memory wire? because in some shops the cable is black and in others it's black and white, unless there are fake ones

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