Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Abe Fallorina
    you could put some small cotton in both or just one armature.
  2. Slater
    That's the KZ braided cable, but that price is double what you can find it for elsewhere.

    That 'balanced' reference is just listed in the description. I doubt the seller re-terminated the end to make it balanced, because it still has the stock 3.5mm end. The stock KZ cable isn't balanced, so I would just ignore that.

    The seller also quotes the pins as 0.78mm, which isn't correct either. It's 0.75mm.

    Basically the cable is great, but that listing is overpriced and has numerous errors lol
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  3. vegetaleb
    So anyone found a ZS5 under 20$ on aliexpress,bangood or Gearbest?
  4. nxnje
    Just wanted to advise people who don't know about this : the new zs5 is crap compared to the old one. I mean the zs5 u find now on the stores is the zs5 v2 while before august sellers were selling zs5v1.
    Better buying a zs6 as zs5 v2 sounds worse than the old zs5.
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  5. mbwilson111
    Interesting...I find the ZS6 so much more comfortable than the ZS3 that I gave the ZS3 to my husband in exchange for something of his that I wanted.

    The shell hurt one of my ears and the cable is at a weird angle making it difficult for me to wear it comfortably over ear. I like what I got in exchange.
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  6. mbwilson111
    That is actually an excellent reason to burn in. Often if something is going to fail it would do so during that time frame. I try to give mine a few days of continuous play...just my normal listening volume with occasional rest periods. Sometimes I put the volume up a bit because my normal listening levels are lower than those of most people.
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  7. wastan
    On the zs3 you have to seat it just one way otherwise you get the fit you experienced. Twist it around a bit until it's in place and it's incredibly comfortable
  8. Slater
    Gearbest has been selling ZS5 for $12.99 shipped multiple times in the last week now. Most recent sale was today. You're not going to find a better price anywhere else.
  9. Slater
    You do realize that the ZS5 v2 is almost identical in sound to the ZS6? I own more than 1 of all 3 - ZS5 v1, ZS5 v2, and ZS6.

    If you're saying the "ZS5 v2 sounds like crap", then how are you "better off buying a ZS6"?

    BTW, did you try Comply style foam tips and a source other than a cell phone? They sound infinitely better with at least foam tips.

    You can also install a small piece of foam inside of the nozzle or even stuff a piece of foam inside of the eartip.

    Some users have disabled 1 of the BA drivers in the nozzle by filling 1 of the BA nozzles with glue, BlueTac, or wax, or even tearing out 1 of the BA drivers altogether.

    The last thing is to make sure they aren't plugged in out of phase, which will make any IEM sound like crap. You can test the phase here:

    Use the "wiring test" here:

    Or this test here:

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  10. vegetaleb
    Do they change the offers depending on the buyer's country? I checked all day long and the best I can find is 23$ including mic and delivery on Gearbest.
    Anyway I love my ZS3 on S8 Exynos but I found them slightly too dirty with the trebles, I used the filter mod to reduce bass but the treble is a bit too high, the ZS5 v2 are better for that? What about soundstage?
  11. rendyG
    zs5 for $12.99 seems like a good deal, worth getting it when i have es3?
  12. mbwilson111
    I know. I kept trying. After having it for a few months I just was happy to trade it. I knew my husband wanted it anyway and I like what I got in return.

    Meanwhile, I have been listening with the ZS6 for about 4 hours straight now. No problems .I have had them for a couple of weeks now. Love the sound. BTW I have them plugged into my Cayin N3 dap.

    Editing to add..Seems they isolate a bit too well...I see that I missed two phone calls on the home phone.
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  13. Slater
    Sometimes it's country specific, and others times it's valid everywhere.

    I've even seen users request codes for specific countries, and George makes a code for them. If that's not customer service, I don't know what is.

    What country are you located?

    Also, if the ZS3 has too much treble for you, you definitely don't want the ZS5 v2 or ZS6! You must be awfully treble sensitive. You can use foam tips to reduce the treble a bit, or find another IEM with less treble than the ZS3. Try the KZ EDR1, EDR2, or EDSE, as they sound similar to the ZS3 but with a bit less treble. They are all built well, and cheap to boot ($5). I'd also steer clear of any hybrid KZ offerings - ES3, ZST, ZS5, ZS6 etc as those are all brighter than the ZS3.

    You may also want to check Vidal's site for help (, or maybe he'll chime in with a recommendation.
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  14. vegetaleb
    In Lebanon
    Do you think it will have an 11.11 offer?
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  15. Slater
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