Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vector84
    KZ foams without the rubber core don't seem to attenuate the highs in the same way as the Comply/chifoam tips.

    Besides destructive modifications (or semi-destructive ones that involve removing the screen) you could also try just damping the nozzle somehow - stretch some foam, batting, fabric, paper towel, coffee filter, etc over the nozzle and fit the tip over it. You could also pack the tip with something, but options might be somewhat limited as you wouldn't want it to fall out in your ear, so I tend to think seating a damper held in place by the tip is a much safer option - even if the tip comes off in your ear, the damper isn't likely to end up in your ear canal.

    Also high output impedance sources (or a series resistance adapter) reduce the treble spike, or EQ around 7-10kHz ?
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  2. Podster
    The triple braided one:thumbsup:
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  3. Happy Hacking
    Thanks for the advice. Which tips from aliexpress would you recommend i buy? There are so many to choose from. I unfortunately ordered the kz tips.

    I will try putting some foam between the tips and mesh and get back in the next few days. Unfortunately, my only source is my Oneplus3T phone, and i dislike carrying extra dac/player/amps whilst commuting.

    It's just a wonder to me how popular and well received these earphones are when they are almost completely unlistenable to me. Anyhow thank you for the advice!
  4. oyobass
    Mine seemed to respond to some burn-in and New Bee foam tips very well. Mine have gone from boring and whimpy sounding to truly amazing. Maybe I have just gotten used to the sound signature, but nothing else I have sounds as good.
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  5. Happy Hacking
    I do not believe in burn-in, but i guess i will give it a go for the first time. Desperation calls. What should I be playing and at what volume to burn them in to?

    I'll see to order some newbee foam tips aswell. Problem is most sellers sell them in sets of multiple sizes without the option of choosing specific sizes/colors only.
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  6. maxxevv
    Download some "Pink Noise". And play them back at about your listening volume on infinite loop for an overnight session. Works well for almost all my IEMs to date.

    Just look for T400 / T500 foam tips. Most of the vendors will allow you to specific colour and size.

    I have bought multiple times from the same vendor:
    You can specify size and colour with these

    There's only the option of colour for these :
  7. vector84
    This seller has been posted many times here as one of the cheapest sources of chifoam tips - they recently changed up their listings some and some of my saved links died, but they still have them at 40pc @$0.25 each, 30pc @ $0.29 each (look under the headphone accessories major category, the sorting beneath that is just weird) etc and you can customize your order for various nozzle sizes / tip sizes / colors by messaging them.

    $0.25 / 2pc for T500 larges too (plus $0.79 shipping :disappointed_relieved: :sweat_smile:)

    The way I look at it, even if they don't benefit from burn-in, the process of doing so helps accelerate brain burn-in via some subconscious trickery. So you should definitely give it a chance, believer or not (and I'm a non-believer, as it were :wink:).

    Also if something dies in the first couple days of continuous play, you can get around to replacing/refunding it that much sooner... this is the reason I like to tell myself that I burn stuff in for. :p

    As for what to use to burn in - white noise isn't recommended for elevated volume burn-in as it can push too much energy in the highs (though reportedly the ZS6 BAs can probably handle it, if you really want to go that route). Pink noise or music at normal volumes would probably be a more reasonable suggestion imo.
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  8. oyobass
    I have an Android phone app called Relax and Sleep with brown noise, Summer rain, etc. I ran that overnight at high volume, ran EDM through it, and loud classical piano at different times, mainly overnight. Brain burn-in could be a factor, too, in that I'm just used to the sound now.
  9. tworule
    These are all m size I believe . Check this :
  10. oyobass
    I got my New Bees on Amazon. I ordered the multi-size pack to see what fit. They also had single size packs. I will be ordering large eartips from now on...
  11. JayceOoi
  12. Trisse
    After reading the suggestion of high independence source i change the settings of of Asus Sonar STX to 250-300 ohm setting. Could my ZS6 be damaged if i use this setting?

    My i intial impression is that the sound got a little better but it most likely placebo. at least the sound did not get worse. I would be nice to just leave it at this setting then I don´t need to change anything when switching to my other headphones.
  13. CoiL
    That depends quite a lot on setup, tips, hearing, music etc.

    ED9 has narrower soundtage for sure and has elevated highs that make soundstage "seem larger/airier" but it isn`t.
    ATE has little more soundstage depth and presentation/imaging distance but sense of larger space comes mostly from more lasting decays and reverbs, though being less detailed than ZS5.
    ZS1 - I don`t have to comment.

    Overall I would say that ZS5v1 has very good large soundstage and is among one of the best @ KZ family. Though, it doesn`t quite reach my desk setup: HW modified Aune T1 Siemens E88CC goldpin tube + Fidelio X1 (custom cable).

    Among KZ family, one of the best to my ears (maybe the best) soundstage is ANV 2nd gen but unfortunately its bass lacks little for my taste.
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  14. AudioObsession
    This is true.. I opened my ZS6 up tonight and put a very small amount of hot glue on the underside of the little red piece with the female pin holes, then quickly pressed it in place before it hardened.. Problem solved.
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  15. ivo001
    Is this the new cable on Aliexpress?
    I'm only judging by the nice metal connectors that look the same as the ones on that triple braided cable indian website.
    Only downside is that they only come in balanced version, which I think I cannot run from my phone/laptop right?

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