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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. oyobass
    That is good news! My ZS6 just hit the US today. After hanging out in Customs, they should be at my door (relatively) soon.

    I had to slightly round off the corners on the inner side of my ZS5 with a bit of sandpaper on order to make them bearable comfort-wise.
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  2. AudioObsession
    I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.. I wore them for 3+ hours the other day and they felt just fine.. My ZS5 I could take maybe an hour... To me none of the In-Ear style KZs are as comfortable as the ES3 (so far) but the ZS6 are definitely tolerable for fairly long listens.. as always, YMMV. :)
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  3. AudioObsession
    Same here!
    I haven't used the ZST on stage yet, because I rarely play out live, but I had them plugged into my AxeFx II (Guitar modeling processor) and found that they sound amazing!
    I find the ZST a bit painful for extended periods, but some days they don't bother me at all..
    I'm thinking on adding some thin sticky backed neoprene hobby foam to the ear facing side of them so they rest in my ears a little better, but all in all I love the ZST...Even though at times they can be a bit bright; but once you get used to them, they are pretty amazing.

    Also, is your ZS5 the version 1 (one BA in the nozzle) or a Version 2? (2 BAs in the nozzle)?

    The reason I ask is, I have the v.2 and I couldn't take the added 2nd BA in the nozzles, but once I removed it, I am in love with them (even though they hurt my ears after a while).
  4. Podster
    I'd take my ZS6 and ZST's over the ZS5V1's every time now that I've spent a week or two with each:wink:

    KZ Cables Oh Boy.JPG
  5. CoiL
    Want to try out ZS3 on 11.11... just to use shells for modifications ...is there SQ or build quality difference between glossy vs. matte version?
  6. Podster
    Never got the glossies so I can't say but they sure look sweet:wink: So Coil I've been searching KZ on AliEx and cannot seem to find this HD9, can you send me a link? THX
  7. oyobass
    I don't have the ES3s, but I find the ZSTs quite comfy.
    I have the v.1. I admire you for getting up close and personal with the inner workings of your ZS5, I haven't gotten frustrated enough with the sound of mine yet to tear it open and mess around.

    BTW, that is the same yardstick I use for upgrading/modifying guitars. I wait 'til I'm so upset with the sound or playability that I'm willing to risk total destruction to make it work for me in the way I think it should, (or I just get rid of it or ignore it, LOL)
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  8. oyobass
    Nice collection!

    I'm feeling a little less apprehensive about the ZS6 purchase now, thanks!
  9. nicolaspiazza
    Hi, guys. I'd like some help making up my mind about the KZs or chinese IEM. My wife is on a trip to Shangai till november 15 and she'll buy some stuff at gearbest to be delivered at the hotel. I was reading a lot about the ZS5 and was going to ask her to buy this one, till I found the v1 and v2 stuff, then I went back some pages here and I still can't decide.

    I like to listen to jazz, hip-hop like Nujabes, chillhop and old school heavy metal, like King Diamond. Is there any better options in this price range now that ZS5 isn't as great as it was?

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  10. paulindss
    To be buyed in gearbest, and to stay in the Kz Line, the Kz ES3 looks promissing to listen to bass oriented music like Chillhop, hip hop. Plus, you said that you like Jazz, and, besides the "problem" - Its a problem just to SOME people aparently, some really likes the treble response. One of the major characteristics of Zs5 v1, v2 and Zs6 are the details, and the airy, huge soundstage, what suits amazingly well jazz. So, if you can have the 2 of them, it would be interesting. Or you can opto to have just one of them, but keep in mind that zs5, and zs6 continue to be a hell of a IEM, so don't be afraid. The Zst are similar to zs5 in terms of signature, i would go for a es3 and a zs, those are different, zs's aren't bad, and with the 2, you have a contrast in signature. Different case if you get a zst and a zs', beacuse they are more close to zs5, zs6 in terms of signature.

    These are opinions based on what i have read here and other places, i only have zst, so, don't take it for granted.
  11. Saoshyant
    Gearbest finally got back to me, and the shipping company has lost my package, so no ZS6 for me for now at least. They offered to either resend or issue me a credit so I could re-order, and with the 11.11 sale coming up, I'd rather get the credit and see if I can save a few dollars on the re-order. Might find something else with the little bit of extra money that'll make for a nice consolation for the lost package. I'm sure I'll find something else interesting to order, perhaps a pen.
  12. AudioObsession

    Thanks! :)
    I was at the end of my rope on both the ZS5v.2 and my ZS6..
    It was mainly the sounds of cymbals that drove me crazy.. Especially Hi-Hats (on many recordings) sounding like "CCcCccHhHhHhtTtTtTSSssSSsT!!!!" lol!
    They still are a bit harsh but at least it's not as loud as before.

    Anyway, from what I've heard; the v.1 doesn't seem to have the sibilance that the v.2 (and ZS6) seem to have.

    But it all depends on the music you listen too, how your ears work, etc etc.

    However, -If- you are really frustrated with your ZS6's10k highs, then you might want to try a simple mod that is easily undoable.

    Just get some thin foam (the thicker the foam, the more highs it will cut, too thick will cut mid treble and volume) cut it into a little disc that is just slightly over the size of the nozzle on your foam ear tips..
    {The disc doesn't have to be perfectly round}
    Then just stuff it all the way down into the ear tip until it sits on the metal screens of the ZS6's nozzles.
    Just make sure it's slightly over sized so it doesn't fall out into your ears! lol!
    I check mine every once in a while as well to make sure they are still seated well in there..
    [***EDIT: ONLY do this if you use memory foam tips... The memory foam seems to grip the little foam discs so they don't fall out in your ears..Silicone & rubber tips are probably not safe for this kind of mod.]

    I have actually been a professional stringed instrument (guitar, bass, cello, violin, etc) builder for more then 35 years, so I'm pretty comfortable with this kind of stuff.. (If you want to see one of my creations, just look at my profile/avatar pic) :)
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  13. young59
    Yeah I get that the Q1 mark II has better output when balanced but then buying balanced cable that cost more than my iem itself I just can't justify that. Even if I end up going balanced it future I would probably just end up diying the cable I just don't get why are they so expensive they just have their ground cable separated right?
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  14. SomeGuyDude
    People have been talking about the ZSR for over a year. I wouldn't get too excited for it.
  15. young59
    Those were the ZSR Pro not the ZSR.
    The ZSR Pro's box was leaked that said 10 drivers.

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