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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. c4rb0n
    Will sure do bro :beerchug: Thanks for the Suggestions brother. My Zs3's just arrived yesterday and man these have a very punchy bass haha. I also tried sir @Slater ZS3 Mod too and im quite happy with these, it brought up the highs quite a bit, and sometimes it gets sibilant, i only use them when watching movies, and my Zs6 for listening music.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  2. Superluc

    Who knows...

    I just find strange that, for Slater, the ZST is damn sibilant but not the ZS6.

    See this graph:


    Ok that is better to do comparison between graphs taken with the same stuff, but seeing this the highs seem even more pronounced on ZS6, at 8khz, and just the same after...

    Oh well...

    ...this is what is important. Than anyone can find it's personal better balance between foam, EQ and/or adapters :thumbsup:
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  3. Viber
    I started to completely ignore graphs about 2 years ago.
    They show quantity, but not quality. I just don't see them as a useful tool anymore.
  4. RomStar
    You know, it might seem cheesy and all, but this is why I f**king love this place. I never really cared about audio before, untill I heard a pair of athm-50s. I realized how much of a difference a good pair made compared to my stock apple buds

    Slowly after venturing further, I stumbled upon these super cheap pairs of Buds called ATE's from a brand called Kz. Soon I found Zircons and then bigger boys like Magaosi... Since then I have never looked back :)

    These days I actually save money for audio, and have spent a humble $400 in total. I love how much you can actually get for you're money and all the amazing analysis that goes on here. Cheers everyone for being amazing and making this a hobby of mine for the past year or so ^^
  5. Spelaeus
    I feel almost nauseous saying it, but having tried several of the cable options for the ZS6, my favorite one so far may be the gray/brown ofc cable. And it's largely because of... the memory wire. It's much better implemented in this cable. Much easier to mould and actually helps with fit. I ripped it out of every other KZ cable I've had. This isn't natural.

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  6. RomStar
    Thanks a lot. Tbh an amp looks optimal, I was looking into prices as well. I'm honestly just gonna get a nx1 cuz it's very cheap and another sets of buds. But since u mentioned it hisses a lot, are there any better alternatives? I won't mind a slight bump in price, thanks as usual ^^. Also learning a lot from these graphs u and others are posting, man I just realized i got a lot to learn

    Wow very informative and I see you're point. I feel like you're hypothesis is on point man, but now I wanna try the v2s myself. Maybe it's cuz of the praise here or ppl reporting them to not being too harsh. Is there any guaranteed way of snagging v2s? I might actually get the zs6 as well at this rate :xf_eek:

    Wise words as usual ^^

    I don't consider the shp to be wasted money, love them actually. But I was stupid and paid $90 for them lol, they had no other stock available in Au, so i imported them with shipping fee :v

    Now I'll focus on Closed Back sets. Actually you got any recommendations? preferably around the 100-150 range. I can snag used pairs, that doesn't bother me, just looking for value :)

    Ah thanks, I've just seen too many people hating on the New revision. I'll still get them since they are dirt cheap, but are there any of the older stocks left tho? Would love a link to it :)
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  7. Slater
    I agree, it is odd.

    And to clarify the ZST sounded too sharp, not sibilant.

    I know you’d think from the graphs that the ZS6 would bother me even more, but that just isn’t the case.

    Besides the FR graph, there’s other factors at play - the metal vs plastic shell material, the 2 different types of nozzle screens, the shape of the ear canal, reflections, insertion depth, nozzle width difference between the 2 models, impedance difference, etc. Not to mention QC variations from batch to batch.

    I can guarantee that the source, amp, and music is the same etween my ZST and ZS6. As far as the tips, I’m using Starlines on both, but I don’t remember if the ZST has grey or black ones. On the ZS6 I’m using the black ones it came with (same M size on both as well).

    One other difference is the cable. I have always used the original thin twisted SPC on the ZST, and on the ZS6 I’ve only used the fancier multi-wire braided silver cable. Maybe that has something to do with it.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  8. Wiljen
    For me that is an easy one, at $150 I'd buy the AKG 550.
  9. Superluc
    It may be true, but we can't not consider also the quantity of highs, when we are talking about personal sensitivity to them. The fact that for someone it's pair of ZS6 is more harsh and sibilant than it's pair of ZS5 v1 is also strange, thinking about yours ad Slater's opinion. Do you think that is only a matter of ears ? Something is odd...

    I let you know my point of view when i have both the ZS6 and the adapter.
    The one for ZST or the OFC for ZS5-6 line ?
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  10. Slater
    They are both cables advertised for the ZST (ie with the bent 90-degree ZST plugs at the 2-pin ends).

    The one I’m using on the ZS5 and ZS6 is the one with the silver aluminum 2-pin plugs where people chop off the translucent plastic tips to get them to fit flush on the ZS5 and ZS6. It also has a straight silver aluminum 3.5mm plug, not the molded 90-degree rubbery plug you usually see on all of the other KZ cables. And yes it’s braided with 6 individual wires, with what appears to be braided shielding on each individual wire. An absolutely beautiful cable and cheap price for what you get.

    Here's a photo:

    KZ-SPC5.png KZ-SPC6.png

    The one I’m using on the ZST is the original SPC KZ released. It’s got clear plastic plugs, clear rubbery 90-degree 3.5mm plug, and is only 2 wires twisted together. It has clear insulation, and the wire turns green after a few months.

    Here's a photo:


    BTW, I also have this cable (photo below) but have not tried it on anything yet. Maybe when my backup set of ZS6 comes I'll use it on that. The 6-wire braided cable is bulkier, but it's just so dang sexy that I don't want to use any other cable lol

    new cable 3.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  11. HerrWallen
    Hey everyone, received my red ZS6s a few days ago.
    Count me to the "not that harsh" crowd, but they are kind of "s-y" which distracted away from the other qualities of these IEMs.
    Tried Complys which didn't really help, found the Ostrys to muddle up the treble and still dont quite dampen the "s-ing".

    Two hours ago I had a mental fit and decided to go with Slaters foam-mod as a last resort.
    Instead of fitting it down the BAs I folded it over both (giving me 2 layers of foam covering the inside of the nozzle).

    HUUUGE improvement to my ears, with the spinfits everything just shines!
    These IEMs actually have a great mid-range, it doesn't nearly get the praise it deserves!

    The end result was a more cohesive sound from bottom up, really showing what a gem these truly are.

    So, I guess I should thank Slater for the lovely mod, I can't recommend it enough.
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  12. vector84
    Not that strange, different shell, different insertion depth, different resonance peaks.

    So yeah, ears really are different :wink:
  13. Slater
    That’s a really good idea - folding it over both nozzles. Genius!

    Nice job.

    Glad to hear you're in the "not too harsh" crowd. I think the initial harsh reactions really scared a lot of people away from the ZS6. The reality is it's bright but really not harsh at all IMO. And I'm certainly not alone in that impression. So anyone reading this that is on the fence regarding the ZS6, don't hesitate any longer. The treble might be perfectly fine for you, and if not you can use foam tips. And if it's still too bright, you can either use EQ to knock the 10k down a few dbs or do the foam mod to permanently correct the issue (allowing you to use whatever tips you want).

    BTW, the “s-ing” you’re talking about is sibilance. When you get a sibilant headphone/IEM, it can be really distracting. It’s usually not there on every track, but once you notice it you can’t STOP noticing it. For me, it seems more noticeable with female vs male vocals. Also, cymbals can get little more sizzling than they are supposed to sound, which is harder to notice unless you're very familiar with the song and how they are supposed to sound.

    I hear commercials on TV and radio sometimes where they recorded the voices with a sibilant microphone. In that case, the sibilance is captured in the source, so it comes through on everything it's played on (regardless if the headphone/speaker has sibilance itself).

    Kroger’s (a grocery store chain) is a big offender, and it’s really distracting. It sounds like they hired reptilian people to do 75% of their commercialsssssss haha. I always want to call their media/marketing department and tell them to junk whatever mic they’re using for voice work and get something different/better lol
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  14. SomeGuyDude
    It's a big reason I take IEM measurements with enough salt to fill a canyon. There are so many damn variables.
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  15. Superluc
    They are, but we are talking about two models with same insertion depth and tips but reversed opinions on highs response between some users...
    The only abnormality someone have pointed out is the different impact of impedance output between different source, but we can say for sure that is only that ?

    If is that is better... no one want to toss a coin hoping to receive the corrected one. We can say the same between ZS5 v1 vs v2 discussion, that is very confusing.

    Can you make a photo of this ? :pray:

    I'm not sure to have understand how you have folded the foam on them :sweat_smile:

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