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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    You should be fine them.

    Last year at 11.11 they were $70ish.

    The problem is that Magaosi has MAP pricing. So once a few sellers dropped to $70 in the few days leading up to 11.11, other sellers complained and the whole plug got pulled for ALL sellers offering the K3. At the time you could only message sellers for secret unadvertised discounts. It caused quite the ruckus last year.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  2. briank996
    Would you be able to share a bit about how you got that cable to fit?

  3. groucho69
    How many ears do you have?
  4. bsoplinger
    *sigh* I just realized that I've ordered 3 pairs of ZS6. I had completely forgotten about ordering one from ali when I was ordering a bunch of foam ear tips. So when I got the notification that the gearbest order, from having used the discount code posted here for both a set of ZS5 and ZS6, was shipping I realized my mistake.

    Maybe my cat needs a pair for when she watches TV when I'm gone
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  5. Slater
  6. briank996
    NM I figured it out, just cut the plastic shroud completely off.

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  7. hakuzen
    measured ZS6 with these gel foamies.. they didn't have same effect than comply or regular foamies (silicon tube inside). they tamed the 8kHz peak, but not the 10-11kHz peak.
    got tons of them, though, because they are useful to make your own DIY symbios: just cut the bottom part of the foam and insert it into a silicone tip, around the inner tube. you get better isolation if needed, without taming highs like regular foamies. used with spiral dots ("spisymbs"?), kz starline ("symbstars"?), and many others.
    btw, ordered regular foams, together with some complys, for the zs6. found this place in ali which provides every size and color: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/20-...-earphones-enhanced-bass-Ear/32741636522.html
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  8. EISENbricher
    Hello guys, long time no see. Literally posting on head-fi after almost an year.
    My trusted ED9 is facing wear and tear issues after using it for almost 1.5+ years. Now looking for a new KZ..

    Which is a best choice below $20 currently? Will order ED9 again if it's still the best choice. Thx in advance : )
  9. Lord Rexter
    I took a knife to cut the white plastic portion, pretty simple :ksc75smile:
  10. young59
    Can someone give the link to the gb thread I can't seem to find it.I didn't even knew about the "GBKZ" coupon would like to keep a track on coupons.
  11. Lord Rexter
    Black and Green combo is AWESOME. I'll get Black ZS6 delivered to me this week or early next week, will do a Red and Black combo and post the pics here :o2smile:
  12. Lord Rexter
  13. eaglesgift
    How recently did you get a v1 Grey from Gearbest? I only ask because I got a v2 a few weeks ago and I've seen a couple of other posts from people who also got v2 when ordering Grey no mic ZS5 from Gearbest.
  14. hakuzen
    first one: ordered 7 sep , shipped 10 sep, received 26 sep.
    second one: ord 22 sep, shipped 29 sep, received 10 oct.
    both gray no mic, both v1, 2nd one defective, got a refund without having to return them.

    i've been listening to v1 for some hours, using the new ofc gray cable and stock starline tips and an ultra low output impedance source (no coupling caps).
    maybe these zs5 and the cable needed some more burn-in (?), they sound good with same songs, but not so good with others.
    after some hours, had to change to zs6 (foams + some minor eq).
    zs5 v1 is very finicky about sources, and i could say even about cables, due to its extreme low impedance (i was listening to them using lower resistance cables -the 6 cores with metallic straight jack- days ago, and got the impression of more songs sounding better; maybe my mood was responsible). btw, they need quiet more power than zs6 to reach same volume; i suspect they have lower sensitivity than zs6 (shall measure sensitivity soon), together with higher phase, more current needed.. batteries run out faster.

    resuming, i've decided to follow your suggestions, not trying to get a v2, which would be probably worse than zs6 (no "crossover", harsher upper mids and highs, and more finicky overall -output impedance tricks won't be effective to tame the highs-). got a black zs6 instead, using the v1 refund plus the new coupon, to combine with my green ones (liked the look of @briank996 's :p).
    if someone wants v2 to get measured, just send me them for a few days.. :wink:
  15. mono-type
    Thanks for the heads-up regarding the SpinFits, as I'm really considering buying the CP-100M's. Good thing I've read your reply so I could save my money on something else! I don't see any CP-240M's yet locally; it looks like I could only get it through AliExpress etc. in the mean time. Regarding the "Bees", are you referring to the New Bee foam tips? Just want to make sure.

    Same thing here regarding Comply tips. Let's see if I could find those T400 knockoffs locally. And also, how about KZ's own foam tips? I heard they get torn easily, based on what I've read on this thread.

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