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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HungryPanda
    I was just about to create an inane post but didn't have the heart to do it (already beaten to it I suppose)
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  2. youngarthur
    Maybe try some neoprene tubing, it is a bit softer. Thats what we use to make ear clips for the iSINE10/20/Monolith M300.
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  3. Spelaeus
    20171018_163818.jpg I'm digging the new upgrade cable.
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  4. vector84
    Don't happen to have a supplier in mind for that stuff, do you?

    On a quick search I can't seem to find quantities less than 100 feet or so.

    I did a lousy job of searching eBay apparently... :shrug:
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
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  5. TheVortex
    Is that the ZST upgrade cable?
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  6. Spelaeus
  7. bsoplinger
    What cable is that? I thought the KZ upgrade cable was the whitish 'silver' cable? Is there other options or is that a 3rd party cable?
  8. vector84
    It's the newer/alternate silver cable for the ZST - early reports suggested it was an official cable. It was available on Amazon for a while but no longer it seems. Can still find them on a variety of aliexpress stores, but they don't appear to be on the official KZ store. Apparently there's actually larger variety of KZ cables that never go up for international sale. :shrug:
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  9. Fox2twenty
    Well it certainly looks awesome.
  10. kokakolia
    I just received the KZ ATE. They're pretty impressive. They also fit my ears perfectly. They're definitely more fun sounding than the KZ ED7. I love the punchy bass. But...BUT...listening to Alex Cameron, I hear a lot of sSSSsss sounds. The earbuds just have this tendency to accentuate the SssssSSSsss. It's particularly annoying with Alex Cameron. Here's an example:

    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
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  11. ephrank
    Personally I much prefer the straight plugs on the ZS3 cable. Angled plugs rub agsinst my ear and become too painful after 10 minutes.
  12. HiFiChris Contributor
    How much was the cable and how is its flexibility?
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  13. ephrank
    Great looking cable! Are they 0.75mm or 0.78mm plugs?
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  14. Lorspeaker
    20171019_135404.jpg KZ 1week old foamies...
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  15. djmakemynight
    You are too hard for them, it seems.

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