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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. F4yze
    After using the kz upgrade cable with the memory wire removed for a while more (the copper colored version), I did find it to irritate my ears. Although it is very light, the cable is thin so even a tiny bit of pressure over prolonged periods of time will result in the skin hurting. I'll try to either get used to it or find a solution. I still think it's better than with the memory wire intact, however.
  2. mrmoto050
    The E07K is an amp, what are u using for DAP as suggested ?
  3. Viber
    ZS6 all the way.
  4. Carrow
    My KZ ZS5v1 set has mysteriously disappeared. monkaS

    (I paid €20 for them so can't be too disappointed, maybe I can get a V2 for a similar price if anyone finds a link? :eyes:)
  5. CoiL
    Probably that`s the case. Those examples I gave are right away too much for my hearing sensitivity with boosted treble or treble spike issues IEMs.
    When I get time to go through treble-rich songs, will post some more examples.

    Atm I think I will jump off KZ train for a while and try DM5 as my next IEM... atm ZS6 impressions are just too contraverse and price compared to other positive feedback IEMs too high. I`m happy with my ZS5v1, though wish it had graphene bass driver for more tight&punchy&detailed lows.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
  6. Wiljen
    Benjie K9 (As pointed out it doesn't have separate volume controls but I use the E07 to control volume anyway).
  7. Carrow
    Anyone got an accurate measure of the ZS6 nozzle diameter? Want to order a big ol' bag of foamies from Penon but I need to make sure they have the size right!
  8. Wiljen
    wow, just imagine the distortion created by stringing 14 of anything together. Only thing good about that idea might be if you just love the smell of burning electronics.
  9. BubbleWrap86
    5.4-5.7 mm. You need the t400/t500 size.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
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  10. wastan
    Buy a green pair and a black one, switch the fronts, sell the one you like least.
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  11. vector84
    I don't get severe irritation from the upgrade cable, but it does rub occasionally and I've been pondering throwing a piece of shrink wrap without a memory wire over the same area where the memory wire used to be.

    Haven't done anything about it just yet though, so it's still just an idea in my head thus far :shrug:
  12. vector84
    See what really bugs me about it is that Fiio apparently fixed it in the Q1 with a thin sheet of conductive plastic and better grounded shell... why is this so much to ask? :shrug:

    Heck, people say it's the MAX9722 chip, but my little BT receiver uses the same chip completely unshielded and is impervious to EMI... guess they're running it in differential input mode or something? :shrug:
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
  13. Fox2twenty
    Man I wish I knew! Unfortunately I found this as a gif only.
  14. Fox2twenty
    Please link if this happens. It's like fantasy sports!
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  15. Fox2twenty
    Good news. :call_me:

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