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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Jay Magaling
    Where did you get yours? From local sellers?
  2. snip3r77
    Upgrade cable and jvc spinfits for me
  3. F4yze
    Finally... After 1 month of waiting due to a lost package and having to repurchase the zs6 from another seller, it's finally here. And boy am I surprised! It isn't a treble cannon at all! I was expecting something like the sibilance of the gr07 BE but it didn't have that at all. I also used it with the kz upgrade cable, but not the silver version. The cable is great but I removed the memory wire because it's just annoying, and made a makeshift chin strap because it didn't have one. It didn't even need the memory wire because the cables are very light so you barely feel it on your ears. The previous IEMs I owned were the gr07 BE, carbo basso, alpha and delta ad01 and the tennmak pros, so you can consider me a basshead. The bass on the zs6 is very satisfying. Not boomy at all, and very punchy. It's a good complement to the overall sound. I love listening to female vocals like AURORA with this. I think this IEM met the hype. Really satisfied with it. 20171018_130759.jpg
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  4. F4yze
    I wish KZ sells the front part of the metal shell of the zs6 on its own. I think a green front on a black shell will look great.
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  5. CoiL
    Sorry for not answering. Been at work and hard to do any song examples when I don`t have music with me. But if I recall properly, one that reminds me is Monuments - The Amanuensis guitars and vocals of The Mars Volta. And I think Tesseract - Calabi You hi-sax at the end. With some IEMs with overboosted highs those should be intolerable.
  6. eaglesgift
    Cool, thanks, I'll have a listen later.

    EDIT: I listened to some stuff from The Mars Volta and to Tesseract - Calabai Yau. Not too harsh for me on the ZS5 v2. I couldn't listen to Monuments because I really hate vocalists that shout rather than sing....in that black/death metal style or whatever you call it, but that's just a personal preference (there are quite a few bands I wish I could listen to because I like the heavy riffs they use but as soon as the singer starts up I have to switch off).

    I guess either my hearing is not as sensitive as yours or my ZS5s are not quite the same. I'd need to listen for longer to see if it got tiring but the treble certainly doesn't sound harsh, shrill or piercing to me for the few minutes I did listen.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
  7. gwompki
    All this chatter about the ES3 I wanted to share my impressions after a month. I got mine for 9 bucks and if I had it to do over again, I would pass on these. I much prefer the ZST and zs5. The bass quantity on ES3 is certainly more than the ZS5 but the quality is pretty meh. The bass is boomy and bleeds into the mids. I still prefer the ZST over the ES3 by a wide margin when I need something with more bass. To top it off there is a bad solder joint on the left unit of the ES3. Sound was going in and out when the cable moved. I have opened it up and haven't had much luck fixing unfortunately. Oh and for reference I use comply foam tips for ZS5, ES3, and ZST.
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  8. gazzington
    So what is considered the best kz earphone for all types of listening?
  9. snip3r77
    zs5 v1 I feel
  10. HiFiChris Contributor

    ... Or blue shells with black faceplates. :D
  11. Mellowship
    I vote for the ZS5 v1 too. Been using them more than any other KZ...
  12. VinceHill24
    After reading through most but not all of the impressions on ZS6, there's 2 opposing camp where 1 side hears the hot and harsh treble and the other hears none of the treble spike or harshness. I don't think it's a result of poor QC since someone had 2 ZS6 and reported the same findings with measurements to back it up.

    I think now we can only pinpoint it down to individual hearing sensitivity as well as individual source variation. The former seems more convincing to me as everything from fitment; ear canal shape and sizes; level of sensitivity in picking up high frequency stimulus; to our brain's perception to such stimulus are different between individuals.

    Anyway, the mods still works great at taming the treble peak so i guess the price is still considered well justified. The built itself is already premium enough to forgive its imperfect sound.
  13. uncola
    I just got my ZS6, I'm not an iem guy but I can agree they are treble hot. But I'm pretty happy with them, they are high resolving of detail and have good bass. Like people said, the sharp edges of the cnc'ed case make them slightly uncomfortable.. the looks of the metal are great though, I got the red ones with silver upgrade cable
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  14. SomeGuyDude
    Mmhm. That's kinda my point. When that crap's happening on a Mojo, hearing about it on a little cheapie device doesn't really surprise me.
  15. snip3r77
    14 toppings will equal a mojo.

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