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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Wiljen

    Good Catch, Yes I meant E S 3.
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  2. Slater
    This is a great idea for a dedicated thread.
    • Best total package for $100 total
    • Best total package for $200 total
    • Best total package for $300 total
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  3. Slater
    Figures. One of the few KZs I don't have lol.

    Maybe I'll pick one up during 11.11 sale. Or I think I saw them stupid cheap on flash sale at gearbest.
  4. williamclarkonet
    Yeah its too bad Im just getting into KZs now because apparently im missed alot of good IEMs they made through the years lol.
  5. Wiljen
    Feel free to steal the idea, I have no copyright on any of it :wink:
  6. vector84
    Personally I perceived a taped ES3 as having quite a bit more bass than a similarly taped ZS5. A taped ZS5 v1 sounds a bit muddy to me, but the overall amount of bass is around the upper edge of my comfort zone. A taped ES3 gave me a very different impression - very well defined bass comparatively, but far too much of it for me to handle for very long.

    My crude measurement tools tell me I'm likely deluded though as they measure very very similarly. :shrug:
    I'm also definitely not a basshead and have nothing else in that arena to compare them with so... y'know grain of salt :wink:
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  7. Jay Magaling
    You can get 20 pairs of them on ebay for less than $1
  8. Slater
    Don't sweat it. Like any company, they keep making improvements. The KZs of 2 years ago are much better (on average) than the ones from 4 years ago. The ones you can get now are much better (on average) than the ones from 2 years ago. I can't imagine what they'll be like 2 years from now.
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  9. stryed
    I just received a few zs5 and Zse for friends and fam and myself , and I'm surprisingly pretty fond of the zse. QC is ok, all around.

    Coming from cheapos lke brainwaz M1,M2, M4, Pistons 3 and HD, Vivo xe800 (I like jazz sometimes), I started to try out Kz.
    Fun was zs3 like anything I had ever listened to, and the slater mod made it even better, but still not the level of detail I was hoping for. Xe800 was analytic and enjoyable but definitely lacked bass and I decided to pass on the UrbanHifis.

    Kze, although lacking in detail after listening closely, is confortable and simply a tiny slatered-zs3 without the hussle of having to put them over-ear.
    kz5 is painfully sitting in my ears and I'm not too sure if it's due to the hard tips. Will see if they get softer. They should be v2s and the treble does not botther me ( i slighty EQed) but I'm not sure the clarity and soundstage is worth the pain.

    Since both the kze and kz5 use the same tips, I'm wondering if its positioning and maybe spinfits or something similar would be better.
    I've ordered foams, but the best I've ever had were soft triple flange from a brainwazs...can't seem to find any triple flanges that I got with my M4s on the market....

    Oh well...Pretty happy, slightly disapointed as Kz could have kept a more confortable design. Anyway recommendations to make these wearable?

    Awaiting for swing IE800, another blatant design copy but probably comfy and with a wide soundstage.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
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  10. maxxevv
    I used to think that way a long time ago but have since given it a fair chance and have been proven otherwise.

    In the old days before digital files and players, burn-in might be somewhat a chore and also it took a toll on the moving components such as the vinyl or tape or CD player or even the media in the case of tapes and vinyl records. One of course could use radio too but the quality of using that was highly subjective.

    But its more or less moot now with digital formats. You can play a pink noise file on infinite loop for as many hours as you please while being completely free to do your other stuff.

    As for why 'burn-in' is a phenomena ( for certain aspects only that is), is that your dynamic diaphragm or your planar/ electrostatic film are moving parts. And they need to stretch and anneal into their optimum state. Similarly for the voice coils.

    Its kind of hard to imagine for tiny stuff like that but its easier if you ever had the chance to play with quality, ground gears. No matter how well made these gears are, when assembled, they need a little run-in so that their operational mating surfaces exactly match each other. Then can they run at their optimum. Its why cars used to require a run-in of a few hundred kilometers before the owner is advised to push it to its limits.

    Even KZ and Urbanfun recommends it in their user instructions. Its in their instruction sheets.

    But so far for IEMS, the typical burn-in seems pretty short compared the absurd 100s of hours for some headphones and full stereos.
    I just put mine on pink noise loop, set at about 75% of my listening volume and let them burn either overnight or the whole day while I'm at work. It has so far proven to be enough to alter the sound to its final stable signature.

    There really is no harm to doing it so why not try ?

    Then there is the story about cables needing conditioning ..... that's on another plane of ludicrousness altogether. For the kind of power we put through cables be it headphones, earphones or even full sized speakers, it would take literally tens of thousands of hours to register a magnetic signature onto them that actually affect their signals. And even when it does happen, unless you play at ridiculous output levels, the human ears cannot perceive them. It would be in the 0.01 dB range of differences. That then would be a total waste of time for so called 'burn-in'.
  11. snip3r77
    I’m awaiting for some good deals to purchase them for my friends that loves extreme hot treble . So update me thanks
  12. snip3r77
    You forgot es3
  13. stryed
    From my understanding it's a better ZST mixed with a ZS3, and below the sound quality of the ZS5, but the most comfortable kz ever even though since zs3. Thought about it, but zse seemed like the better bet for the price, and it paid off. I find them under-appreciated.

    Of course, playing orchestra or congested tracks like Charles mingus's will bring forth the quality of the zs5 compared to the congested zse but the pain seems unbearable on the long term !!!!!! =(

    Might have to invest into spinfits to enjoy the Zs5?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  14. maxxevv
    Benjie K9s / K10 or S5 ( they have dedicated volume buttons, the K9 doesn't ): all are sub-US$25/- on Gearbest or Aliexpress
    KZ Zs5 : US$20/- on Gearbest
    Foam Tips T400/500 : US$2 / 2 pairs on Aliexpress
    64GB Micro SD Card Samsung Evo PLus UHS-3 : US$22/- on Gearbest
    Zipper earphone case for earphone + DAP : US$2.50/- Aliexpress
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  15. Abe Fallorina
    received my zs6, no treble cannons here.
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