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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. High on Ketamine
    What impact has this new cable on the sound? Im currently using the silver cable from KZ but im still looking for a better one because the cable quality really has an effect on the sound. Im looking for something more full and balanced than the stock ones, and with a better connector...
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  2. High on Ketamine
    V4A FTW :). I use it with all my iems including zs5.
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  3. Wiljen
    Talk to your pharmacist. Every box of pills that comes in when they restock has a big dessicant pack in it and they will usually gladly give you a handful of them if you ask them to save them for you. Once you have a few, you can put them on a cookie sheet and set your oven at 150 and put them in it for an hour and it will pull the moisture out and you can reuse them.
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  4. Jay Magaling
    I listen to almost the same volume level on the zs5 v2 and zs3(18 ohms)
  5. TJK81
    Regarding output volume of the earphones. I have V2 (not the german missile from WW2:blush:) ZS3, ES3, ZST. They are aprox. on the same output sound pressure.
    Only ES3 is let's say about 2-3dB louder then the rest (in my foobar player), because of the slight bump in the subbass and than something around 3-5 or 6 kHz.
    But non of these are twice louder than the other.
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  6. tworule
    There was an instruction how to insert kz cables. Could someone point me that? My right zs3 does not work any more . Could be cable related. I have silver and stock cables.
  7. mono-type
    It's on @Slater's sig: https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/k...essions-thread.698148/page-1194#post-13516067

    If you want a better connector then you should get this instead. Regarding the sound on the new cable, to be honest I can't say much ATM, maybe because hearing is a subjective thing. I just bought them so I could see if these cables wouldn't turn green/less prone to oxidation unlike the earlier white SPC cable which is starting to turn green on mine. I dunno if the SPC v2 cable (the one I linked here) could turn green over time, since I also recently got that cable along with the new smoke-colored cable.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
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  8. Saoshyant
    As I have the older ZS3, it may be different for the shiny version, but the L/R markings face the Left/Right written on the IEM shell. Just listened to them while posting to verify. These IEMs really don't get enough use from me, and I really do hope the ZS3 hybrid talk is true as I love the comfort.
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  9. tworule
    changed cables and check the l-r signs. but no, the right iem does not produce any sound. I hope gearbest deals with it nicely. it has been only 2 weeks.
  10. maxxevv
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
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  11. snip3r77
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  12. Carrow
    That code apparently 'does not exist', let me know if it starts working again!
  13. youngarthur
    Just got my KZ ZS6, plugged into the iPhone,and,amazing for the price. I do stop and wonder why I bought the iSINE20/M300, when I can get 75% there for a fraction of the price.Will I sell the more expensive ones?. No, but I will think very, very carefully before spending more than $100!!.
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  14. Carrow
    Hella nice time to be part of the budget audiophile scene, right?
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  15. Fox2twenty
    Nice review. :call_me:
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