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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Jay Magaling
    Same here. I dont have any issue, treble is not ear-piercing to me even though I could be a basshead sometime. But I do miss the bass from the ZS3, I was having issue with seal on the ZS5 with medium tips, turns out that I need big tips for the ZS5 (M for ZS3). I'm using a Redmi Note 3 as a "dap". The ZS5 made me ditched Viper4Android, or at least depend a lot less on it. I now only use Spectrum Extension (1.0), Dynamic System (Extreme Headphones, 0% bass), AnalogX (Extreme) on V4A.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  2. TimeSnow
    ZS5 V2 owner... no issues with the treble... like all IEMS, headphones, etc., it comes down to the recording... some are super bright, others are dark... that's why God (I assume) evented EQ. :p
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  3. peskypesky
  4. vector84
    Not that I'm trying to encourage people to destroy things...

    But I noticed elsewhere there's a bunch of chatter about "fixing" the ZS5 v2 by cutting out one of the BAs - advanced version involves desoldering one and ripping it out physically, but almost as effective to just cut the leads to one of them.

    Doubt this would work right on the ZS6 due to the crossover, but thanks to some dedicated folks around here, we know that the ZS5 ought to at least continue to function on a basic level even after such things have been done to it :D

    So if you have a v2 and really can't stand that treble spike ... :thinking:
  5. Art385
    Did someone measured the ZS5 v2 and confirmed that they are indeed 4 ohm like ZS5 v1 and not 16 ohm like ZS6 or it is just pure speculation? Because if nobody checked it you could encourage someone to actually destroying their set :jecklinsmile: I've read the last 200 pages of this thread and searched on the internet and found nothing on ZS5 v2 beside pure speculation of peoples that have ZS5 v1 and never heard V2 or ZS6 and I take this kind of opinions with huge grain of salt.
  6. vector84
    I don't own a v2 to confirm, I'm just relaying something rather interesting that I was reading elsewhere...

    I haven't found anyone that's posted pictures or a detailed writeup though... just stuff like "my friend ripped out a BA from his, now it sounds as good as my v1" which I agree strongly should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

    PS: You should be able to check for the presence of a crossover with just a multimeter - a reading close to 4 ohms DC would strongly suggest the lack of a crossover, while a reading closer to 14 would suggest the presence of one.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  7. Wiljen
    I have the HD and a co-worker has the Pro so some of both. I like the HD a bit better than the pro but it is splitting hairs. I wouldn't rank the F9 above either of them.
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  8. Superluc
    Not with that red and noisy cable...

    It's a shame that they dint build this Special version with upgradable cable. It would be instant buy to me, even if i'm waiting for the ZS6.
  9. Art385
    I have multimeter somewhere in the garage. If I found it I will check the impedance of ZS5 v2
  10. SomeGuyDude
    If you only see one circle but it's not centered you definitely have a v2. The v1 BA is obviously only one. I ran into the same issue and someone explained it to me.
  11. wastan

    Rice is incredibly inefficient as a dessicant. It's effectiveness in drying out electronics is mostly urban legend.
  12. filltos
    I did not any measurements, but when i plug V2 version after V1 version, i need to decrease volume almost twice.
  13. mono-type
    Nice. It looks cooler with that blue shell (not that the original ZSE isn't cool enough; in fact it's one of KZ's cooler designs IMO). Would definitely get this once it becomes available on my local stores.

    Anyway, I already asked this before, but my queries seemed to be ignored. :frowning2: Regarding KZ's aftermarket cables, I recently bought their latest SPC cable last week (the smoke-colored one; the one they call "High Purity OFC cable"). Does this new cable less prone to turning green/oxidation unlike the earlier white v1 SPC cable (or probably the v2 too? Haven't tried the v2 much yet)? My v1 SPC recently started to turn green, maybe because it's rainy season here and hence the air became more humid.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  14. Superluc
    They said that is "oxigen free". At now mine is still on stock condition, need to wait more for be sure.
  15. vector84
    Pretty sure most of the greening was taking place over the course of a few months at least...

    I'm inclined to think mostly they haven't been around long enough for anyone to tell one way or the other. I ordered one pretty soon after they popped up and I've only had it for about a week . As a few people have already mentioned, if it does happen, it will likely be far less noticeable beneath the much darker sheath.

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