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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mono-type
    I could attest to that. They're really effective as ear plugs, too, due to its almost custom IEM-like fit. The ZS3 makes my neighbor's dog (goodness, their dog has a loud, annoyingly startling bark) less annoying. :laughing:

    Anyway, regarding KZ's aftermarket cables, I recently bought their latest SPC cable (the smoke-colored one; the one they call "High Purity OFC cable"). Does this new cable less prone to turning green/oxidation unlike the earlier white v1 SPC cable? My v1 SPC recently started to turn green, maybe because it's rainy season here and hence the air became more humid.
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  2. High on Ketamine
    Both are the best KZs i tried. I slightly prefer the zs5. Its just more natural and while the bass is slightly less full than ES3 i think its overall more satisfying because the mids are more prominent and the bass really shines when its needed to.
    Besides sound I find overall the zs5 more confortable. Yes they fit slightly less deep and secure but the ES3 has a kina weird shape which is too big for me for longer periods of wearing them. They need to go deep into your ear and because of that the shell hit my ear unconfortably. But luckily you can buy comply tips and now I prefer ES3's comfort :). In short you cant go wrong with either one
  3. monocats
    Guys, any advice on how to disassemble the KZ ZS5?

    My toddler did something to the left piece, probably sucked on it. Now the sound from the left is distorted. I would like to open it up and have a look if it could be repaired.

    Any tips?
  4. Sylmar
    Put it in some rice and let it rest for a few days to get rid of the moisture. Might work.
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  5. Keller2
    Putting stuff in rice and hoping for the best is something you do when you don't want to put in any real effort in fixing it.

    Here's some tips :
    Open the ZS5. You can do that by applying heat to the face plate and then pulling it off. Careful not to break the joint studs.
    Check if everything looks to be in place. Any corroded wire / etc. If nothing looks broken you can soak the part with the driver in 99% alcohol.
    That would displace any other liquid and dry faster.
    Let it sit for a bit then dry it off with a hairdryer or hot plate for 5 to 10 mins.

    If it still doesn't work you've likely got driver damage.
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  6. Sylmar

    To me it would be preferable BEFORE having to open an IEM.
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  7. Keller2
    Of course it would. But that doesn't mean you'll get any results.
    Putting stuff in rice only makes sense when you know that the item you want to fix isn't damaged and you havent run electricity thorugh it.

    Once you've confirmed that it's damaged putting stuff near rice or silica gel or what have you is an exercise in futility.
    It's easier and requires little to no effort. That's why people like it as a solution.

    It would also be much more effective to just put it in a hot place.
  8. Mallo
    About foam tips did you recommend the cheap aliexpress products (maybe fragile?) or better to go with more expensive ones?
  9. Sylmar
    Point is there are a few possibilities without having to open it which can also lead to further damage, especially since KZ uses loads of glue. I don't get why the easier option would be worse, you can always decide in opening the IEM after when you really need to repair.

    Anyway, there are options.
  10. filltos
    Just try foams from Ali, T400 likes and you will be satisfied.
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  11. Fahim Foysal
    Gearbest just refunded me the money for the zs6 I purchased at a discount without any explanation. I am on a tight budget and will only spend as low as possible for getting great sound quality. I will only purchase the f9 if they are substantial improvement over the zs6 in terms of sound quality. What is your opinion on the matter? Accessories and comfort doesn't matter much to me.
  12. Fahim Foysal
    How much of a improvement are they in terms of sound quality over the zs6?
  13. Fahim Foysal
    Are you talking about the k3 hd or pro? I read here in headfi that the f9 has better imaging and instrument separation
  14. themindfreak
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  15. Art385
    The box on the right is ZS5 v2. I for quite some time thought that I have v1 becouse I could not see second BA. But when I used really strong light source and after many minutes of adjusting I could see that there is indeed 2 circles inside though they are quite deeper in the nozzle then I saw on pics that are posted in this thread. I think that QC is to blame becouse my ZS5 are nowhere near trebles cannons :E Yes they are sharp on silicon tips, but on KZ black sponges + rubber ring on nozzle to secure them tightly ZS5 are just amazing for the price. I have version without the mic and source i connect them to AIM SC808 (4xAD797&AD827) through extender. Though they play really nice and smooth form hp-out of redmi note 4x

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