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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Superluc
    I could add that, to me, microphonics and isolation are also something to take into account. The ZS3 can be used with an upgrade cable and is more isolating than the ZS5.
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  2. wastan
    Zishan Z1 does function as dac/amp for computers as well as dap
  3. young59
    Ok thanks and what about the Z2?
  4. eaglesgift
    But can it do both together or just one or the other? I mean can it be a DAC and an amp at the same time?
  5. TJK81
    I wrote same seller maybe 1,5month ago. They respond me, they have both batches and will dispatch it randomly.
  6. filltos
    V1 on the left, V2 on the right.

    IMG_20171015_075235.jpg IMG_20171015_075217.jpg
  7. vector84
    In all fairness, at least NiceHCK actually responds to such inquiries in such an honest fashion - there's just no way to tell them apart as far as we know.
    As I noted previously, the front cover on my v1s came in both variants.

    All of three my v1s did indeed come in the box depicting an ear not a sax though - no idea if this is a definitive sign though.

    There's also some serial numbers on the bar codes that take the form of XXXX-8335 and A-C-XX-XX where C is a letter and X is a number. If the boxes aren't a distinctive feature, maybe someone with contacts at KZ could ask if there's a way to identify them by serial number.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  8. maxxevv
    I have the V2, the packaging is the same as indicated here, the one on the right.
  9. zozito
    I have v1 and v2, v1 like the one on the left, v2 like that of the right.
  10. vector84
    While it sure would be nice if you could identify them by the box, I wouldn't entirely count on it without significant numbers of people weighing in on it... that sax box has been used by KZ for quite a while now for a variety of IEMs.
  11. Adide
    My ZS5 v1 came in the package on the right (sax on the back). As already stated it seems there's no correlation with the packaging.
  12. TJK81
    Thanks for responce, guys.
    I wrote to the boys from Gearbest whether they are able to influence the dispatch of the particular box.
    We shall see...
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  13. Jay Magaling
    But I thought peeking at the nozzle is the right indicator? I can only see 1 BA (1 circular thing) on mine but I have the box on the right.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  14. TJK81
    Yep, Vector84 mentioned that. But IMO if there is any chance to recieve box with red ZS5 title (the left one) in the front side of the box, I'll probably recieve v1.
    It's really luxury to have two pairs of the v2.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  15. Viber
    ZS3 are more isolating than anything to be honest. You can even disconnect them from their wires and use them as pretty effective ear plugs.
    I bought an extra pair just so i would always have something that i can use in noisy environments.
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