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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. -sandro-
    what's more balanced the zse or the es3?
  2. Superluc
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  3. Fox2twenty
    I have and like both. ES3 has more bass and less Soundstage. Otoh, ZS5 has a little less bass but a larger Soundstage and more treble.

    I listen to both with foam.. Here is a pic with ES3 and New Bees foams..

  4. chathurai
    hello friends currently im have pair of original IE80, im looking for more detailed(budget) iem,
    wich one is the best baldoor e100 , KZ ZST PRO, KZ ZS6
  5. kokakolia
    What's wrong with the IE80!? It's not exactly a budget IEM! Do you really expect a $20 KZ to sound better?

    Well, it looks like the ZS6 is the most detailed out of the bunch (from reading these forums). So that could be the answer you're looking for.

    Me personally, I wouldn't want to touch the ZS6 with a 10-foot pole. I read that the treble is way too sharp, almost sibilant.

    I bought the ZSE for that matter, but it doesn't have the reputation for being detailed.

    So don't listen to me!

    ...But the ZS6 is your best bet.
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  6. TJK81
    Hello guys,
    i noticed, that on the GB and AE appears two different packaging of the ZS5's.
    One with "ZS5" title on left upper corner (red one).
    Second with paper under the transparent plastic cover (without the letter in upper left corner).
    I have the second one. Actually revision 2.
    Is the first package rev.1 and second package rev.2.
    Can you guys, owning the ZS5, confirm it?
  7. zentro
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  8. vector84
    Sadly no.

    I have two pairs of grey v1s, both came with the paper cover.
    I have one pair of blue v1s, it came with the plastic only cover.

    No idea if it relates to color, or anything else, that's just what I've got on hand, but based on that I would tend to think it's not v1 vs v2.
  9. TheVortex
    What are the ZS5 and ZS6 like for gaming? As in imaging and sound stage? Also is there proof that the ZS6 has a crossover inside of it?
  10. TJK81
    Bad news. I'm thinking about purchasing another pair of the ZS5's hoping to get rev.1 to compare with my rev.2.
    Guess no chance to recieve the particulair pair.:rolling_eyes:
  11. Adide
    I bought the blue ZS5 without mic from NiceHCK on Sep 1st sales and got v1. Maybe one can ask the seller what batch they are currently selling.
    I was also thinking that maybe no mic versions are in lower demand and perhaps that's why it's still old stock but I'm speculating.

    Regarding the IEM itself it's a step up all around compared to ZS3 but as I feared it doesn't block noise as well and since I'm using IEMs only while commuting with noisy subway (only full size when indoors) it kind of lost purpose a bit. I will play with various tips maybe I can get decent isolation after all.
    For me treble presentation is very good with ZS5 and borderline hot but without crossing (I see myself as rather treble resilient) so I can see why ZS6 which has even more emphasis in the 8-10 khz region might annoy a good deal of people.

    Btw I don't think I've seen that answered - is ZS6 leaking sound and how is isolation in noisy environments? Same as ZS5 or worse due to the opened back?
  12. kramercosmo
    So i have ZS3 and ZS5, i love the ZS3 but they don't fit me at all(in the ear). ZS5 is very good(in the ear) but too much treble.

    How is ES3, Less treble than ZS5? Is it more like ZS3 or ZS5 in the ear?
  13. Keller2
    It's more like the ZS5 in the ear. it sounds more like the ZS5, except it has the ZS3 bass and less energetic treble.
  14. Viber
    If it's 100% gaming and 0% music then i would buy the KZ ATR, their imaging abilities are leagues beyond their price.
    If it's a 50-50 (like playing GTA, where there's radio stations are involved) then i would take the ZS3 if i want a bassier-smoother sound or the ZS5 if i want a brighter,more detailed sound (and they are more versatile because you can mod them).

    ZSE will give you a more open sound because of their design. Their sound is more sparkly and exciting than the ATR and ZS3. I enjoy them quite a bit when i watch movies.

    ZS6 is the best product and has the best sound reproduction overall.

    Don't expect a big soundstage out of any of them.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
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  15. kramercosmo
    Thank you, need to order one. Could be something for me.

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