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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Viber
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  2. BrunoC
    Just bought the ZS6 for €24,94!

    Cool or what ? :gs1000smile:
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  3. bsoplinger
    I keep getting a 'system is busy try again later' message when I try to order the ZS5
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  4. M1cro
    Hello,I'm thinking about KZ earphones, but I don't know ES3 or ZS5? What would you suggest? Or even another model? I would use them for listening to jazz/pop/soul/rock, but also wondering to buy the bluetooth wire to use them in the gym.
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  5. Superluc
    You can always buy a Zishan Z1 for around 25$
  6. vector84
    Not sure if the ZS5 v2 impedance has been measured, but I don't think so? Still, it probably looks more like the ZS5 v1 than thew ZS6, so you'd want a voltage divider... something like 16 ohms + 1.5 ohms (or 16+1 for even more attenuation), you should check some of the voltage divider threads around here for the exact math, but iirc around 0.5W should be pretty safe at sane listening volumes.

    PS: Here's one with the math for safe power values:
    [the (Faux) Impedance Decreasing Adapters section]
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  7. young59
    I am looking for DAC+Amp to connect to my laptop not a DAP.
  8. maxxevv
    You can check out the Sabaj DA2. Its supposedly the same thing as the SMSL Idea and reviews for the SMSL are pretty good it seems.
  9. young59
    Yeah the ZS6 is just the ZS5 v2 with a metal shell so the impedance would be same imo.I just want to decrease its sensitivity I don't mind increasing the impedance high since it is supposed to handle upto 600 ohm I just want to remove the hissing.
  10. vector84
    Nope ZS6 has a crossover @16 ohms impedance, adding resistance damps the highs.

    ZS5 no crossover @4.8 ohms, adding resistance damps the bass/mids, ups the highs.

    WAAAAAY different.
  11. young59
    That costs 62$ on aliexpress.
  12. young59
    Oh sorry my bad I thought they were the same in terms of specs.
  13. vector84
    For the ZS6 around 75 ohms serial is ideal.

    For the ZS5 you would want a voltage divider though, 16+1.5 (Ear Buddy) is what I use.

    And if those diagrams are confusing to you, the construction is dead simple... resistors in series connected input-16-1.5-ground, pull your output signal line from inbetween the 16 and the 1.5, ground just goes to ground. Just make sure to try to cut everything to exactly the same size, those lead lengths matter.

    Oh, and connect everything directly to the input jack if you can, don't use extra wire between the input jack and the resistors, it will help give you better channel matching and the right amount of attenuation. You can add more wire on the output signal leads if you need space/length.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  14. snip3r77
    I think for such sound quality , probably zs5 v1 would be the safest to choose
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  15. young59
    Sorry I still can't under how to make it do you mean something like this?

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