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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eaglesgift
    Iv'e got the Exclusive 5 and I was surprised by how much bass they have. I've used the shallow tips and the double flange tips that come with them and they sound great with both as far as bass is concerned. I think I'm getting a very close fit though, because I can hear some driver flex in the left side when inserting (my right ear canal just a little bigger I think). Did you try all the supplied tips?
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  2. vector84
    I saw these a while back and thought to myself "but why?" but your commentary made me think of them again. I have never tried them! but seems like it's something out there enough that you might find it interesting for your situation.

    plush tips - I feel like I found a better description and more sizes before and it had some rambling commentary about a special process to bond fleece to silicone - but this is all I could find this time:
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  3. snip3r77
    And can sell slightly cheaper than andromeda
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  4. CoiL
    True! They become single dynamic "beasts" when modded :wink:
    Though, I don`t own ZS6 (yet) I second that. I have pretty similar taste and hearing with SomeGuyDude in many related IEMs and I can see (hear) myself also outputting same opinion. And poor thing is - I hate using foamies - so, that`s not option for me. Probably would have to mod BA nozzle.
    I hope they do it - otherwise I will do my own wooden mod ;D

    Will stay on hold with buying ZS6.
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  5. graphidz
    I just got my ZS5 a few days ago. I really like it, especially for the price. Too bad(maybe?) that I got the v1 of it. now i'm very tempted to open it up and try some mod (like maybe clear some of the glue, put in foam or even try and replace the BA driver to the nozzle or something lol. Too bad if I had some extra money, I could get a few pairs and mod the heck out of those. Being a starving student is hard.
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  6. SomeTechNoob
    Treasure the ZS5 v1. From the plethora of reports the v1 seems much better than v2...
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  7. graphidz
    I see. Guess I'll order the v2 in the future and mod the heck out of that. On another note, I wonder if this is a cheap way for DIY to get IEM drivers? That would be a neat idea tbh.
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  8. CoiL
    Getting drivers out of ZS5v1/v2 or ZS6 is PITA!!! You need some serious patience and proper tools to do that - they are full of dirty sticky blue glue!
  9. graphidz
    Does reheating them so that the glue melt to remove them not very effective? I was thinking of wanting to clear some unnecessary glue (assuming it helps to make SQ better). But hey, I'm coming from a headphone modder, so most of my knowledge wouldn't apply probably lol/
  10. eaglesgift
    I like the v2, I thought it was an improvement on the v1.
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  11. CoiL
    To me and by many other reports it is opposite - v2 is actually downgrade regarding highs.
  12. High on Ketamine
    I call the zs3 a nice cheap iem but if you want something better go with ES3. ZS3 sounds low-res in comparison and the bass can be so satisfying on ES3 :). Highs are also a bit more grown up. Zs3 is lowfi and es3 is more highfi. ES3 is slightly more comfortable but both are still a bit bulky for me
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  13. eaglesgift
    Yes I know. I'm just saying I don't agree. Or, to put other it another way, that's not been my experience.

    What don't you like about the highs on the v2?
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
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  14. zozito
    I also like the way v.2 sounds.
  15. CoiL
    Yes, of course, it`s subjective. If You are very sensitive to highs (Your hearing is not damaged by loud music etc.) then v1 seems better. Just many have found v2 highs due to 2BAs in nozzle way too much.
    I`m just generalizing overall opinions on v1 vs v2.
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