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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SomeGuyDude
    If you're really sensitive to sibilance I can see how that would happen.
  2. Francisk
    Well, a good logical answer will be that we both have different ears and different taste in sound.
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  3. Wiljen
    The odd thing to me is that the Zs5 and 6 have similar frequency response and yet I find the Zs6 with foams to be fairly consistent when I put my DAP on random and just let it play. The 6 doesnt seem to care what you throw at it, it stays pretty much consistent and reasonably enjoyable (if a bit sibilant at times). The Zs5v1 on the other hand, I simply cannot play 5 random songs in a row without finding at least one that just sounds bad. More often than not, it is 2 of 5 or better that don't hold up. My Zs5s were quickly relegated to the drawer and aren't likely to be coming out soon or often.
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  4. vector84
    Since they're relegated to the drawer anyway... have you checked under the screens at all? Not saying there's anything wrong with them ... this just strikes me as pretty similar to my long standing impressions of the ZS5 - an impression that went away when I tore out the screens and found them to be in direct contact with (and glued to) the BAs.

    And if you do decide to do some tampering, while you're in there, @Viber reported a very similar experience for very different reasons and a very different solution (Viber mod) :shrug:

    PS: Remember the screens of the ZS5 are glued on and this is a mildly destructive procedure :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    Apart from the stronger treble spike on the ZS6, their FR isn't even identical. The difference is in the upper mids that are less elevated on the ZS6, giving them a less distant and less hollow-ish appearance whereas the ZS5 v1 could sound a tad too artificial from time to time with more vocal-oriented tracks. That's why a mixture of the ZS6's lows and mids along with the ZS5 v1's highs would be an awesome combination. Dear Knowledge Zenith representatives, if you read along these lines, please make exactly that happen, but not by silently releasing a ZS6 v2 but a ZS7.
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  6. VinceHill24
    So apparently KZ will drop the green and bring a new grey colour for their zs6. I'm not sure why they drop the green. Copyright issue ?? Lol

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  7. djmakemynight
    Wow, meaning those who bought green would actually be holding on to limited editions?
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  8. HiFiChris Contributor
    And they still haven't changed the spelling on the shells...
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  9. SiggyFraud
    Anyone here tried ordering from fasttech.com? They sell the ZS6 for $34.02 with a 12 day delivery for only $2.00. Sounds good, right?
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  10. bsoplinger
    Never audio but lots of vaping gear. I've had the same experience as many other vapers. How that translates to audio purchases is unknown. Shipping is quick and cheap as long as you upgrade from the free slow boat method. E-packet if offered is the best consistently quick inexpensive shipping method. The biggest problem with FastTech is getting them to actually ship the product! There is a tendency to list an item as available in 2 days, for example, but it ends up not shipping until 2 weeks have passed. Myself and others have learned that unless it says in stock ready to ship you may end up waiting (and waiting) regardless of shipping method chosen.

    My experience with Gearbest and ali (and Banggood) are that they all are pretty good with the indicated shipping date.
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  11. SomeTechNoob
  12. vector84
    What kind of drives are in your IEMs? :thinking:
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  13. Mallo
    Zs3 are still a good choice with the launch of es3 for few dollars more? What about comfort of zs3, zst, es3?
  14. bsoplinger
    Not sure if I should be asking here or the ChiFi thread...

    I rather like the sound I'm getting from the KZ ZS5 I own but find comfort for extended listening not very good. I purchased the TFZ Exclusive 5 via Massdrop because I've seen reviews which led me to believe that they'd have a similar bass response but I'm not getting that. Additionally I have a personal issue with comfort from the standard style silicone ear tip. I'm guessing that its because the material does not allow my skin to breathe properly, as compared to Comply or even Chinese foam, so I end up with an itchy feeling if I wear the earphone over 45 minutes to an hour. I actually prefer them in general over the NuForce Primo 8 I got from Massdrop even though overall the Primo 8 has a flatter extended frequency response.

    So a number of questions...
    1) is there another good choice in IEM to get with a similar bass and sub bass sound signature? (I am awaiting delivery of a pair of ZS6 but I think I want something "more") I'm perfectly happy with something that isn't in the ChiFi category but about $200 is my upper limit.
    2) ear tip or wear suggestions as to why the TFZ don't have much bass for me? I've been using in ear products for years, since the etymotic er 6 and before so I'm used to fiddling for the correct fit.
    2a) ear tip suggestions above and beyond silicone, comply, Chinese foam, and KZ silicone (which I do find a bit more 'wearable' for me than other silicone tips.)
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  15. Lorspeaker

    This KZsilverplatedcable aint good for the zs6..burned by ears :p

    These KZ foamies aint good for ZS6...
    kept slipping :p
    [edit...one foamie just tore today...split into 2???? crazy..i tot foamies melt??? ]

    So its back to the stockcable...perfect:)

    Chose 2 youtubes ..on my samsungfone;
    went back n forth afew rounds..
    ZS6 is my fav...
    filled up the sound spectrum...
    picked up details the others couldnt decode.

    Utubers owe it to yourselves to get a ZS6.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
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