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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Drakis
    Mine didn't have the foam, but i still removed the red screen. But hey, try it out, the sound may be to your liking.
    I like the ZST a lot.
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  2. hydroid
    will definitely try it once I received mine probably 2 more weeks of waiting. I'm actually using the zst for a year now and I prefer them over my Pioneer CH9T (too bassy for my taste)., I just ordered the zs3 upon knowing the mod made by slater and the design that looks a lot like CIEM,., thanks for your input man.,really appreciate it :)
  3. TimeSnow
    So the ZST Colourful - FINALLY had a chance to listen to it stock and I gotta say, I think it's an upgrade to the ZST. The bass is better IMO, and the detail is better as well. IMO.

    I'm gonna put some Comply foam on it, and the upgrade cable, and see what happens.

    I gotta say the reviews make it seem like it's bass lite compared to the ZST, but there's songs where I had to turn DOWN the bass relative to the ZST. Definitely wasn't expecting that!

    Anyway, I may change my opinion tomorrow, or with the foam, etc., but that's my first impressions.



    So I just spent some time A/B'ing the ZST and ZST Colourful/Pro...

    I changed the cables on the Colorful and put foam on it before I did the A/B'ing.

    To ME, the bass in better, still. It's NOT as natively impactful, but with a TOUCH of EQ it's just as potent. And it's more controlled. The Mids are MUCH more present, which means new details are suddenly brought forward.

    The tuning seems to be more "mature" as well... which I think I prefer...

    They DO ABSOLUTELY UNQUESTIONABLY require a PROPER seal... without that seal, you might as well throw them in the bin...

    Saying that, this was with VERY specific tunes. I have a feeling with other songs it might be less obvious these differences.

    Anyway, I still think the ZS5s are better, but... well... I have limited foam and upgrade cables - lol - at least for a week or so - right now they're both on the Colourful.

    I'll spend more time and update impressions as is warranted.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  4. Francisk
    I just received my ZS6 (black) today. Plugged in my silver cable with the correct polarity and inserted the Comply T400 tips then plugged them into my Audio GD NFB11.32 preamp and was a little disappointed with the treble peak which somehow spoils the overall frequency balance. Don't get me wrong, I love my treble and especially frequency extension on both ends of the frequency spectrum but the treble peak on the ZS6 is a little too hot for comfort...Yes...even with the Comply T400 tips which pairs really well with my ZS5v1. In fact the ZS5v1 with Comply T400 tips already produce borderline treble peak but the ZS6 is really taking it a step too far. A real shame really because I really like the KZ ZST (Color Edition), ES3, ZS5v1 and was really looking forward to further improvement but I don't think that's the case. I'm back on my ZS5v1 which sounds much better to my ears than the ZS6. I hope KZ will fix this treble peak issue on their next model, if not on ZS6v2 then. Damn...I really like the ZS6's tight bass with good extension, decent mids and sexy black aluminium housing...It would've been my fav KZ IEM if not for that peaky treble...sigh. For now, I'll keep my ZS6 solely for albums that are recorded and mixed dark without too many cymbals splashing away :new_moon_with_face:
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  5. High on Ketamine
    I did the ZS3 slater mod a month ago and I can definatly recommend it. It opened the mids and highs without sacrificing bass too much.
    The ES3 however is like a more refined ZS3 and is better in almost every way and its very cheap too :). Better high extension, clarity, overall detail is much better (zs3 is quite rough in overal frequenties) and has some thundering bass with more impact and warmth than the ZS3.
    Definately an earphone for bassheads while still having good mids ans highs. I actually found the bass too much sometimes.
    One plus for the Zs3 is that it has a slightly roomier soundstage and also slightly less fatiguing. I tested both with the silver cable...
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  6. Francisk
    The ES3 bass is also much tighter and has better definition than the ZS3's bloomy bass with poor definition.
  7. Makahl
    Are you one of these purists which are allergic to EQ? You can tilt down some dBs and it won't hurt and probably will fix your issue. But... maybe ok, EQ will change the artists' propose for the record. So, in this case, you can try damping the nozzle. Just cut out a small piece of damping material (tea bag, alcohol swab, etc...) and place it over the nozzle before you mount the tip.


    Btw, I've been seeing a lot of people blocking the vents in some forums. Could someone please take a measurement with vents blocked? I'll really appreciate!
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  8. hakuzen
    i own 2 Zishan DSD (DAC:AK4495SEQ). measured its output impedance time ago.
    -stock unit: 0.22Ω@1kHz ("nominal"), 0.47Ω@120Hz, 0.91Ω@60Hz. it uses output coupling caps; although they have respectable capacity, it's not suitable for ZS5 when standalone. used this one for showing the effect of coupling caps on low impedance phones.
    -upgraded unit: 10.25Ω@1kHz (i plan to mod it to achieve <1Ω output impedance). no coupling caps.

    i don't own zishan Z2, but it looks like more in the line of walnut v2, rather than zishan dsd line. measured walnut output impedance: 100Ω!. this would be suitable to tame ZS6 highs, but i wasn't impressed at all with walnut's frequency responses, noise, disto, stc. hope Z2 sounds better.
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  9. Francisk
    I use EQ for my work on a daily basis and the last thing I want to do is to EQ every device that I plug my ZS6 into. Another quick solution is to just plug in my ZS5v1 and problem solved...way better solution in my honest opinion.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  10. mrmoto050
  11. Superluc
    Thanks :hand_splayed:
  12. Makahl
    Fine... But the damping thing is really helpful and can bring an excellent result then you don't need to bother about EQ. Although, since the KZ ZS6 hasn't a flat impedance you'll get different results from different output impedances/sources anyway.
  13. Francisk
    I have a 75ohm impedance adapter from my Etymotic ER4PT lying around somewhere and I’ll give it a shot once I find that adapter. I’ll let you know the result once I try it.
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  14. Viber
    Wow, i wonder why your opinion is always the exact opposite from mine.
    Saying stock ZS5 v1 sounds better than ZS6 is really strange to me.

    Keep posting your impressions on future models, i want to see why our opinions are so different.
  15. Slater
    ATE needs mods to sound the best.
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