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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HiFiChris Contributor
    It's a combination of the low impedance, high sensitivity (<- main factor) and elevated treble that leads to the ZS6 being quite hiss-revealing.

    Nope, your IEMs aren't defective in terms of revealing the source's hiss. The xDuoo X3 is, by the way, a really hissy DAP anyway.
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  2. uncola
    You know when someone barges into a thread that has many pages and they're like.. hey I'm too lazy to read the thread, someone else do the work for me and find the answer to this question. and everyone hates him and immediately starts telling him to just read the thread or use the search function you lazy piece of trash.
    anyway, what's a good cheap balanced cable that's compatible with the ZS6? I have a zs6 on the way and I just got a sabaj da3 balanced dac/amp and I think the 2.5mm balanced port on the da3 dac is messed up because I have a 2.5mm to dual rca cable and when I plug it into my preamp there's distortion. and I'd like to test it by using the zs6 and a balanced iem cable.
  3. Andre Sayson
    Can somebody compare Comply tips from those generic Aliexpress foam tips? I ordered 20 pairs on aliexpress for 8 dollars, and if they are close to the feel of complys, then they're a steal. They're still on their way though.

    I'll be using them on my ZST, ZS6 and my good old Mi Hybrids
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  4. vector84
    I haven't seen any for under about $30 with the right pins. Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the SPC and OFC upgrade cables are full 4 wire runs, so you could convert one easily enough if you don't mind a little DIY.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  5. vector84
    All the real Comply I've ever tried had slower rebounding foam, allowing for a deeper insertion and better isolation. This same feature makes them remarkably uncomfortable for me for long-term wear however. The generic foams found on ali are made of a faster rebounding foam - they grow back to their original size rapidly, making especially deep insertion difficult, but due to the same they are far more comfortable imo. Not sure about sound differences, but the chi-foams do a fine job of taming the highs.
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  6. uncola
    thanks Vector, I decided to try reterminating the cable to balanced.. ordered this connector because it looks diy friendly with that set screw and looks like it has some kind of internal rubber insulation insert
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  7. AndrewPL
    I have balanced cable connected to my ZS6, looks like this:
  8. SomeTechNoob
    I can't speak for DAPs but most Android smartphones have software tricks to make the noise floor unnoticeable. The headphone output will shut off when it is not being used, so of course there is no audible noise floor. If you play back a "silent" audio clip, you may find that there is actually a high noise floor, but it becomes inaudible when actual music is playing.
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  9. hydroid
    This made me more excited to get my hands on the zs3 because I really love the design. That's actually one of my worry that the zs3 might be to boomy and dark for my taste as I am not a basshead. I really prefer clarity and sparkly details with just right amount of bass. Will definitely try this mod once I received my zs3. Thanks a lot man.,you're great :)
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  10. Drakis
    Some ZS3 (like mine) don't have that piece of foam in the nozzle.
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  11. TimeSnow
    Deffo gonna try that on my ZS3s....

    Boy, I finally got my ATEs.... not very good. Or maybe I just need to spend more time with them... very very very dark and muddy... ?

    On the positive side, the new ZS5 cable and foams was a big treat on the commute today! Deffo a big upgrade to the stock vers.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  12. Andre Sayson
    Thanks for your insights. I haven't tried foam tips yet. I might buy Comply tips if I fall in love with these Aliexpress tips. Comply tips are too pricey for me. Almost half of the price of the ZS6 for just 3 pairs.

    On another note, when I read about foam tips on the internet, they sound too good to be true. I hope they are, though.
  13. hydroid
    And how does your zs3 sounds like without that foam in the nozzle? Is it still too bassy / dark? I just ordered mine a week ago and will definitely will try the mod is there's a foam and red screen on the nozzle as I prefer clarity and sparkly (not too bright though) sound on iems.
  14. Drakis
    I don't use it quite a lot, because of the sound. Too dark for me, but it has a larger "image" than KZ ATE although.The fit in my ears is great.

    PS: i removed the red screen.
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  15. hydroid
    Still too dark even without the black foam and red screen? Yeah, i've read that fit is really great for most users and the design is great as well.

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