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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. djmakemynight
    Is it a magic pot where you put ZS5 and ZS6 inside and ZS11 comes out with quad DDs and quad BAs per side?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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  2. ephrank
    Cable standards are confusing me...

    Trying to get some quality cable for the ZS5. Found something like this:


    The product title clearly says "For KZ ZS5", but it also says "0.78mm 2 pin connnector".

    I'm quite sure KZ uses 0.75mm connectors for ZS5, ZS3 according to older posts of this thread.

    Will the AliExpress cable damage ZS5 IEMs?
  3. djmakemynight
    They are on my radar as well. Not sure if I should get them for 60 bucks though.
  4. Selenium
    They are, IMO, an awesome value. Most of the impressions about them have been posted in the discovery thread as far as I can tell.
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  5. djmakemynight
    It will expand the connecting holes and you will have to stick with 0.78mm from then to get a secure fit. That's what I have gathered from reading around so far.

    Better to stick to 0.75mm to be safe.
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  6. mono-type
    Does the low impedance rating (15 ohms) have something to do with the hissing sound? Does the hissing sound occurs because the ZS6 is too sensitive because of its low impedance?

    Anyway, thanks for all the answers, guys! :D
  7. SomeTechNoob
    Basically yes. While impedance is generally not the whole story(as there is sensitivity/mw to consider), the ZS6 are very efficient headphones. Balanced Armatures are generally very sensitive audio devices, and as you've seen from previous pages the ZS6 is a very, very efficient in-ear monitor. The much more expensive Campfire Andromeda has a similar issue - it's so efficient that it'll bring out the normally inaudible noise floor.

    You'll need to upgrade your source equipment to get rid of the noise. Not sure what you use but I'm betting it's probably the amplifier that's raising the noise floor the most.
  8. ReBreaker
    You scare me, I have the gray one on a slow boat for my ZS5 v1 and I am expecting different league in comparison with thin ol'SPC....
  9. vector84
  10. Superluc
    The Zishan model you are using have 100Ω of output impedance ? I was thinking about buy the Z2 and coupling it with a Topping on the LO, but if it's higher impedance output work well on balancing the highs on the ZS6, it could be better to using it's opamp. Can you try it on the ZS6 ?
  11. ReBreaker
    Oh well, KZ and theirs sockets... Golden mmcx
  12. mono-type
    OK, thanks a lot for the explanation. This is my first balanced armature-dynamic driver hybrid IEM, so I'm kinda new to these stuff. Most IEMs and headphones I have all use dynamic drivers, and the first KZ IEM I've owned is the ZS3. Regarding on sources that I use, I don't hear any hissing on my Superlux HA3D amp, but on my two DAPs (Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip, and an Xduoo X3) I'm hearing constant hissing. I also don't hear any hissing on the headphone jack of my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. So, my pair isn't defective at all?
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  13. High on Ketamine
    I can understand that there are different iems with different sound characteristics for different audiences. Speaking for myself im certainly not a treblehead and am also a little treble sensitive. Ive always looked for near basshead iems. I bought the zse because of its price and good looking specs but even tho I never miss the highs/clarity on almost every headphone I own I find yet the ZSE to be too boring sounding due to the lack of some top end sparkle. Mids could be great on some tracks but are mostly too dark for me and the bass doesnt set itself apart from the mids and isn't too exciting I think. So in short it might be a nice iem for really treble sensitive people or for people who just look for a very laidback sounding iem but for me there is not much music I would take these over any other Kzs I own...
  14. High on Ketamine
    I own the ES3, ZS3 and ZS5 and the connectors are all the same. I bought the silver upgrade cable for my zs3 and works with both ES3 and ZS5 aswell.

    One thing to mention is that the stock cables which comes with the iems all different from each other in looks and in soundquality :xf_eek:
  15. AndrewPL
    This cable must be properly connected otherwise you will get strange effect. The marks "R" and "L" on this transparent plugs are barely visible, at first I did connect the channels correctly and was shocked how poor ZS6 sound and after reading some advice here on this thread I changed the pin orientation and now ZS6 sounds great.
    Proper connection should look like this, the mark "L" and "R" should be on the inner side

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