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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TimeSnow
    Thanks!! Really excited!


    What cable is that? Very swish!
  2. groucho69
    You can get cheap subs on AE
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  3. TimeSnow
    That's good info thanks!!
  4. Selenium
    I was so thinking about getting the A4 but I think I'll get the Fiio F9 instead. At least I know those will fit well and are isolating.
  5. Rilke
    Just bought some cheap foam tips from aliexpress for $1.50 ...
    Did somebody recieved their ZS6 from fasttech ?
    They have one have the cheapest price with Wooeasy ( $34) store on aliexpress ( but these are pre-orders ).
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  6. mrmoto050
    The F9's are extremely confortable and excellent sound.
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  7. HungryPanda
    I'm still patiently waiting on my ZS6's from gearbest....... anyday now I hope
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  8. Skullophile
    Imho they should jam the DD from the Shockwave III and add 5 BA's to cover midbass to ultra high and they'd have something pretty special. Special in a non dumb way!
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  9. Selenium
    Same here. Starting to not care anymore. :triportsad:
  10. Fox2twenty
    ES3 is more comfortable /better form factor than ZS5. Also has more bass and less Soundstage.

    ZS5 has better Treble and Soundstage.
  11. Fox2twenty
    I agree. Foams are the way to go with KZ IMHO.
  12. High on Ketamine
    Both ES3 and ZS5 are very good iems. Both better than ZSE and ZS3. I find the ZS5 overal better balanced and larger sounding than the ES3. The ES3 has more bass but covers the mids too much. The treble is fine on both but a bit harsher on ES3. Overall the ZS5 is more comfortable and with some eq you can get similar bass. The ES3 is like a ZS3 with even more (and better) bass as well as better high extension and more detail, the ZS5 however is better overall, sounds less congested and would pick them over de ES3 most of the times.
  13. Wiljen
    I've got the F9 and would recommend you listen to the Magaosi K3 before buying the F9. Both are good, but to my ear the K3 is better. I've been looking at the LZ A4 too and may have to pull the trigger on one eventually although hifiChris turned me on to the Brainwavz 200 so I may go that route.
  14. High on Ketamine
    I actually have the ZSE. Saddly I found them the least exciting earphones I tried from Kz. They sound quite muffled, muddied and somehow a little congested when it comes to certain songs. The also miss some sparkle in the highs. Comfortwise however its realy nice. But yeah its one of the cheapest Kz you can buy and unfortunately the price said it all this time...
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  15. Fox2twenty
    Glad I went ES3 and ZS5. :call_me: :call_me:

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