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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eaglesgift
    I don't suppose they are on a lot of audio enthusiasts listen lists :)
  2. Lorspeaker
    Dammmm..the ZS6 sounds fantastic off my samsung fone/wav songs... crisp n clear with a weighty punch on bass notes.. no shrills nor bloats.

    Havent switch tips nor silvercable yet..nor try out my xduoo10dap. Gonna be a treat..trying to calm myself down.

    The best KZ todate....per my taste of cos.
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  3. AndrewPL
    I've received my ZS6 today and I'm not very excited about the sound, the highs are overstated, unpleasant and piercing I have a headache after 10 min of listening to them
    kz -zs6.jpg
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  4. chinmie
    it seems the ZS6 is rather polarizing
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  5. Francisk
    Switch the stock silicone tips to the Comply T400 foam tips and you'll notice that the high frequency peaks nicely tamed.
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  6. mrmoto050
    That cable is not the standard, It may be the cause of your issue.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  7. Lorspeaker
    ... i bought the silvercable from gearbest.. hope it wont tip it off the treble edge :p
    gonna take this slow...enjoy my youtubes on my fone with the zs6...deliciousss
    BeeGees..came back to life earlier...at the cafe. MJ joined the party too.
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  8. AndrewPL
    You are right, that's not standard cable that was in the box. I was hoping that this one would be better than stock cable but something is wrong with it. I"ve been testing 3 different cables and this orange is the worst.
    I'm getting strange effect using this cable , the sound is like when you don't fully insert the jack. Switched to silver cable and now I can hear big improvement.
  9. Podster
    I don't know about that cable @AndrewPL but with this one I'm highly pleased however I do like my Mids and Highs more than many KZ enthusiast:thumbsup: Then again I love most of my iem's and understand each of their qualities and signatures, I've found after 5-10 minutes I adjust to whichever ones I'm driving but understand many just want that one preference! I know I'd spend a little time changing out tips and maybe cables because the ZS6 can sound pretty sweet if addressed right. As always ones MMV:rolling_eyes: Almost forgot, great photo:beerchug:

    Silky Six.JPG
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  10. Fahim Foysal
    would the improvement be enough to change your opinion of the zs6 from 'not so good' to 'great' iem?
  11. AndrewPL
    Yes, after changing the cable they sound much better. I was too fast with my opinion, for that price they sound great , as @Francisk suggested I will switch the tips to Comply foams , still too much treble to my ears in ZS6
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  12. AndrewPL
    The cable on my pic is probably faulty that's why my opinion was not enthusiastic. I switched to silver(same as yours) and I can say I like the sound of ZS6, no complains about the bass and Mids ,only this highs could be tamed a little bit in my opinion
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  13. Podster
    I'd keep working with tips and see if they tame a little and there is always the dreaded EQ:scream: Good luck:wink:
  14. botte
    Hello dears,

    Actually owner (and very impressed) of a KZ ZST (non pro, the carbon one) which I like to be very bassy, I'd like a more neutral intra from KZ.

    I'm hesitating between KZ ZST colorful (which is apparently very different from normal KZ ZST, less bassy better mids and high) and KZ ZS5, which one do you recommand ? Knowing that ZST colorful is cheaper, and I don't have to buy new BT/gold cable, it seems a better option to me, I think to understand they are quite equivalent (even if the look of ZS5 is much better).

    also, what is better or different between KZ ZST carbon and ZS3 ?

  15. Drakis
    I have both ZST colorful and ZS3, and i prefer the former. For me, ZS3 sounds a bit clouded. Just my 2 cents.
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