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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Wiljen
    I would have thought one step down from the 5 would be the Zst. for me the ZSE is more balanced while the T and 5 are both V shaped.
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  2. kokakolia
    AAAahhhhhhhh! I am so impatient now. I got them on sale for 6.50$ on Gearbest and they just shipped 2 days ago. The more I read about the ZSE, the more I want them. I am certain that they'll give the ZS5/ZS6 a run for their money! 6.50$ Wow! Are they making any money off of them!? Seriously...

    It just sucks that shipping takes forever. In retrospect, I would have easily paid 25$ to get them shipped way sooner. Not having earbuds sucks...
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  3. maxxevv
    I have both the ZS5 v2 as well as the ZSE.

    As Panda rightly points out, the ZSE is somewhat like a stripped down ZS5.

    It has a little less bass, a smaller soundstage and less instrument separation comparatively. But its really a great sounding, slightly warm signatured earphone, especially if you consider the price. Other than the cables being badly microphobic, there really isn't much to complain about them for the price.

    They are excellent for energetic tracks that are not too complicated in instrumentation. Which means most pop genres, outside of EDM and related stuff. They sound good on many of the vocals.
    But they really are not that great for stuff that emphasise a lot on the treble aspect such as many Classical pieces do. They tend to sound 'congested' when a lot of instruments / sounds are played back concurrently.

    As Vidal also mentioned, they are somewhat a 'low-fi' champion in that they make low resolution recordings/ files sound great. In fact, in my experience they are very, very good for stuff that you get over the radio ! :)

    Just don't walk around while listening to them though ... the microphonics will irritate the hell out of you. :p
  4. Fox2twenty
    Unfortunately not. I jumped into it this summer with zs5 and ES3.
  5. jmwreck
    What can you say about the ES3 over ZS5 or ZST if you have tried one?
  6. -sandro-

    Not sure if this is a good or bad thing :)
  7. maxxevv
    If you already have the ZS5, you're not missing anything.
  8. ru9
    I am happy with the ZS5. How do we explain the good sounding result even without a crossover? What other multi-driver iems do not have crossover?
  9. vector84
    "precision driver placement" - so... maths that make no sense to normal people not versed in acoustic voodoo? or something like that.
    The rest of KZ's multi-driver lineup besides the ZS6 and rev1 ZS1? Maybe other stuff in the budget segment that gets less scrutiny? :shrug:
  10. ldo77
    With the Symbios, I feel a better control in bass attack and less (almost not) sibilance.
    With these I realy appreciate the bass and the medium seems softer
    ... brain dream or reality !? :anguished:
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  11. BrunoC
    In my opinion, the ZSE is overrated.
    For 9€ I prefer the ED9 to the ZSE, which sounds a bit boomy and congested to me.

    The ZS5 is much much better than the ZSE. Clarity, soundstage, bass quality vastly superior on the ZS5. Different leagues.
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  12. maxxevv
    Its entirely dependent on perspectives. The ZS5 doesn't always sound good when you're listening to not so great media like the radio.
    Its a lot likee watching a 80s TV series on a 4K TV set now versus a 15yr old 55" projector TV.

    Listening to the radio playback or some MP3s you may have ripped 10-15 years on 96kbs / 128kbs on the ZS5 will show up all their flaws. Not very pleasant at all.

    The ZSE is like that old projector TV playing back that old TV series. Everything still sounds smooth and clear.

    ZSE is actually very good if you use it to its strengths.
  13. eaglesgift
    So would you say the ZSE would be a good choice for listening to early Motorhead albums that were perhaps poorly recorded, produced and mastered?
  14. maxxevv
    Motorhead is not on my listen list, can't help with that. But the Beatles do sound better on the ZSE than other more technically capable earphones like the Urbanfun Hifi and the CI880. Haven't tried on the ZS5 yet.
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