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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
  2. ricemanhk
    There was a post asking earlier, the ZS5 uses the same housing as the ZS3. These are standard UE 0.75mm dual pins, but the housing itself has a proprietary shaped connector that's shown in wonderful detail by slater's picture i mean scribble.

    If the BT cable works with ZS3, it will work with ZS5. ZST and ED12 meanwhile uses the same 0.75mm pins but a slightly bigger housing and so are not compatible with ZS3/ZS5.
  3. Slater
    In case anyone cares about these mesh nozzle screens, the ZS3 uses the 4.0mm size.

    I was uncomfortable rolling with no screen at all (I had removed the red filter), so I added the stainless mesh screen to protect from earwax. I've noticed no sound difference with the stainless screen vs no screen at all. I assume that's because the mesh on the stainless screen is much coarser vs the stock red screen (which is a extremely fine/restrictive fabric; probably nylon).

    If it would interest anyone, I can use calipers & measure all of my IEMs and list what size screens they all use as well. Because occasionally those screens do fall off or need to be replaced from time to time.
    Last edited: May 12, 2017
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  4. LaughMoreDaily
    KZ-ATR IEM's are amazing! I think they are my favorites out of my ED9, ZS3, ZST, IE7 (worst)...

    I can't believe I only paid $6.50 US for them. In 2017, I've spent over $300.00's on headphones, and I wish I only bought the ATR's!
    Last edited: May 12, 2017
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  5. SomeTechNoob
    Seems like quite a bit of a stretch imo lol.

    Glad they're working out for you.
  6. ricemanhk
    More details on the ZS5 from the taobao store and chatting with their staff. Apparently it's been 14 months in the making...and the main KZ tmall store isn't selling yet as they are still ramping up production...that shop already sold out the initial batch of blue ones, but new shipments should be coming in this weekend already.

    For the drivers: 10mm DD + 6.4mm DD, 30095 BA for super high freq plus a custom 1205 BA for high freq.
    Not sure why they need to sell the 45 kHz sensitivity tho, maybe it's actually for my dog? LOL

    New mic with volume controls seems to be able to support ios only...shucks. They say they tried it on an OPPO phone, volume control didn't work. Let's see when I get mine...it's strange tho as generally these Chi-Fi tend to support android first rather than pay the extra fees to get ios control.
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  7. Toulouse
    Thank you for the info and for the not-a-photo photo. :)
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  8. VinceHill24
    Support IOS only ?! They can't be kidding me. When all the audiophile grade smartphone are android based and they decided to make a mic that works for iphone only. Might as well have gone for the non-mic version as it's cheaper
  9. Drakis
    I bought mine from banned seller in Aliexpress on November 11th sale.
  10. ricemanhk
    The mic and center button will always work for all phones, it's just the volume buttons but that's still TBC. I've heard OPPO phones don't always implement the same method for inline volume controls...likewise some samsung phones as well. Let's wait and see when we actually get them in our hands...
  11. VinceHill24
    Ya, i think it applies to certain of the China brand phones if nkt mistaken as i commonly heard mic with volume controls that supports android device often does not support certain Chinese brand Smartphone like oppo vivo zte etc. Feels like it's going to be a long long wait before most of us here get it...
  12. loomisjohnson
    as i end my thoroughly enjoyable kz journey, i offer a few parting shots:
    1. i know they're polarizing, but to me the ed9 still ranks supreme and the only kz which genuinely can compete, in terms of refinement/build, with exponentially more expensive pieces.
    2. the zst has held up very well and certainly reigns supreme in the super-budget hybrid class, tho i can't honestly rank it as high as the urbanfun, bosshifi b3 or magaosi offerings.
    3. the ed10, which scrambler praises, do many things better than the foregoing, tho for some reason i don't feel compelled to reach for them very often
    4. my initial praise for the zs3 may have been a bit overheated--they are one dark iem and still a bit lacking in air and extension. still tons of fun and their vault-like isolation is awesome.
    5. the hds3 and edse are scarcely reference-quality audiophile tools, but remain a blast.
    thanks for listening.
  13. Drakis
    Quite true. I got to the point were i cannot listen to them anymore. Way too dark for me! I prefer the KZ ATE (similar sound, more airy).
  14. Vidal
    @loomisjohnson That sounds like a very final post, are you not planning to try anymore KZs in the future?
  15. Andrzej Cichy

    I have got KZ ZST and KZ ZS3. I use the same 'silver cable upgraded' for both od them. They have the same link (2pin 0,75) that's for sure

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