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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
    I've been listening to my Tennmak Pro's for about a week now, and I recently went back to my ZST's. They sound awful. I'll give the ZST's about 2-3 days of regular use and they'll be back to my favorite headphone. I'd suggest giving them about a week. They really are excellent.

    Your brain plays a lot of tricks and I'm beginning to think most of these IEM's eventually end up sounding almost exactly the same with enough time sitting in your ears while music plays. I've come to a conclusion that burn-in is a mental effect, rather than a physical change inside the actual IEM's.
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  2. khighly
    ATE if you want to go with KZ, possibly the ZS3 though I still don't have a pair. Stay away from the ATR's and ZST's for EDM/House.

    Tennmak Piano would be my legitimate suggestion for EDM and the few examples.
  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Does that mean we don't need to waste our money and buy really expensive TOTL headphones? :wink:
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  4. ricemanhk
    Just because brain burn-in is real doesn't automatically mean physical burn-in isn't.  The 2 are not mutually exclusive.
    Physical burn-in for DDs does happen, while BAs are too small to notice so generally there's no need to burn in pure BA IEMs.  Indeed Shure has come out and said there's no burn-in for their IEMs (all BAs).
    Some people are better able to hear minute differences in sounds than others.  Likewise some people can smell minute differences better, or taste minute differences better than other people.  If most IEMs sound the same to you after 2-3 days, great, you can save a fortune! But I would think most people on head-fi have better critical listening abilities than that.
  5. Ruben123
    Better ears or better imagination? No test has concluded burn in really exists, by the way, ever tried to sell $5 wine in a $80 bottle? Imagination is a strong thing.
  6. kokakolia
    Fit is a subjective thing. Some people prefer the over-ear style, others like me prefer traditional earbuds that you can just jam into your ear canal.
    - The ED7s are super light and you can just jam them into your ears like any earbud, and forget them. 
    - The ED9s have a similar design, but are made of heavy metal. So they give the impression that they're going to slide out at any time. It's kinda annoying. 
    - Sound isolation on the ED7s/ED9s is kinda poor. That's probably because they have holes at the back of the casing (for better sound quality).
    The ED7s seem to lack bass at first, but your brain adjusts over time. The bass is definitely there and it's punchy without sounding muddy. The highs and mids are just perfect IMO. Nothing is exaggerated. The ED9s are just boomy with exaggerated, shrill treble. Yeah, they have tons of detail and fun bass. But they're super fatiguing and don't sound natural on slower rock/folk music.  
    If you're looking for over-ear style KZs with bass, well the ZS3s look like an attractive option. I don't own them because I prefer classic earbuds. 
    ...with all things considered are you dead set on getting KZ earphones?
    Because the $50 Marshall Mode is just perfect for you. 
  7. ahmadairfan
    Hello, been lurking here like forever.
    I own modded ED9 (brass filled with low porosity foam and sealed vents).
    I'm looking for KZ's with over-ear design and doesn't have any fit-issues, for sports primarily.
    I was looking these models: ATR, ZS3, and QKZ W1 Pro.
    What do you guys think I should get? Sound quality or EQ doesn't matter much, comfort and isolation are the ones I prioritized.
    EDIT: and durability/build quality of course.
  8. zozito
  9. SomeTechNoob
    ZS3 over ATR when it comes to fit for sure.  At least for me.  ATR is like a square chunk of plastic that happens to fit within your ear.  The ZS3 on the other hand is almost as if the shell was formed to my ear.
  10. Mus1c
    But the atr sound superb for the price.
  11. ahmadairfan
    Ok, looks like it's just between ZS3 and QKZ W1 Pro now.
    Local store's upcomings including silver cable upgrade for ZS3. Worth it?
  12. SomeTechNoob
    If you can't stand the "memory wire" (basically a flexible piece of metal heatshrinked to the cable), then probably shoot for it.  Although I personally have a tough time spending the same amount for the silver cable as the IEM itself.
  13. 1clearhead
    +1...Yup! I second that!
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    Are you saying they sound better than the ZS3?
  15. SomeTechNoob
    Having both, I would take the ZS3 over the ATR any day of the week.  Better clarity, better midrange.
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