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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mus1c
    Im hate my atr all this time it sound bad after hearing from aukey ep-b4 (blutooth earphones) it has more forward sound than this thing and alot of bass, it worthless thing that I've bought,i need recommendations guys.
  2. Mus1c
    KZ ATR TRASH cuz it sell below kz ate and doesn't upgrade the sound its just plain cheap iem with nothing to be impress on.
  3. Ruben123

    Judging your posts makes me wondering about your age. Not that it matters of course but you might receive more help if you just would reply a bit more civilised.
    ATR isn't my cup of tea either but it certainly is not bad. It's one of the best kzs actually. It's a real average Joe! Does nothing bad, does nothing good either. Which is actually great really, it makes the Atr a great universal iem.
  4. B9Scrambler
    I wholeheartedly disagree with your statement. ATR is great and imo is a straight upgrade over the ATE. You should also upgrade your profile so it matches your opinions...
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  5. Mus1c
    hey telling the truth here this iem does sound really bad when compared to another iem which i recently test on. After im hearing from other iem and comeback took a listen for it, it just sound like rubbish nothing is happening what i mean like where the bass all kind of that stuff and felt mad.With that beig said This iem can't compare with anything else that I've heard before
  6. Vidal
    Eloquent review and despite your well reasoned argument I'll have to disagree.
    ATR is a cracker for the money IMO
    CoiL likes this.
  7. Mus1c
    i said to you i will delete this profile pic cuz i hate em. Will change probably soon after i get the zst.
  8. Mus1c
    hey maybe isn't my cup of tea for awhile
  9. Mus1c
    2017_02_05_00.37.33.png Donezo
  10. Mus1c
    that is my opinion don't get offended with it.
  11. SomeTechNoob
    I am more confused with how you say you love KZ but the only KZ you have is one you hate.
  12. Mus1c
    I mean i love all of them but the kz atr was the one that i hated because the sound quality and signature was pretty not my cup of tea.At first when i listen to this iem i already don't like it because it is not as imagined as kz ate which i like the most.i only act like i like the kz atr but im not because i hated it,and after a few month i came across amazon to buy the Bluetooth earphones and i loved them.At first when i got it into and put into my ear it just blew my mind it just full my expectations that been waiting for and than i started to compared to my kz atr it was horrible the atr sound flat just like nothing is happening no bass no what so ever and then im not using for a quite a while i just leave it alone.
  13. Podster

    So you may have gotten a bad pair of ATR as KZ has been known to have a QC issue now and then but ATR as B9 said is the refinement of the entire AT line and mine work perfectly. Remember we all hear our iems differently but no need to continue to bash or insult others who plainly express how they hear them. WE know how you feel so why not move on unless you really are looking for debate[​IMG]
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  14. Mus1c
    all rights i'll just move on now,im stop talking about kz atr from now on. I will buy another kz which I've been wanted for so long the kz zst with silver cable.
  15. Saoshyant
    I do have to wonder. Let's say someone mentions multiple times they love a particular KZ, like the ZST. Do you all tell them that you know how they feel and to move on, or is that reserved for negative opinions.

    While you may not agree with the negative opinion, there is still some validity to it.

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