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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. CoiL
    And lets not forget VERY important fact that Havi B3P1 NEEDS AMP to sound as it should. From smartphone or cheaper DAP it sounds pretty much mediocre.
    What version ATE Your got? S? 3rd gen? Port holes are open or closed? What is Your source gear and music preference?
    5th gen ATE highs are slightly smoothed but detailed and not pushed back or sounding muddy, neither the mids - which are strong point of ATE actually.
    Maybe You are just used with brighter and more V-shaped signature with closer/intimate imaging?
    I pair my KZs with DX5X (hardware modified DX50) and Aune T1 (hardware modified + expensive HQ tube). Thought about going Cayin amp too.
    I agree, amp can make a big difference. Simplest example is probably B3P1 but there are some in KZ family that will improve - ATE, ATR, ANV. Each to certain extent of c ourse.
    And it`s not all about volume, sometimes some IEMs "wake up" because of extra juice (mA) they get. Some frequencies will "wake up" with amping, not just because amp "colors" outcoming sound.
    I`ve changed opamps on my DX50 and more juice makes difference. Believe it or not[​IMG]
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  2. VinceHill24
    Hmm, that's weird. Maybe it was quite some time since i last bought the ZS3 silver cable so probably they didn't include now. The ZS3 cable can't fit fully into the ZST because the groove that the connection terminates are different on both ZST & ZS3 though both are using 2 pin connections. Anyway the cable quality is quite good, reminds me of my ex TFZ Series 1s cable.
  3. Keller1
    Got a second pair of ZSTs in the mail just now.
    0 sonic difference from my first ZST. [Checkered/Regular Cable] vs [Rainbow/ Silvered Cable]
    Im happy cause the cable is much nicer and they dont have the annoying crackle upon insertion.
  4. jkaudio
    new KZ ZST arrived on monday. All good.
    But today I want to exchange tips. I find one removed grill. How can I fix it? Thank you for advice.
    (image missing)
  5. Griffith
    Didn't you notice a slight difference on the most piercing highs, a slight one?
  6. Ruben123

    Running the Havi from my Clip+ and Samsung i9000 just fine. I've heard it runs off an iPhone also.
  7. Ruben123

    It would seem highly unlikely to hear a difference to me too
  8. Griffith

    I was skeptical as well, but I have two Zsts and a silver cable and I've tried changing the cable between them multiple times and between the two pairs of earphones each time and I noticed a small difference in the high frequencies every time on the model with the silver cable.
  9. Drakis
    Guys, you may have already seen this, but Aliexpress is doing a Winter sale.
    So i got myself a KZ ZST Candy, without mic, for €12,64 (roughly 13.5 USD).
    The seller is H&Q Electronic Store (https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2663005).
  10. Keller1

    Honestly there might be but i cant tell them apart.

    Even if there is the impact is so minor it practically does not matter.
  11. Griffith
    I didn't say it was a major difference, I didn't say it mattered immensely. However, provided you, or anyone else, can replicate the experience I had with mine, that might prove to be a valuable selling point to people who might be interested in the ZST but are concerned that the high frequencies might be too harsh as the silver cable does, to a small extent, attenuate that issue.
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  12. Saoshyant
    Frankly, I'd be curious to see how the ZST sounds with a non-KZ cable.  I should test.
    Edit:  And tested.  Using a fairly inexpensive cable that came with Rose Masya, bass quite noticeably increased.  This kind of goes along with a similar test I did using the KZ ZST cable with Rose Pudding, which resulted in me wondering where the hell my bass went.
  13. Ruben123

    Could you measure the impedance of both cables?
  14. Saoshyant
    Sorry, don't have any tools to measure impedance.  I'm currently using the standard rainbow ZST cable, never got around to trying out the silver cable.
    I asked if someone in the earbuds thread could measure the impedance, but not many have bought that particular earbud, so not sure if that will pan out.
  15. Keller1

    Sadly the problem doesnt lie with the ZST - the sound balance is excellent - the problem is generally in the recording and that makes the ZST a pair of headphones that, while having extremely good value is prone to exposing failings of the recordings you're listening to. Some things i absolutely love are just unlistenable with the ZST. Others are great, but  the issue stands.
    I think that's okay. The ZST is cheap enough to not be a huge deal even if something your like just sounds like crap out of the studio. At the very least you'll have a pair that sounds really good atleast for a small portion of things you listen to, as this is an issue with mainly aggresive fast-paced genres of music. Metal, Hard Rock, Swing and the sort ... Anything electronic will sound SUBLIME on these.

    If anyone's considering getting a ZST - even just to try it out - is going to be a happy buyer in my opinion and that's okay.

    Now onto the silvered cable - i personally consider it a cosmetic upgrade i got because I just wanna give KZ the sale at this point, I'm just sharing my experience, and in my opinion, it does not affect the sound quality, atleast not on a level i can appreciate. Whether that's a good or bad thing - i don't know.
    I just dont think you should be looking at a cable upgrade to modify what is already a great signature.
    Edit: Pressed ctrl+enter too soon sorry.

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