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KMFDM Recording?

Discussion in 'Music' started by uosux, Feb 12, 2004.
  1. uosux
    If anyone here listens to KMFDM, how would you rate the sound quality of their albums? I have a few, but since I've been using garbage phones (until my sr-80's get here) I can't comment at all on it.
  2. refault
    i have WWIII, Adios, and Nihil in 320kpbs mp3 encoded directly from FLAC files. Been using KSC-50's with my Karma and they sound very nice (no muddiness you would expect in crappy recordings at all.)
  3. uosux
    Thats good. I love KMFDM, but I was affraid industrial recordings might have a muddied sound, due to all of the distortion they work with. I've read the bas on Megalomaniac is really nuts. I can't wait to hear it when I get my new cans.
  4. uosux
    Anyone else know about KMFDM recordings?
  5. DarkAngel
    I have just about all KMFDM albums (including MDFMK) and the sound is good on all but............style changes for certain albums requires a denser more distorted wall of sound like Xtort has vs cleaner sound of early/middle period albums, so any "drop" in sound quality/detail is intentional effect by group.

    This group has so many albums over long career hard to keep up,
    but easy to get most of them pretty cheap used.

    Love tracks like "drug against war"
  6. chillysalsa
    I've also got most of their older stuff. The quality is quite good on all of them, but I find Angst to be a little compressed or dense - though it goes well with the mood of that album, it makes me reach for Money to clear the air.

    "We like talkin dirty, we smoke and we drink, We're KMFDM and all others - they stink!"

  7. uosux
    I just got my SR-80s today, which are my first cans better than stock crap. Listening to my old albums on this is awsome! Industrial rocked before, but now I know what they mean by KMFDM being the "super-heavy beat".

    BTW, do you have any experience with Pigface? I got the best of Pigface (two discs) and they seem to be pretty interesting.
  8. DarkAngel
    I find PIGFACE a mixed bag.......some tracks are pretty good. Check out industrial/darkwave diva MEG LEE CHIN's album, she does some vocals for Pigface but much better on her own:

    If you like that style also try SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY:
  9. uosux
    This is a little off topic, but when I was checking out your profile pics... how did you get so many cds? I think I'm suprised because I'm relatively young, but that is damned impressive. Not to mention your setup...[​IMG]
  10. donovansmith Contributor
    uosux, glad to see another Industrial and EBM fan in the Denver-area [​IMG] I suggest this probably too much in the music forum, but check out Project Pitchfork. Not nearly as hard-hitting as KMFDM, but if like the more electronic-sounding stuff you might like it. They kind of cross the genre boundries more than other artists in the electro-Industrial scene. The only bad part is that the sound quality on their older albums is not great.

    As for KMFDM, I haven't gotten into their music much. I did download a few albums to hear if I would like them, and if any are worth buying. I like Naive a little, but mainly because of the title track. The sound quality is definately impressive for an older industrial album, though. I think I'll be putting that disc on my Half.com wishlist for future purchase.
  11. Iron_Dreamer

    Originally posted by DarkAngel

    Love tracks like "drug against war"

    Heh, that just happens to be their favorite song of mine [​IMG]
  12. DarkAngel

    Originally posted by uosux
    This is a little off topic, but when I was checking out your profile pics... how did you get so many cds? I think I'm suprised because I'm relatively young, but that is damned impressive. Not to mention your setup...[​IMG]

    My alt/rock collection has grown by 50% in last 3-4 yrs because of internet and the ability to buy used CDs for $4-8 each online and also finding cheap web sources for new music. [​IMG]

    I have been buying CDs for @15 yrs now so they start to add up......I am older adult so money not really big issue. I keep finding so much music to buy from music sites like Amazon etc that show lists of similar music/groups to try when you look up any CD..........also message boards like this can cause expansion of CD collection [​IMG]
  13. uosux
    Donovansmith: Cool! I thought I was the only one in Colorado into that stuff. Maybe its just me, but the midwestern music scene is a little limited. I've heard some Project Pitchfork, they arn't bad at all; wish I had more songs. The electronic sided artists have been appealing to me more recently, VNV nation especially.

    BTW, are there any good bands of these kinds that play/tour around here? I am a closet Industrial/EBM guy... I love lots of the music, but I have yet to go to any concerts or anything. It's slightly annoying that often the sterotype is you must be a "goth" or something like that to enjoy the stuff. (I= average joe nerd) [​IMG]

    PS Perhaps when I've aged slightly, I will be able to build up the music collection DarkAngel (currently just turned 18).
  14. donovansmith Contributor
    I've seen concerts for VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, and I think Covenant advertised at the Gothic Theatre on South Broadway a couple years ago, although I've never been to any concert for any group before. I'm into the more electronic stuff mostly, although sometimes I like to venture into slightly more rock-ish Industrial. I definately don't fit the goth or industrial music listening stereotype. Most people are very surprised to hear what music I listen to, and I like it that way [​IMG]
  15. ipm
    This is one of my favorite bands. We used to go to industrial clubs in Toronto and dance into the early morning.

    Try this from KMFDM: KMDFM vs. PIG

    Also a few others I like: Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Cure, Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend, Fields of the Nephilim ...

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