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Klipsich Image S4 or Re-Zero

  1. Rankiz
    I love my Sennheiser HD 595 so I would like detailed with much soundstage. But I belive both have this. Re-Zero must be imported from England, but Klipsich Image s4 is to be found in my country. Will be used with my iPhone and other portable devices.
  2. JosephKim
    Dont even think about it. RE-ZERO hands down.
  3. Rankiz
    Have you tested both? How is the Re-zero adapter when using portable devices like iPhone? Troublesome?
  4. JosephKim
    Ive heard the s4 not owned it. Owned the RE-ZERO. The adapter wasnt a problem for me. I found the soft cable one slightly annoying since the re-zero has a right angle cable and the adapter is also right angle. The hard cable one is quite small.
  5. lebomb


    Depends if you want a flat response, or a more lively one.  I for example hated the Superfi4s because they had a more neutral sound........I enjoy the S4s much, much more.  I listen to music that doesnt get hurt by a more "fun" sound signature. 
  6. proedros
    betwen these 2 , re-zero is better i think.
    i have a pair 3 months now and i am very pleased with it.
    for 100$ it is very good buy.
    and i have no problem with the adaptors , they are small than what they look in pics.
    Happy hunting.
  7. Rankiz
    Wound't it be troublesome to use 2 adapters? As I need another adapter to make the minijack fit into the iPhone.
  8. JosephKim
    You dont use both, you have a choice.
  9. Rankiz
    I need to use both because using just the iPhone adapter alone would result in sound from only one place.
  10. JosephKim
    Oh didnt know you needed an adapter for iPhone.
  11. Rankiz
    Seems llikw both are good choices then. :)
  12. sparker
    Definitely the RE-ZERO. I found the S4 to be muddy and piercing at the same time. Never a good combination.
  13. sphinxvc
    +1 (Hit the nail on the Klipsch S4s, they'll sound great if you're coming from ipod buds but if you've heard anything better, that description hits the nail.)
  14. Rankiz
    Got my re-rero yesterday and the soundstage is better compared
    to senns 595. :xf_eek:
  15. xXFallenAngelXx

    Glad you're enjoying them![​IMG]

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