klipsh s4 vs hifiman re400
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May 6, 2015
I am currently using the Klipsh S4 and they fit great and sound good to my ears. I'm currently looking for an upgrade and have my eyes on the HiFiMan RE 400 but here is the problem. I use software called Viper4Android on my android phone and in it there is a feature called Viper DDC. This is a description that I found.  "When this feature is enabled you're suppose to hear a neutral audio response from your headphones. This means that the lows, mids and highs are not emphasized over another which is similar to reference grade headphones. However due to the different measurement standards from sites the viper developers use as reference you will get varied results. Furthermore the DDC alone might not be enough to get a neutral/balanced sound."
So when I select the profile for my S4 the sound that comes out is just terrible. The music sounds like its playing off in the distance. It sounds less stereo if thats even a term. So my question is, knowing that the hifiman has a more flat and reference sound compared to the bassier S4, will they sound like what I heard with Viper DDC. Maybe it just takes time to get use to? Maybe the profile made for the S4 is incorrect? Thoughts and recommendations?

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