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Klipsch s5i - Opinions, Reviews, Thoughts...

  1. Pangaea
    Curious what recent owners think of this new "rugged" version of the s4?  Same EXACT SQ?  And how are they for working out/ exercising and holding up to the outdoors like they are marketed.  I always liked the s4 so these have me intrigued if they do indeed live up to the new claims.
    Not many threads on them with actual users/ owners... anyone?
  2. Pangaea
    Guess I will answer my own question, as the amount of views for this thread shows there is at least some curiosity in these HPs.  I got these in yesterday.  After a day of burn in which the s4 definitely needed, they have a much more laid back sound than what I am used to with the s4.  I know they are almost identical spec wise but I am def. hearing a less harsh HP, at least initially.  Which gives these a more balanced sound.  Although they are very similar to the s4, signature wise.  Basically they sound like the s4 once fully burned in, and these are not fully burned in yet.  So in a couple days I will be able to make a more accurate statement.
    Beyond that they do seem more durable, the cable alone is worth the upgrade.  The remote is borderline comical, it is so big.  Was not really expecting that- its easily 2+ inches long and about 1/2 inch wide.  Even with a clip, I don't see running with these due to the size of the remote.   But no big deal, as I was getting these more to take on hikes and camping.
    The case is nice, very rugged and has a nice flashlight feature.  I am concerned that with the size of the remote and relative small size of the case that it won't really be a practical carrier.  I have to try it out more, once I am done burning in.
    So overall pretty satisfied, will know more in a couple days.  I do think Klipsch could of had a home run if they just made the case a tad bigger and the remote smaller.
  3. lebomb
    I think the remote is big so it can be used if you are outdoors with gloves on.  IMHO
  4. Pangaea
    You could be wrapped up like Randy on "A Christmas Story" and still find the buttons.

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