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Klipsch S4i or V-Moda Remix for iPhone

  1. anaxagoras
    I want to get decent headphones / IEM's that have the "3 button" controls for iphone 3gs (answer, volume -, +). I know there are better options out there, but since I will be using these for about 50% use when running the controls are a big deal to me. Being able to take important work calls, and adjust un-normalized music on the fly is very convenient. Also I can get both of these units locally.

    I've been reading reviews left and right but can't decide for the life of me what to get.

    As far as SQ I have no idea which is better, but the cable on the v-moda seems to be heavier/thicker, so I"m thinking it will last longer. But which is a better sounding unit?

    Obviously I'm not an audiophile, or else i'd get some better dedicated phones, but I'd like to get the best I can for <$150 that meet all my requirments
  2. henryhan
    By far, i would favor the klipsch s4. Sounded very good for the price. Also, I have not tired the v-moda remix, but I have heard the vibes and the IIs, and neither could compare to the dynamic sound of the klipsch
  3. anaxagoras
    Thanks for the input on the s4's henry.

    Is there anyone who has heard the remixes? Can you throw in a yay or nay?
  4. anaxagoras
    I ended up picking up both and I'm just gonna return the ones I don't like. The klipsch seem to have a bit more bass and treble, The bass I don't mind too much, but the treble I'm still up in the air over. I think the treble will wear on me for extended wear.

    The v-moda definitely seems more durable, i'll do some more testing with them and go from there.
  5. Cirkustanz
    I have the regular Klipsch S4's and I would greatly prefer them. The vmoda's are pretty decent, but the tips are so much more comfortable on the Klipsch. They don't require me to play origami with my ears in order to get a good fit.

    Eventually I'll upgrade, I'm trying to find someone local that can sell or let me listen to a superfi 5eb, but for now the S4's have been great.

    I wouldn't worry about the cable so much. Every headphone cable is cause for worry. But it's usually not the cable itself that has an issue, it's the connection point to the barrel plug. You know, when you have to jiggle the plug and hold it a certain way in order to get any sound. Learning to re-attach these on most headphones should not be too big of a deal.
  6. ActionMan

    I've been considering these exact two options myself.
    Which did you end up keeping, and why?
  7. Trager
    Funny that this thread just got resurrected. I just picked up a pair of Remix Remotes yesterday, and my early testing makes me think I'll be keeping these instead of getting now S4i phones. I'm pretty unhappy with how the Klipsch phones fell apart after less than six months. And really, I think the sound is better on yhe Remix phones, too. (although I will admit that I cant quite compare back to back because my Klipsch phones are absolutely wrecked)

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